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Description of Tarneeb Masters - لعبة طرنيب‎

Enjoy the classic game of Tarneeb with friends and family.

THE LARGEST TARNEEB brand raises the bar with this brand new Tarneeb card gaming experience for mobile devices. Play with your friends, or level up to compete with elite players and prove you’re a true Tarneeb Master

From the makers of Tarneeb.com and THETA, we are proud to bring you this new refined version of Tarneeb. Thank you for all your support.

===== Tarneeb Masters Features =====

FREE TO PLAY - Tarneeb for everyone.


Refine your Tarneeb skills in the small rooms, join new Daily Events for massive awards, or compete with the Tarneeb pros in the high rooms and competitions.


Play Tarneeb with friends online in a custom Tarneeb game.


Tarneeb Masters' new economy system will always give you a challenge and a fair playing field for everyone. Join the VIP program and play Tarneeb with the most competitive players.


Some Tarneebers prefer to stay ninja's. We get it. Come right in and stay anonymous.


Tarneeb Masters has all the features for a social Tarneeb experience.


The famous computer AI developed at Tarneeb.com is now here: THETA (Adaptive Tarneeb Emulated Human Thinking). Theta doesn't play Jawaker.

VIP Rooms

You can enjoy playing with the best Tarneeb players in the Jalsat VIP. You can either purchase any of our time packages or subscribe on monthly basis.

VIP Subscriber

You can have continuous access to the VIP Tarneeb rooms by getting the Tarneeb VIP subscriber for 4.99 USD/month.

Tarneem Masters will automatically charge your PlayStore Account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time and still receive full functionality until the end of your current period, but no refund can be provided for unused portions of the subscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Terms of Service - https://yallaplay.helpshift.com/a/tarneeb-masters/?s=terms-conditions&f=terms-conditions&l=en

Privacy Policy - https://yallaplay.helpshift.com/a/tarneeb-masters/?s=privacy&f=privacy&l=en

--Support and Customer Feedback--

Please use the in-game support button under settings to message us. We respond to all requests within 12 hours.

أقوى و أحلى و أحدث لعبة طرنيب (ترنيب أو نذالة) مجانا على الجوال!! إلعب مع أصدقائك و ارفع رتبتك لكي تنافس أقوى اللاعبين لتصبح من أسياد الطرنيب.

= نافس و العب في غرف مختلفة =

إصقل مهاراتك في الطرنيب في الغرف العادية، و العب لعبة اليوم لأرباح مضاعفة، أو إلعب مع المحترفين في جلسات VIP

= تحدى أصدقاءك =

إلعب مع أصدقائك قي غرفتك الخاصة. الأمر سهل جدا: إشترك في الطرنيب أو عبر الفيسبوك لكي تنافس الأصدقاء من العبة مباشرة. إلعب معهم في أي وقت و مكان و أرهم مهاراتك المتميزة.

= الإرتقاء في اللعبة =

لعبة الطرنيب ماسترز لديها المميزات التي تخولك ان تلعب و تتحدى الجميع بطريقة مستحدثة و جميلة. يجب أن تربح لتحصل على الكوينز التي تخولك أن تلعب في أعلى مستوى من غرفة اليوم. و إن كنت خبيرا في اللعبة، اشترك في ال VIP لتتنافس مع أفضل اللاعبين في أعلى الغرف.

= اللعب كضيف =

بعض اللاعبين يفضلون أن لا يعرفوا عن أنفسهم. نتفهم ذلك. الآن يمكنهم اللعب كلاعبين مجهولين نسميهم الضيوف.

= دردش و استخدم الإموتكون و الحركات الحلوة و تعرف على اللاعبين=

طرنيب ماسترز لديها كل المميزات لتمضية أفضل و أروع الأوقات. إلعب اللعبة و أخبرنا برأيك.

ما هو الطرنيب؟

الطرنيب هي لعبة ورق مشهورة حيث يتنافس فريقين كل منهما مؤلف من لاعبين، لربح العدد الاكبر من ادوار اللعب . تتطلب اللعبة مهارات ذاكرة جيدة بالاضافة الى القدرة على التحليل و فهم الشريك باللعب. تلعب ب-52 كارت بدون جواكر.

ما هي رسالتنا؟

رسالتنا هي أن نقدم أفضل لعبة طرنيب متصلة بالإنترنت على الجوال. لعبة الطرنيب ماسترز في تطور مستمر لإعطائكم أفضل لعبة طرنيب عى الإطلاق.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:7.5 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:YallaPlay

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Adi Dido 2021-01-05

The forced add became very annoying. It should not be forced. There is fake players ( system player ) when there is no player they will fill the game, that make you lose your game with very basic mistakes not acceptable at all for any player. The system crash down and i had to lose in the 1.5 million room and you can check the history. I paid for 1 month subscription but will not continue as these fake player which make unbelievable mistakes. No updates 😔
Vivian Rodriguez 2020-09-29

Great game. Update has addressed some bugs. Way too many ads though. I wonder if they would get more revenue if they just made the VIP thing cheaper. I\'d rather they limit the number of games you can play, than seeing ads.
atef taleb 2020-04-27

Excellent application , how to keep same partner every time you got different player also cannot invite olayer
Sami Saadedin 2020-12-28

Ad issue is fixed, thanks admins. This problem is still there. that whenever you do use the upgrade I feel like the algorithm is designed to make you lose. I don\'t even get a facecard the whole game and I\'m at -26
Eddy Cuzz 2017-12-28

Good game, been playing this for years, but i actually know that most of the accounts online are fake... Bots playing as people, you can see it simply by watching how fast they call numbers or play a When its their turn, anws ...
Edward Ghaly 2019-07-12

Good App with interactive emoji and short preconfigured sentences, but it drains battery fast!!!!!!!
Mohammed Jibran Ilyas 2020-09-15

One of the pathetic games ever made. it only favors those who pay them not the others... and ince you make purchase it will make sure that you purchase again and again by maiing you lose. There coding is such that if you are gonna spend money you are gonna win if you dont pay you will lose. Tried and Tested. Its upto you guys now wither you want to experience it urself or dont want to waste time here. Dont talk about skill level. give one opponents such cards that they make 10 11 hand alone
William A 2020-11-13

Please update great app. Allow us to play with friend against real players in match making! Adding friends and playing together issues Please add option to pre select card. To not waste time. Please fix.
Urjwan Alkamil 2020-11-20

Bad Very bad The new update forces the player to play high volume bids. And as it usually does, if u don\'t make in app purchases, it hammers you with bad hands and lousy teammates at the same time. Never believe that the card distribution is random.
Katherine Dearman 2020-06-27

I realize few Americans play tarneeb but I love it...I was more than joyed to find this app on the market...thank y\'all...this truly is the best tarneeb on the market...I love it ...I would recommend it to everyone and anyone who enjoys Spades try this game out!!!... Help me please...I just got a new phone and I can\'t get into my account...it\'s CardChick