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Description of TapTap Differences

Free seek and find game. Search items, hidden objects, and figures. Brain teaser to improve memory, increase visual attention, focus power, motor skills. Mind booster! Simple and intuitive look alike puzzle!

Depression, anxiety, stress buster, and relief app. This is your peace and calm for the day. Give it a try!

Your brilliant patience test!

This is a new free hidden object game suitable for kids, girls, boys, and adults.


- Find things and items. Almost the same (identical) details;

- Seek up to 5 differences side by side per picture;

- 1000s of joyful, beautiful HD images: animals, food, rooms, nature and more;

- Help your eyes. Zoom objects to notice and detect hidden puzzles;

- Use unlimited hints to spot what is different as far as you can;

- 1000s of challenging compare levels and clues;

- New developing distinct challenges every update;

- Saved progress to play later;

- Simple, beautiful and lovely design!

- Relaxing and calm, joyful, cognitive experience of the app;

- Nice memory puzzle to improve visual attention, test motor skills, and elevate thinking;

- A brilliant tricky focus, memory, mind booster for brain health - develop stimulation, speed, and perception;

- The peace of your soul for the day. Nice anxiety and stress relief. Chill yourself!

- Power puzzle booster for kids, girls, boys, and adults;

- Minimum ads.


- There are 2 distinct, almost identical look alike photos;

- Inspect and examine 5 clues side by side. Be a detective. Spot the difference;

- Help your eyes. Zoom images to notice and detect objects on a specific place;

- Use hints to inspect figures details in a faster speed;

- Tap on what is distinct on the given image;

- Congratulations! You have examined and spotted all the clues. Proceed to the next level.

Each level has a timer. There are lots of easy, chill and hard quests. Easy levels follow the hard ones.

This hidden picture game seems to be tricky hard at first but then becomes easier as you are practicing to examine and notice new, look alike (almost the same) things, elevating concentration, developing stimulation, perception abilities. Detect as many details as you can! Test your concentration abilities and get the eyes of a hawk. Lots of cognitive challenges ahead. Increase memory training, use and elevate your brain thinking abilities!

TapTap Difference - is a free mind and brain teaser puzzle. It's a memory trainer to increase observation and attention abilities. Elevate your focus, patience, cognitive skills. Search images and hidden picture items. Be a detective. A simple developing practice. For amazing concentration and hawk eyes. A calm, relaxing, joyful compare game! What is distinct between two pictures? They seem the same, identical but there are 5 differences to inspect and detect side by side. What a brilliant, thinking, and tricky puzzle!

The trainer is a peace of mind. An amazing stress buster. A brilliant stress relief game for anxiety and depression. Practice mindfulness. Chill yourself!

Relax and test your patience. A nice thing for brain health. The power of stimulation, speed, and perception!

TapTap Difference - is a new find the difference game for kids, girls, boys, and adults. It is also called: "Spot the difference", "Find 5 things or clues or objects", "Photo Hunt", "Detective" and many other names.

Feel free to contact us: support@rightway.games

This is your peaceful, beautiful, and chill antistress antidepression experience of the day. Download the game now! 📥

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More Information Of TapTap Differences

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.9.0 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:Rightway Games

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Linda Hardwick 2020-03-16

Sorry, but I agree with Becca. Nice graphics. But what\'s with the black screen after each puzzle? It makes you feel like your system \"crashed\". Making beeping sounds and other noises then here comes the ad! I\'d give this a negative star maybe -2 stars. If I could. it won\'t let me go, so here is a star. Uninstalling...
erika iracheta 2020-03-20

I hate that everytime i go to another level, I need to watch a video, why can\'t I just play without interruptions😒 if there wasn\'t a lot of videos popping out everywhere this game would be fun but I am deleting it because I can\'t deal with all the videos.
Lori Erdman 2019-08-26

Every single game has an ad at the end! Infuriating! Then to use a hint you get forced to watch another ad. Not worth the time, I\'m uninstalling!
Miz Z 2020-02-26

Reached almost level 240 but the games dont become more challenging as the levels go up. Some repetitive ideas so sometimes its nothing new at all (ex. Missing lighting, missing artwork labels, cushion color changes). Plus ads are too much. Two long ads after each level completed. And it is the same one over and over again. No variety. Therefore app uninstalled.
Binka Emor 2020-03-26

In the past I struggled with Differences games. However, this game is relaxing and fun! I feel I am gaining confidence and able to distinguish differences in the pictures at a expedient pace with the practice of each level. This is a five star game and the advertisements are easy to skip for more play time!🥰🤯🎶
Shannon Shorts-Johnson 2019-09-04

I love this game!!! The colors and scenes are so beautiful and varied which make playing a pleasure! I don\'t have a problem with the ads between games because they\'re super short (and we wouldn\'t have games without sponsors🙄). I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves \'finding the difference\' puzzles.
Becca May 2020-03-02

Great to pass the time. However, 1 to 2, 30 second adds per game is over the top. Also only gives 2 minutes per picture set and if you miss tap then 30 seconds is subtracted from your time to play. I could see 15 second per mistake but 30 is way to much. Also, if you run out of time you have 2 options, replay (after you watch another 30 sec add) or watch another 30 second add and get 30+ seconds to try and finish the puzzle. Too much of a waste of time in my opinion. But nice grafhics.
Shayne Nguyen 2020-02-03

I understand you guys need money to develope this game. But there are tons of ad after a level (i can count there are two ads for each level you pass or fail.) Uninstall immediately.
caren gardella 2019-11-11

Very entertaining and great graphics but not enough time on some of the scenes. Have to start over or get more time while the clock is ticking.....like a game show. But it\'s super fun and I love it so 5 stars!
Jessica Knotts 2020-02-24

It would been fine, if I wasn\'t inturupted every min with commercial more frustrating than anything. Having a few is normal but every time I finish a level so frustrating. Can\'t even tell if I liked it enough to purchase anything got to annoyed to even bother uninstalled it pretty much half hour thru.