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Description of TapHome Official Smart Home

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- TapHome is the only smart home system in which you can do adjustments on your own.

- TapHome is open - it integrates all devices in your home. We did integration so that you don’t have to.

- TapHome fits into your standard budget for thermostats or for blinds control.

Building your house using smart home technology makes it future proof. It is a must for a modern home and it gives you limitless options for control.

Smart Rules are automation actions or scenarios. You can easily adjust them. No need for you to call a service person who would change system scripts. Welcome to freedom!

Featured Smart Rules:

- Countdown timer with delays

- Protect blinds from strong wind

- Blinds go down when sun intensity exceeds specified level

- Alarm with PIN codes and phases

- Presence simulation with lights and blinds

- Light scene and light scene sequencer

- Perform actions when button is pushed, switch changes its state

- Weekly schedules for thermostats, blinds, switches, actions

- Turn on the light on motion, if brightness is less than a defined value

- Sunset / sunrise events

- Actions to be performed when result of a formula is true

A device can be managed manually by the user, automatically via Smart Rules, or in combination.

When manual change is made on a device with active Smart Rules, there are following options:

- Keep manual mode for a limited time (1m - 12h)

- Keep manual mode until next automatic change

- Keep manual mode until user changes it back to automatic

- Do not allow manual mode


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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:2021.2.20926 Publish Date:2021-08-26 Developer:TapHome

User Reviews


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Gal Bitensky 2019-08-12

Works well but authentication takes forever, each time you open the app. Looks like bad architecture hinting there are more dormant issues hidden behind the scenes. EDIT: Replying here since there\'s no way to reply to the coder\'s comment - I use it in an office. It is next to infeasible that the app re-authenticates every time instead of using a token of some sort or other solutions.
Tomer R 2019-09-18

One of the worst apps i ever had to use, takes forever to connect, constantly fails, I took the time to enter the play store just to write this due to how annoyed I am spending 10 minutes on this garbage every day.
Sagi Rabinovich 2020-01-25

Uses 350MB on device just for using the curtain at my office! Long login process every time the app is brought to focus, even when it was running in background. No ability to control all 15 windows shades at once
Ondrej Kalis 2017-02-01

Wow I love it
yousaf khan 2019-07-10

RGB representation is amazing
Moaath Al-Bukaai 2017-03-21

This how the technology should work
Citbaj Daniel 2018-02-28

Loved it
Uri Patish 2020-01-13

Takes forever to connect. Avoid this app if possible.