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Description of Tasks + Projects for Teams - Lyria

LYRIA enables teams to organize projects and tasks. It's beautifully designed, simple and fast.


Easily create projects and tasks and access them from everywhere. Collaborate with your colleagues, friends or family. LYRIA makes teamwork easy and effective.


Get notified when important changes happen via emails or push notifications.


Attach files to any task. Feel free to attach photos or documents of any kind.


Discuss and comment on the tasks.


Focus on what's important using LYRIAs color-coded priority levels.


Manage your tasks from your homescreen. You are free to create as many widgets as you want.


LYRIA is suited even for bigger teams. Lyria enables you to add workspaces and manage your projects.


LYRIA provides a backup service, so you will never loose your data.


LYRIA prodives a distraction-free design. You are even free to customize your theme, change the background colors and make it your own.


The registration enables you to collaborate with other people, backup your data, write comments and synchronize your data between all your devices (like phone, tablet and pc). We guarantee that your e-mail address is being kept secret and we sell no data to other people or companies. Please also read our terms of use. :)

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:7.91 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:siteface ug

User Reviews


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Parshva Shah 2017-11-06

One of the cleanest and feature-packed Lists app! Among some possible improvements, I request you to add a B&W Theme in Premium (Cyan looks non-professional in the Black theme). Will this app come to App Store sometime soon?
Mark Hyder-Smith 2017-11-11

Sharing list between each other only works sometimes. Too unreliable in updating the list to be of any use. Maybe ok for single user.
Fernando Salvador 2018-01-24

Well I gave you 5 stars but there are some things that I think you could improve. Maybe a little explanation on how to use the symbols would be a little nice. I didn\'t had troubles, but can\'t speak for other people. Other cool thing would be to have the options to delete all the tasks that passed to the \"done\" section. Instead of entering in each one of them and presing delete. Still I put 5 stars because you deserve it. The app is great and it really make things easier to remember. Cool name by the way.
Laura Ulrich 2018-02-28

Of all the to-do apps I have tried, this one has worked for me best. I paid for the premium so I could have unlimited categories (which helps separate my various jobs / projects / responsibilities). I especially love how when you complete a task, it isn\'t lost to a void, and can still be edited (I use this to add the date of completion, which I wish was automatic). My only complaint is that there is no way to see all of your URGENT tasks at once, you have to check each folder. If this was added, I would give 5 stars.
Emir Rhys 2019-06-07

I loved your app. However it has a few negatives. The first being the widget. Its design is really awful and unresponsive sometimes when i press to end a task. Another thing is you should make the workspace a bit more customisable. Its simple but a bit too simple. I understand that you would like to be simple and minimalistic but it wouldnt hurt to put at least a custom background option in the workspace. Other than that it works fine.
Ali Zabarah 2018-09-26

Why any one can delete close and edit any task. I think only administrator or task owner can do this... Also any user can delete list and work space?????? I hope this point to be fixed
David Paula 2018-02-24

I also give 5 starts to this app. It\'s one of the best free apps in the market. It actually can compare to Wunderlist. A few things we would love to see in the next update is the ability to put subtasks, set a due date and a end date, set a time frame for each tasks, and be able to customize reminders - i.e custom to mon-fri or certain days. I also have problems with synchronization when using the same workspace with my husband. If you could have a sync button at the menu so we can press sync at anytime instead of waiting for the system to auto-sync. All other features are great! We love it ❣️ thank you for creating such amazing app! Can\'t wait to see more features ! Keep up the good work!
Nick Th 2017-10-03

I would like more skins (where\'s the Yellow?) and custom notification sounds. (I have the paid version) Overall, is a very good tasks management App with a lot of features.
Dave Mayhew 2017-04-03

Looking good so far. I\'ve tried the top 5 Todo apps and this one is by FAR the easiest to set up and figure out.
Jay Cee 2017-07-29

Pretty good. I like the pricing structure. It\'s 5 dollars to buy the app forever when the others are charging 3 dollars a month to 5 dollars a month and up. It has most of the same features and you can create groups and sub groups. I\'m not sure if you can add reminders I haven\'t found that yet but if not it would be great if the developers can add that. Also the ability to know how many urgent items there are without going through every group would be a plus.