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Description of Temp Mail - Disposable Inbox

Don't want to give your real email? Want to stay free of spam? Use a disposable email address. No registration. Unlimited and FREE forever. Multiple inboxes. Anonymous. Lasts for two days.

With the Temp Mail app, you can instantly create multiple disposable email addresses and receive emails right away. You can forget about uncovering your real email to everyone. Keep your real inbox free of spam, advertising, and phishing attempts. Temp Mail protects your privacy and provides you with a 100% free, fast, unlimited, and easy-to-use disposable email address to stay safe and private.

Temp Mail Features:

📩 100% Free forever

📩 No registration

📩 Custom email names

📩 Access to the free domain list

📩 Multiple mailboxes

📩 48-hour email storage

📩 In-app emails view

📩 Privacy protection

Use Temp Mail to:

📬 Protect yourself from spam

📬 Keep your privacy secured

📬 Create your temporary disposable email instantly

📬 Receive promo codes, coupons, discounts, and access confirmation

📬 Get your emails kept for 48 hours and then deleted forever

📬 Manage your multiple inboxes easily

❗ Please note: You can only receive emails; no sending is possible.

❗ Do not use temporary emails for receiving sensitive data or signing in to important accounts. Once removed, emails or domains cannot be restored.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:1.0.4 Publish Date:2022-02-20 Developer:Web Source Ltd

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Robert Constantin 2021-02-11

I use this email service to benefit from the free trial at the ExpressVpn vpn service 😁😁😁😁
Rugi Waktu 2021-02-07

Good app but when we open link in app, it says no internet connection. If it can\'t open, at least it will redirect to opren via browser app. But I didn\'t found it. Please add that option.
Mostafa Soruri-Mofrad 2020-12-24

This app is FANTASTIC, because there is no ads and keep your email for two days unlike the other similar apps. I sincerely appreciate it, developer. 🙏 Keep up the great work. 👏
Tushar Mandal 2021-02-28

Totally vogas app,,,it doesn\'t work on anytime... Don\'t download...
Saidul Rizvi 2020-12-20

Fake mail id create done then id disabled
Vansh Tomar 2020-12-20

Nice App
Saurabh Kumar 2021-03-07

Unable to copy link from mail
Devoto do Shrekismo 2021-02-12

Best temp mail service atm
Mohd Islam 2021-01-12

Good app very few idi\'s are disabling. One thing is very good that it is add free
Preet 2021-02-02

Over the weekend of the payments 😁