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TelloMe - Active Track and FollowMe for Ryze Tello



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Description of TelloMe - Active Track and FollowMe for Ryze Tello

Analyzes the drone's live video feed and applies computer vision technology to track a face or a person.

TelloMe supports the ActiveTrack modes Follow, Profile, Orbit, and Spotlight.

This is not a free fully functional app but a demo version to test compatibility with your phone before purchasing. The demo carries several restriction (no video recording, no screen recording, limited testing period).

You can remove the restrictions by purchasing the full version as an in-app purchase.

Please read the manual available in the app !

Please note:

Realtime image analysis requires a very powerful recent phone.

The app runs a performance test on first connect. If this test fails you won't be able to purchase the full version. There is nothing you can do but get a faster phone, sorry.


When using this app consider safety your responsibility and use the drone and this app at your own risk! We shall have no responsibility for any damage caused to your drone or any damages or injuries caused to you or anyone else.

This app comes without any warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

By purchasing and using this app you declare to agree to these conditions!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:Volate!lo

User Reviews


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Paul Serotta 2020-04-24

This application immediately impressed me by how well it worked tracking me as I moved around my yard. It keeps its distance and moves very smoothly. All this on a $100 drone! I first attempted to run the application on a 4 year old Android 7 phone and the test failed but when run on a current Pixel 3A I got ML Face 15.7fps and Tf Person NNAPI: 22.0fps. with no fails. I assume this is decent but not top notch values as the Pixel 3A is a higher Mid level phone. Volate!lo is super talented! With that said I think TelloMe should be integrated with TelloFPV as an extra cost feature so only those with decent phones pay for it. TelloMe is lacking the slick features of TellFPV and the combination would be amazing.
Wot Man 2020-05-22

Pixel 3a. Carried on trying and now connected. Had to set up WiFi connection in original tello app, had this app already on, stopped tello app and switched to this app and it worked. God knows why. Only problem is it too windy now to test and weather says it\'s windy for days. £3.99 ... bought it anyway. Works brilliant in house, video working. Follow me on a sub £100 drone ! Amazing. Big thanks to the developer .
Cubixor 2020-05-01

It is a very good app that I have been waiting for BUT why didn\'t you implement these tracking to Tello FPV app as an addon to pucharse? It\'s so annoying that I have to swich between two apps to do diffrent things and that some features from tello fpv are not here (for example connecting to controller). It would be much better to make another app - Tello FPV + TelloMe that would have things from these two apps in one.
Indranil Dutta 2020-10-21

Hi volatello, I purchased the Tellome App but now the drone isn\'t working with my phone. I connect it to the wifi but when I open the Tellome App, it says connect to Tello first (but the phone is connected to Tello). It works perfectly fine when I use my wife\'s phone (both Tello and Tellome). Kindly assist as I have an assignment to cover day after.
Josef Ravenscroft 2020-06-10

A little laggy on my Samsung A30, but usable. The impressive thing is not so much how well it works, but that it works at all! Needs lots of processing power.
Naiyarit Sanphol 2020-12-01

Hello I bought this app as review on on old version i believe , have object tracking feature. Just discover that there is no object tracking anymore after puchase. Do you have any suggestion? If you confirm that the paid version has no object tracking feature, can I have a refund? Thanks!
Simon S 2020-12-31

Excellent app. Some nice control modes, fully recommended if you want to automate some filming with your drone. Just launch it, position it where you want to start, then get it to follow you (turn off rotation if you want it to stay in front, otherwise it will track you from behind)
Mike Whippie 2021-01-03

Great app. Absolutely brilliant and works amazing. Im still not sure why only Apple gets object tracking but Android does not. I would pay again for object tracking if it was available. Other than that, this is a well worth the money app!
Sergey Polishchuk 2020-05-15

Very cool app, let\'s your drone follow you like a pet! But I wish it could follow in a fast mode as well. It does follow if I run slowly, but if I run faster it can\'t keep up
Lochlan Brooke-wood 2020-12-05

Works really well with Android 10 and 11 Since the original Tello app didn\'t.