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In the Kingdom of Elektropia, a king rules with an iron fist, combating and destroying a sect of technological wizards who have a massive tower in the middle of the city named Teslagrad.

Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-platformer with action elements where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower. Embark on an adventure as a young boy armed with ancient Teslamancer technology. Forge your path through the Tesla Tower and overcome the huge variety of challenges and enigmas.

Released first on PC with over 1,6 million copies sold, we’re proud to share with you this experience carefully adapted for mobile devices.

Main Features:

● Hand-made graphics / Unique Art Style

● Innovative gameplay with different mechanics to unlock

● Visual storytelling! No texts, just the game and you

● Old-school boss fights!

● One time payment to download (Absolutely NO ads and NO in-app payments)

● Optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD and Android TV

● Support of external controllers

● Haptic and FPS unlock options

If you experience any issue with Teslagrad, please contact our customer support at hello@playdigious.com and give us as much information as possible on your problem.

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:2.2 Publish Date:2022-05-31 Developer:Playdigious

User Reviews


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Sourbelly 2018-11-10

Bought it only because it was on sale. What a great surprise! Graphics are original and inspired. It\'s really a beautiful game. Game play is really solid although controls are a little on the sloppy side. Story wise, I don\'t really understand what\'s happening. All that being said, I really enjoy playing it. It\'s so polished I felt like I was playing my Xbox One. Well done!
Mike R 2020-11-28

*DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU DON\'T USE A CONTROLLER* I really want to give this game a 5* because it\'s gorgeous, has a great world, lovely puzzles, etc! But reality is that the game has too many actions for a touch screen. In many cases the issues are \'minor\' (sensitive directional controls, accidental switching of ability, triggering of jump/shields, etc) but there are also many sections that sre almost unplayable. As a low-effort fix, more autosave points would be useful in demanding sections.
M Johnson 2018-11-09

Game had no onscreen controls in the initial launch version. They replied to my issue promptly and had a fix in hours. Doesn\'t get any better than that. Now that I can play the game I can say the graphics look great. I usually never pay attention to the music or sounds but they are also fantastic. So far this is a great puzzle platformer. Game has you being chased by grown ups teaching you the controls, then you hit the first puzzle section. This consists of changing the polarity of blocks to make them raise or lower to open up your path to the next section. Checkpoints so far are generous so restarting a section usually does not require a ton of backtracking. This also is great for short sessions which I can appreciate, since my chunks of free time are small. So far I\'m enjoying the game a lot and can recommend it to fans of the genre. No in app purchases, the one time price gets you the full game.
Warnerrr 2019-12-25

Absolute nightmare to try and control. This game was definitely not meant to be played with touchscreen controls, since you block the lower corners of the screen while using them, and guess what? ENEMIES LIKE TO APPEAR THERE. Half the time you can\'t get dude to move the right direction, and the game is too punishing wihh checkpoints, considering its trash-tier controls. 0/5 if I were able to rate that low.
Emanuel Lorenzo 2018-11-15

Great game, controls a bit difficult towards the end of the game but the puzzles were enjoyable with just the right amount of difficulty. Overall, it\'s a good game and one I would recommend trying out.
CubanPanda 2018-11-12

Really fun game. Rich story and really nice artwork/game design. Controls are a little hard when trying to do complex moves. Can get frustrating some times. Also, really makes you think and use problem solving skills. Overall 8.5/10. Buy while it is still on sale.
Timothy Cathers 2020-02-28

The controls are a little too precise for touch screen (acceleration is awkward, punching is too short ranged, some jumps are too tight). The game also severely lags in the forge area even on a fresh reload and on a s10+. In general the concept is cool, I love metroidvanias on a phone, but it may be too hard for most people.
Mbletz 2019-01-22

This game was absolutely amazing. The artstyle was beautiful, the main basis was really creative, and the music was brilliant! The only thing about putting this on mobile is that you really need a bluetooth controller. The whole \"blink\" ability is used so much and the way you activate it on the touch screen is very akward. Still recommend this to any Metroid and Castlvania fans
Shlomo Nadler 2018-11-09

Controls are fine without a controller which is the one thing I was worried about but happy to see that it\'s not an issue! Haven\'t played this before but heard good things. Only 20 minutes into it but loving it so far. Doubt I\'ll change the review lol Thank you guys for making me aware of this game in the Android gaming subreddit, and for bringing such a quality game to mobile. Not everybody has a console, it\'s nice to have a similar experience in my pocket.
Daniel R 2018-11-11

Love it! Guys huge respect all your games I played support many types of gamepad + I love your ideas for visuals + story telling, really really high level! You are role model for many other developers!