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Temple Run(47M)

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Carlos Munguia 2020-12-18

Ok, the game is fun and all, but here\'s 2 big glaring flaws. If you\'re running this on a phone that is full screen, the notch on your phone camera blocks your score and coins. Second major flaw. When you die you get the option to view an ad to continue with the run. However, this is false because if you decide not to watch the ad and finish the game, you\'re prompted with another ad to get you to the main menu. So no matter what to pick you still get an ad.
Lisa Calhoun 2020-12-28

I would give this a 5 star rating, but my daughter has been playing it for a while, we haven\'t noticed any problems till last week, when her device started to not show her points/score and coins, we tried to see the problem, but nothing was working, also she has been seeing these green spots pop up on her screen when she is playing the game, please fix this. I\'m not sure if this is just happening to her, but fix it. 😅 Thank you.
Ekta Juneja 2020-12-21

I would love to say that this game is amazing . The best part which i like is that in this game we have competition\'s that are amazing and in Temple Run 2 also but the worst part is that it has many ads when you complete one game so an add comes every time . Pls sought out this problem of ads . I request . But in the end I would like to say that this game is superb. 👍👌👌
Dragon Lord 2020-11-06

The reason I only give it 4 stars and not 5 is because the constant advertisements. Other than that I think this is a great game and I have a lot of fun playing it. If you are annoyed to much by the advertisements in this game then you should see how many advertisements are in Dragon City. In that game you are always prompted to by something. So I think Temple Run is an awesome free game.
Manju Singh 2020-10-14

It\'s an awesome game !!! I love this game very much. Same like Temple Run 2. I suggest you to download this game only other than Temple Run 2 because it\'s has characters, power ups and more. It\'s less MB also. But I have given 4 stars it is not running smoothly. The characters are very expensive. Please less the rate. And the most annoying thing is the BIGGEST DEVIL- THE ADS !!!! 😈😈😈. They come after every run and I didn\'t like it at all. Please remove the Ads ! Please !!!
Winnifred Wolfe 2019-04-03

Ugh! The game is so hard you always die! It asks me if I would like to play an add to revive after I die, and I always say no. It plays the add anyway! Ugh! Not cool temple run! Uninstall! I would have kept it if it didn\'t play those darn adds! You watch adds more than you play!
babygirl23 2020-09-01

I used to play thia game all the time. Me and my ex boyfriend would have competiotions to see who would get the highest score. I always won of course because i was in love with his game. I got a new phone and when i opened it, the game was already started. It keeps going to wherr the guy falls in the water and then freezes with the tilt to collect coins on it. I tried to uninstall and install it again, but it did it again. Im very disappointed in it and wish it wasnt freezing up on me.
A Google user 2019-03-28

I love it! its graphics are awsome and control are easy. when I started this game I used it for time pass but in few days I like it too so I left clash of clans and started playing this game!
Sidewalk Chalk 2020-08-25

I love temple run, I really do. I got a new phone and decided to install it, and was able to run it perfectly fine! But then I closed the app, and came back a bit later to play again. It just wouldn\'t run, it stayed frozen on the loading screen. I Uninstalled it and installed it again, and it worked again! But when I closed the app and tried to open it again, the same thing happened! Please fix this, its really agrivateing.
C 2020-09-21

Bit of a classic from my teenage years but the ads after every run made me delete this game. I\'m aware it can be hard for developers to generate revenue from mobile gaming but having to view a 30 second advert after every run simply cannot be the way forward. Dissapointing to see this is the route most mobile gaming companies have gone.