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Description of Tank Stars

Welcome to the Tank Stars! The best battle tank game at your fingertips!

Choose a weapon and make your guns target perfectly!

Find the right shooting angle and unleash your iron force on your foe’s war machines!

Make the right shot quickly or you’ll lose!

— Loads of deadly weapons: everything for true shell shock live!

— Online multiplayer game. Compete with players all around the world!

—Huge variety of weapons and weapon upgrades!

Join the bustling Tank Stars community - one of the best free tank games!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.6.5 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Playgendary Limited

User Reviews


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The Jerk of all trades 2020-10-24

It\'s a dorky 2 d game. But I love it. I play it with my kids. Also toooooooo many ads! I am annoyed to have to watch ads to earn coins to buy upgrades. There should be a way to earn enough through the game. What if I pay$ 3.99 for no ads? How will I earn coins and extra power in the tournaments? I hope the developers of this game get stomach cancer. You think that\'s harsh? Try literally wasting hours of your life watching all these ads.
Domonique Brown 2020-12-01

You get an ad before a match, an ad banner at the bottom, an ad in between almost every attack, an ad at the end, and an ad to even get a prize for winning. You\'d think with all this revenue, the game would at least play well. It does not. This app has crashed a half dozen times already, and I\'ve had it installed for an hour. I know damn well it isn\'t my phone, because I run PUBG at max graphics without even a trace of lag. This \'game\' runs worse than MW, and I teleport drastically there.
Quantum Plutonian 2021-02-16

Horrible. Absolutely horrible. The game on its own is a 4 star, I just dont like that when I pay for no ads, I have to watch ads to open crates and get the extra video card. But now, the app crashes before it even opens on my Samsung galaxy s10e. Please fix! I spent money on this game Edit: it\'s fixed. I can play the game now, but I lost all my progress. All my tanks, all my cards, everything. I\'m glad they fixed the issue, but I am still leaving a 1 star review.
Balex 2020-12-31

I enjoy the gamrplay quite a lot, but there are way too many ads to really get a satisfying session. I usually have at least two ads in a single match. The matches only last about 4 mins each, one minute of which is from waiting for ads to finish. Then you\'ll have ads before and or after each match too. You\'ll even get an ad if you sit in any of the menus too long. I get that this is free to play and ads are the price we pay, but this game uses the ads to quite an excess.
Mohamed Saabiq 2020-09-25

Well this game is amazing! Overall, this is an amazing game. In fact it is the game I play the most now, checking for free chests, etc. But it has some bugs. For example, the enemy Helioses in tournaments shoot big ones which is a weapon of Abrams. I own a Helios and my Helios doesn\'t have a big one!? Does Mark1 have machine gun? Or grenades? Because I have played with a T-34 and they have it! How is it possible? Sometimes Buratino\'s attack doesn\'t go forward at all but falls on me!
Sean Overholt 2020-11-16

I\'ve taken back my original review. In recent history they have added significabtly more ads and have done it in the most inconvenient ways. I\'ll get and ad when I open up a free chest. Then when I go to open a chest that requires you to view an add, it will say \"no ad available\". On top of that, they have added ads to the middle of combat. The game is barely playable now. I have uninstalled the game.
AnotherMars 2021-01-24

I do like this game. It does get boring after a while of playing it but it\'s random enough to have me come back and play it occasionally. There are ads but pretty much all of the ones that randomly pop up you can skip. The only ones you can\'t are the ones that come up after tapping something that requires you to watch an ad. In my opinion, the only fun gamemode is the tournaments tab. You get good rewards from them. Overall, my favorite part is that the game isn\'t pay-to-win.
Tim Grove 2020-10-27

I like the game, but the ads make it unplayable. An ad after every two shots, often before and after every game, and randomly in the main page. Plus you have to watch an ad to actually receive any rewards from playing. I decided to purchase the overpriced ad removal to be able to actually enjoy the game. DO NOT DO THAT!! It does not actually remove all of the ads. You still have to watch an add after every single round just to receive any rewards. This game is not pay to win, its watch to win.
Chuck Bartowski 2020-10-05

Verified by play protect. To me this game is so amazingly wonderful. A great addition to my collection. There certainly are lots of adds, but worth it and that\'s how they make their money besides upgrades -etc. in the game you can buy. If you don\'t like adds popping up a lot then there is a feature you can buy for it but if you\'d get pissed then nevermind okay cuz there is a lot. So far it has been amazing and how could this be free. But future updates may change that safety and fun. 10/5/2020
Kenneth Wolfe 2020-10-09

The game is fun, the art style is nice, but there are a few things keeping me from giving a good rating. You get ads in the middle of a game when you try to actively switch out your weapons instead of letting it go down the line, and then when you get to the end of the match and try to get a chest it says \"no videos available, check back later\", and collecting chests doesnt seem to work properly 100% of the time. Certain weapon upgrades don\'t scale properly, ending up doing less damage overall.