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Description of Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game

Fan of sports video games?? Then here is a great tennis experience on mobile!

Tennis Clash is an online, multiplayer tennis game with amazing 3D graphics and intuitive controls, all you have to do to score is to swipe.

Despite the simple controls, the game is anything but casual! High-tier gameplay is deep, engaging and yet hard to master.

To further improve your game, you can invite your Facebook friends and club peers to practice and discuss the best strategies to become the ultimate Tennis Clash player!

Tennis Clash features:

- Intuitive controls which are easy to learn but hard to master.

- Arenas with increasingly high stakes, all around the world: New York, Rome, Paris and many others!

- Collect and upgrade all 10 exclusive characters and 54 special items to improve your skills.

- Play and interact with your friends in fun, real-time matches.

- Join a Club to get to meet thousands of other players, accelerate your progress and have private competitions.

- Enter special tournaments to test your skills against the best!

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More Information Of Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game

lable: Sports - Games Current Version:3.5.2 Publish Date:2022-01-14 Developer:Wildlife Studios

User Reviews


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Alré Thomas 2021-02-05

Game is well written, be careful! It will start by letting you win lots, fun right! Yes, but they want money so soon you will start losing, not because you\'re bad, but to make you need upgrades, (it cost money or watching adds of course). So it\'s not about skill, but about who you get matched with and how much you pay. It\'s fun winning if you don\'t mind paying to win. This is s great example of how gambling works. Makes you win, hooks you, then makes you lose to get money.
Cesar Sanabria 2021-02-03

As many of the other reviews, this game designed as a pay to play gamble. I started enjoying the game at the beginning, but upgrading your players is hard and can be expensive in order to potentially beat some ridiculous players. Sometimes, the game puts you into game with overated players with insanely strokes and unrealistic moves. Bags take for ever to unlock only to see the same cards over and over. I\'m a tennis player myself, but I got to a point that I don\'t want to play it more.
Christopher Kolodziej 2021-02-27

This developer uses the most blatant form of rubberbanding. If the algorithm decides it wants to try to get you to make a purchase, it will cut your stats. It will limit your shots, your serves, and your stats won\'t be what you actually have. It needs you to feel like you need strings or a new level on a card to get that win, hoping you\'ll try to spend money to fix your preformance. It doesn\'t matter what cards you have, you can not consistently win this game if you play fairly.
WD NA 2021-01-23

Pay to play. You can calculate and play the best you can, as long as your opponent has better cards and power ups, they\'ll return anyshot and much better than your shots. Also, seem to have a lot of hacks/cheats. I have had a few instances where I anticipated the shot and move my character towards the shot I wanted, instead it moved away. Also, a few times where I was ready and making a shot instead my character moved away from the shot. Of that\'s not hacks/cheat, then that\'s a huge hug.
Suave ConnXion 2021-01-14

Having serves at 55+ is ridiculous and unrealistic. Ability over 70+ is dumb too. No matter how well I play, if they can get to everything I hit no matter how hard I hit, what\'s the point??? It only favors one handed players with super high ability which makes it even more unrealistic. Things like serve should be capped at 55 while other things like agility need to be called at 70 max to make games and rallies more fun. Every time I check, the Google Play rating gets lower 🤔
Randy Holley 2021-03-01

UPDATE! I\'VE UNINSTALLED THIS GAME! WHAT A WASTE! It used to be a really cool game UNTIL THE LAST UPDATE! It is now very obvious that if you don\'t buy from the game it affects your attributes. I have multiple players with beast attributes and used to win all the time. I took my share of losses as well. Now I can\'t win a game. Regardless if I have superior attributes to every player I play, and custom tennis balls, I lose. Back to Golf Clash and I won\'t be playing this game anymore!
Kenneth Pecor 2021-02-03

1) Its totally unfair, love this game. However, Matching opponents in game play is one sided. You should have a choice to play the opponent or back out before the game starts even if it costs a small percentage of the entry fee. Ie..10% or so.2) there seems to be an issue with their server. It\'s the only game i play that I have a hard time connecting with. When I finally connect, I will lose connection in the game usually when I\'m winning a match. By the time I re-connect the match is over.
Sebastian Moon 2021-01-25

This game is quite addictive... and I mean that from a gambling perspective. The people who\'ve made this have used slot machine algorithms to make it seem like you\'re getting better... but in fact it\'s not your skill that determines how far you advance but the \"algorithm\" decides for each player who is going to win. The cunning and small buys of gems, etc, add up. Well $20 later, I\'m wise to their tactics now. Enjoy the game, but don\'t let them sucker you into advancing!
Larry Gonzales 2021-02-05

Great job. Bugs fixed. Working good. Matching still needs work. Attributes held makes another problem though.
San Man 2021-02-24

This game is OK at first. Then it sucks you in and you now have to play against way advanced players. The algorythm is made to trick you into paying money. It\'s pretty sophisticated but you can see right through it. I wouldn\'t recomend this game to anyone. It\'s a money trap! I also noticed that once I asked for help and got none and had an argument with support, they turned on some type of bug!!! Investigation possibly against app maker. STAY AWAY! STAY FAR AWAY!