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Description of Taxfyle: Taxes Done For You

On demand tax filings for personal and business tax. Taxfyle calculates an upfront price quote and assesses your tax position to automatically match you to a credentialed tax professional specializing in your tax position within seconds.

Most people find tax filing time consuming, overly complicated and/or expensive. Taxfyle is here to remedy these problems. The tax app allows you to upload documents via photos and the cloud. Or if you don’t know what documents you need, simply link your financial accounts and Taxfyle’s tax doc algorithm will automatically retrieve and upload your tax documents for you. From there your tax pro will take care of the rest and in app message you if there are any questions. At the end of the job simply use your finger to sign your tax return and boom you’re done.

With Taxfyle you can also confidently file your taxes knowing that your information is secure. Our in app messaging and data sharing is encrypted at rest and in transit. Also, we will never share your information without your consent.

Taxfyle only works with credentialed tax professionals to file your taxes. These are people like enrolled IRS agents (EA) or licensed certified public accountants (CPA). The average tax pro on Taxfyle has 14 years of experience so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest quality tax service.

How about after tax season? After tax season you’ll have access to all your documents year round. Applying for a mortgage? No worries, open up the app and email your tax return directly from the Taxfyle app. No more requesting and paying for previous year tax returns. At Taxfyle we also believe in free tax advice, so if you ever have a question just log in, click the help button and chat away 24/7. We’ll make sure to help you out.

Don’t take our word for it:

“Taxfyle is designed to be dead simple”

- Business Insider

“In just a minute, you can be connected to your own accountant”

- Macworld

“The secure tax filing app for millennials”

- Yahoo Finance

“Built to make your tax filing process easier”

- Fiverr

Taxfyle now prepares all business forms: Corporate (C Corp) Form1120, S Corporation (S Corp) Form 1120S, Partnership (LLP or LP or GP) Form 1065, Non-Profit Corporation (Form 990)

We’ve also added some more personal forms: non-resident alien (Form 1040-NR), expatriate or expat or someone living abroad.

Taxfyle is designed with you in mind. If you meet one of the criteria, Taxfyle is here to save you time and headache:

- Own a home

- Independent contractor / freelancer / business owner / Uber driver / Airbnb host / courier

- Own rental property or receive rent income

- Receive a K-1

- Sold stocks or investments

- Received dividends

- Own a foreign bank account or investment

If you own a business, you may want to use Taxfyle if you meet one of the criteria:

- If your business is an LLC, Sole proprietor, Corporation, Partnership, S Corporation, Not-for-profit

- Revenue is between $0 - $20M

- Make a profit or loss

- Maintain inventory

- Sales of business or capital assets

- You have partners or shareholders and you make a distribution or contribution

- You have a foreign parent or investors, or your business is an owner in a foreign company or partnership

- Engaged in rental real estate

- Use accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero, Shoeboxed, Expensify, Mint) to track your books (bookkeeping / record keeping). Or use excel to track income expenses.

- May qualify for tax credits

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User Reviews


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Daniel Martinez 2016-04-16

Great app but hard to download files Really liked this app, cheaper then some of the other things around but didn\'t like that the files were so hard to download. Had to keep restarting my S6 again and again to get it to download. Other then that really good!
Gary Odell 2016-04-06

Taxfyle 24/7 cpa\'s
Kirby 2020-10-01

Great Concept. App needs further investment. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app every time I want to use it. Not sure why.
Javi Lopez 2020-08-25

Got my taxes done in no time, been dreaming of this for years. Wish I would have had this when I first started freelancing, would have saved me so much time and $ in penalties. Pro was knowledgeable & very responsive.
Amelia 2016-04-05

DO NOT INSTALL This app SUCKS. The features are glitchy. \"My\" CPA was two faced and never responded to my questions. I found a new one and they could barely spell. I got screwed out of 150.00 worth of trouble without any way to get my time and money back. Please do not listen to the other people. I made that mistake and it got me into an insurmountable amount of bullshit
Peter Lachance 2017-02-18

Awesome app and very useful. The person I was assigned was very communicative and helpful.
Joel t Newman 2016-04-13

Great tool for quickly getting your taxes done by folks who know the ins and outs of tax law. Beautiful design to boot.
Todd Roberts 2016-03-31

Great Much better than trying to do it yourself. The other services may have suggestions to help but it\'s not the best. Taxfyle is the way to go. Let a very helpful professional get it done right with nothing to worry about.
Melissa Dunn 2016-03-31

Amazing and Super Easy!!! This app is great. Super easy to use and even easier to submit my information! Can\'t believe I\'ve ever used anything other than Taxfyle!
Jorge Gonzalez 2016-04-01

So simple and easy!!! Saw this app in the news. I wasn\'t let down! Great to have your own CPA at such a great price.