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Description of TCM Clinic Aid

TCM Clinic Aid is a reference guide for practitioners and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist and Herbalist). It should not be used to diagnose ailments or diseases. Diagnosis should be done by a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist.


Search our relational database for:

1. Acupuncture and Auricular points,

- Includes images of Acupuncture points.

- Includes Chinese characters and pinyin with tonemarks for all Acupuncture points.

- Includes images of Auricular points.

2. Individual Herbs and Herbal Formulas,

- Includes images of individual herbs.

- Includes Chinese characters and pinyin with tonemarks for all Herbs and Herbal Formulas.

3. Diagnosis Etiologies,

4. Search by symptoms and indications.

5. You can also search for a specific diagnosis, formulas, herbs, and points using the following:

a. Diagnosis etiologies searched by pathology name, i.e., 'Liver Yang Rising', suggested points, or suggested formulas,

b. Formula names searched by pinyin, english name, ingredients, western uses (western ailments it can treat),

c. Herb names searched by pinyin, english or botanical (latin),

d. Points searched by common name, i.e., 'LI4'.

Browse or "drill down" through 1600+ points, herbs, formulas and diagnosis etiology.

User modification/editing of auricular, diagnosis, herbs, formulas and points.

The following components are also included:

1. Master Tung Points.

2. Wrist/Ankle Acupuncture.

3. Quiz Yourself.

4. Pulse Diagnosis.

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More Information Of TCM Clinic Aid

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.2.31 Publish Date:2021-08-22 Developer:Cyber and Sons

User Reviews


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P.S. Sudarsan M Sc Acupuncture 2017-10-29

Very useful. Not working in Android 7. Kindly patch and Rectify.
Dr. Dale Dugas 2017-10-14

Has not worked on my note 5 for months. Repeated crash reports sent with No Response. Your customer service sucks. Horrific for the price paid for app!!!
Ulna Howard 2018-09-23

Absolutely mind-blowing app! I love it! It is so comprehensive! It is a whole library in your pocket! Thanks for designing so user friendly. Just bought the food add-on. Wow! It is also awesome!
Wicked Blond 2019-02-24

I had this app on another operating system, and I used it all the time. JB in customer service went above and beyond in helping me get it installed on my new device. Thanks. I would miss not having it. It\'s my go to when I need a quick refresher or new idea.
A Google user 2019-11-04

Still the best Acupuncture & herb app out there since its release date . Better than a text book since it is all in one place and you can customize it to your preferences. Worth every penny. Works great on my Galaxy Note 10. I had an issue so I emailed the devoloper late Saturday and early Sunday morning he emailed me back with a solution that remedied the problem. Worth every penny. Still second to none after all this time! Good luck finding a better app than this.
doctorbea 2017-04-08

BRAVO...Well done! This is a brilliant, well compiled reference of anything TCM. I especially love the quick and easy access to the Master Tung points! THIS APP IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
Jason Calva, PhD, LAc 2016-04-17

Perfect Been using it for years, best all around TCM app. The images are a little dated compared to others that show musculature as well as skeletal structures.
Devin McMahan 2020-06-23

Upgraded review since the issues of not being able to open it was solved when I upgraded my phone..older phones might have trouble if there\'s not enough RAM. It\'s not as pretty looking as on iPhone but has huge library of single herbs with pictures, formulas, symptoms, diagnosis, etc. A complete reference manual at a fraction of the price... no reason to not buy.
Sacred Earth 2016-01-28

Awesome As an acupuncture student this app is great especially the tests. For once it seems better on samsung than iPhone. One improvement I would like to see... the ability to click on the points suggested in patterns of disharmony and go straight to that point instead of having to come out and go back in
Diane Carter 2014-01-02

Program lost a lost of usability in the latest upgrade Losing the Deadman points and just using CAM locations is a huge loss for this program. It lost not just the point locations but also point protocols as well. Hopefully, there\'ll be a way to get the Deadman point locations and protocols back soon