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Tarneeb & Syrian Tarneeb 41



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Description of Tarneeb & Syrian Tarneeb 41

Jawaker, the leading social platform for card games in the Mena region is offering you the chance to play Tarneeb, to your heart's content and free of charge!

Jawaker hosts Jackaroo, Banakil, Baloot, Tarneeb, Syrian 41, Trix, Hand, 400 - Arba3meyeh, Leekha, Estimation, and More! Invite your friends and play online and for free, enjoy our private chatting feature and compete against millions of card game enthusiasts from all around the world!

No need to look for other players, or playing cards. Jawaker offers the ultimate entertaining atmosphere to play fun and challenging games.

- Jawaker is completely free to play online!

- Play against real people anytime you want.

- In-game chat features for ultimate fun!

- Personalized profile picture from your Facebook account.

Already a fan of Jawaker? Like us on Facebook for the latest news: facebook.com/Jawaker

Last but not least, a big thank you goes out to everyone who has played on Jawaker!

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More Information Of Tarneeb & Syrian Tarneeb 41

lable: Card - Games Current Version:20.8.1 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Jawaker

User Reviews


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Feras Alchoufi 2020-06-21

This is the worst card game ever First thing playing with real players online makes the game so laggy and slow Second thing playing with AI players offline makes the game so bad and stupid because the AI players are the worst players ever Another problem is when the game is about to end extreamly bad cards are given to the player so I recommend thinking very much before downloading this terrible app
Tony Nova 2020-09-03

The game mechanics work perfectly. But the Bot AI is so poorly designed that it breaks its partner constantly. You can\'t call your hands because the bot holds their high hearts even after you flush them out, throws back cards the other team has aged 3 times so u miss a trump, I\'ve literally called 5 for game while above 30 more than a Hundred times and even when the bot is above 20, it never makes the hand. Its such a shame, the social aspects work well but the bots kill it.
Hasan Abdelal 2019-03-17

great app for cards. thanks Jawaker 💕
Fahad Masood 2021-01-07

Awesome app, everything for everyone. Many types of card games and some more.
Bassam Matta 2021-01-23

Bad game in distribution of cards..... I liked it in the first days when i played, But later many features become clear to be just as a financial game to collect money from the people nothing else....
Nibras Alchoufi 2020-04-13

The best card game, it gathers almost all arabian card games with high quality design and multiplayer game option also inviting friends to a multiplayer game is available.
Samuel Lukats 2020-01-05

Amazing app. It\'s so well done. Love the rules and the concept
A Google user 2018-04-24

يرجى من القائمين على اللعبة إصلاح مسألة فقدان الشبكة مع العلم انه الهاتف متصل بالشبكة نرجوا الرد وأخذ الأمر بعين الاعتبار نستطيع أن نعمل #وننشر الأمر إذا لم يتم حل المشكلة
cba cba 2020-01-09

Game will rip you of if you purchase coins. .if partner gets upset will put in 13 bids and you lose your coins. ..no compensation for iit..you may get a few wins but that\'s about it. ...played 5 games i n a row and managed a l possible 2 lots of tricks.took screen shot of each hand for evidence... game is rigged. good luck putting in a complaint its all in arabic..emailed them with no response. ..
Ibrahim Binladin [USA acct.] 2020-05-02

Fun, good graphics and easy to use