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TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software

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Description of TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software

TeamSpeak is an advanced voice chat and communication app that enables groups of people to communicate and share information with each other via the internet or through private networks, whether they are using an Android device, PC, MacOS, iOS, or Linux.

The preferred voice chat solution for online gamers, friends, family, and small businesses world-wide, TeamSpeak lets you chat with fellow team mates, discuss strategy in real-time, or facilitate online events.

TeamSpeak is spam free and can be run on either your own private server, securely connecting with and chatting to your guild, clan or colleagues.

Or jump on one of the many public servers and channels.

TeamSpeak3 for Android is optimized to enhance your mobile device experience and keeps you connected with your peers while you're on-the-go.

To communicate with other users using TeamSpeak, you must be connected to a TeamSpeak 3 server (directly connecting to users is not possible).

To view a list of public servers, download the TeamSpeak desktop client and choose Connections > Server List.

To join a private server, contact your clan/guild/group's administrator for the information you would need to connect.


* Synchronized bookmarks

* Multi-server connectivity

* Push-To-Talk (PTT) and voice activation

* Supports most common admin functions

* Send and receive text messages

* Identity and contacts management

* Detailed channel and player information

* Player status notifications

* Ongoing, free app updates

Our team of developers are constantly working to improve the solution to add new features and give you an even better experience.

If you find a specific bug or crash issue please let us know. In most cases our developers will find and squash bugs or fix crash issues quickly, especially if you can aid us with information regarding your hardware or environment, and how to reproduce the issue. You may even get a reward!

Rating our app on its overall features and functionality, not just your specific issue.

Download today and don’t miss any of the action when you’re AFK.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:TeamSpeak Systems GmbH

User Reviews


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smol 2019-02-05

Previous issues with accepting ToS have been fixed. The definitive VoIP client with support for self-hosted servers on mobile for chump change with an intuitive interface for users already acquainted with the desktop version. Haven\'t encountered any bugs or major annoyances that aren\'t just due to it being on mobile.
KIWIDOGGIE 2019-12-30

After paying for the app, its been over a year and its still not usable. App locks up on switching applications, or just sitting for too long, people can still hear me/i can hear them but the UI is 100% unresponsive after it was \"fixed\" multiple times requiring killing the app or restarting my phone new update: same issues, just leave the app open, switch apps and it stops responding. it also has a really annoying bug that if you open any other app that uses audio, it will switch to loudspeaker
Michael 2019-05-05

It requires, and will refuse use without, unacceptable app permissions. Android is specifically built with user choice in mind. Giving users an ultimatum is about this is also unacceptable. I would recommend lookibg for an alternative until this issue is remediated.
yaseen reza 2020-12-19

Unusable. I\'ve never had to rate an app on the app store as poorly as I have this, but it is inexcusably poorly performing. I join a channel, can talk to and listen to my friends for about 20 seconds, before all audio from my friends cuts out. They can hear me but I can not hear them. I am using a OnePlus 6 with a 4 pole wired headset+mic, android oxygen 10.3.7 (although I\'ve had this problem over a span of months and I have had this problem earlier), and this problem persists in reinstalls.
Ҩυιɴɴ ೃೀ๑ 2018-11-01

Honestly this app was a waist of time and money, yeah it was two dollars but if it only works for laptops or desktops then do not make a app for Androids where people think that it works, when it clearly doesn\'t. Very upsetting, I use this to talk with friends and gamers. But nonetheless another failed app.
Nolan David 2020-06-01

Constantly disconnects from server when not on WiFi. Useless for sustained use if your connection is moving between cell towers, like in a car. If it had an auto-reconnect feature it might be okay, but it doesn\'t, nor does it notify you that you disconnected. So you have to keep a constant eye on it.
Benjamin K 2020-06-05

Only uses phones mic and speakers even if headphone is plugged in. And to make it worse the sound from the app interferes with itself and causes a disturbing noise that is lauder than the voices of other people. Tried to switch mic and speakers in settings, but there are no additional options beside voice call (which is ignored and uses normal speaker and mic) and music/mic (which is exactly the same as the other two). Tested on 2 phones (Android 7 & 9) and 3 headphones. All the same problem.
Klemm Fandango 2019-07-18

When this app is open, I cannot use Google Assistant, seeing the error \"Can\'t reach Google at the moment.\" It is 100% tied to this app being open. Should be removed from the app store as it\'s interfering with core Android functionality.
2021 isn\'t a race 2018-11-28

App does not properly release proximity sensor on Galaxy S9+. Causes screen to turn off when not on any kind of call. Have to force quit to release sensor. Best app for low bandwidth communications. Works when no one else does. To the people complaining about the servers they have, don\'t you have remote administration?
Joueuse Joyeuse 2021-02-01

Waste of money. Don\'t buy this. Disconnects when I try to mute self. Push-to-talk impossible without disconnection. Forces repeated entry into server channel, so that I can\'t speak in channel. Spybot that wants CONSTANT PHONE and STORAGE access. Won\'t work decently despite having that access. Save your money, don\'t buy.