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Description of Text On Photo - Text to Photos

❤️❤️❤️Try now adding text on photo with modern, easy photo text editor app 2022

Text on photo Free makes it easy to insert text to photos, be it a quote, a three-statement or wishes you want to send to someone through photo text editor. You can create photo text yourself with photo editor to use as your phone wallpaper, computer wallpaper, personal page cover photo, birthday greeting card or an anniversary of your loved one.

Photo text editor text has a smart, modern interface with content that follows the current trends of young people. Use text on photo right away with a huge stock of wallpapers with large pixel resolution from Unsplash, many different font styles and lots of unique and lovely stickers.

💕Text on photo has outstanding features:

✅ Eye-catching interface but very friendly, smart and easy to add text to photos

✅ Stock Images from Unsplash with over 1,000+ pictures to help you unleash your creativity with photo editor text.

✅High quality image source, full HD (1080x1920 pixel), 2k (1440x2560 pixel) size makes the photos you create extremely sharp.

✅100+ diverse and beautiful fonts that help you to write text and design on photos easily.

✅ Beautifully designed font by Photo text editor.

✅The simple and convenient font format editing tool makes it easy to edit fonts as you like.

✅Text on photos makes your social networking site more sparkling with beautiful and meaningful pictures.

✅ Hundreds of ornament, badge and more stickers than ever.

✅ Beautiful love images to help you freely choose.

✅ Help you share to social media easily with just one click with photo editor text.

💕Text on photos is a useful tool in life:

- Create mood photo text editor to post status on social networking sites: Facebook, Instagram, Zalo...

- Record moments in your outings, sitting at your cafe through text images.

- Quickly design graphic design publications: Poster maker, flyer maker, cover book, t-shirt, wallpaper, ivitation cards ... for free.

Use Photo text editor immediately to add text to photos completely free. With your mobile phone, you can easily create photo text with meaningful words, even for basic graphic design tasks.

Text on photo free is under development and completion. Eco Mobile's product development team is eager to bring you a photo editor with good features and experience for you. So, if you have any suggestions for us, please send your feedback to email: quotecreator@ecomobile.vn.

😍😍😍Thank you very much.

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More Information Of Text On Photo - Text to Photos

lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:1.2.75 Publish Date:2021-12-16 Developer:Eco Mobile

User Reviews


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Amrita Das 2021-02-02

This app is the best text-adding application! I just simply love it. The fonts, ornaments, colors, shadows, typography, filters, borders and templates r superb!!! It\'s very easy to add text and is very user friendly. There r also some gorgeous templates that u can only use when u have the pro version... Other than that, this app is awesome!
Lydia Ruedas 2021-01-16

Highly recommended 🤩👍🏼,this app is the best!!,you can create quotes on your photos and you can save them in your gallery.All the fonts are free to use. However,the adjust buttons are almost in the same place which is hard for me to edit or move my text ...I hope you can fix this. Other than that,this app is really nice 🤩👍🏼

Whenever I want to have beautiful words in my photos, I will definitely use this app because the designs, colours are totally different with the other apps. I really recommend this app to photo editors!☺️
Abhinandana Suresh 2021-02-06

Such a good app for font ideas..I actually used this for my projects..I have been appreciate by my teacher.. But the secret for the font style is this..can be used productively too..like handmade invitations, certificates, titles, decorative purposes etc..and can have a good practice time with various fonts..but could be updated with more fonts..Thanks!
Galaxy Gurl 2021-01-23

I love this app and I\'m going to put some of the pictures that I made the backgrounds are beautiful and you can add a bunch of text I just love it and you can use it to make any sign you want in your house like for picture frame or something like live laugh and love I love this app you can even Photoshop things even though the ads are a bit too much it\'s still okay so they\'re promoting on ads Photoshop things so I\'m just saying you might want to download this app to do pretty pictures!
Aditi Sanjeev 2020-12-04

Amazing app.... definitely worth installing.....loved the options given to express the emotions present while capturing the pictures as we know that pictures are not just images- they are emotions and moments captured to keep in mind for a lifetime.💜🖤
Heather Elizabeth 2020-12-18

This is by far the best graphic app I could find that has free graphics. They offer plenty of fonts and beautiful images. It is easy to use. And of course you have ad pop-ups but they are quick and not annoying as they are in other apps. Love it!
Sudarsha Kundu 2020-12-09

Very very nice app....I could easily make different types od quotes and if u don\'t know one u can get them free of cost....I made different types of picturesalong with quotes with this app I also have made many cards ad gave them to my relatives, family and friends bit the thing that I don\'t like is that there are not many pictures to choose from but there is a option for gallary and I could choose from there but other than that all the things are perfect and I like this app very much .
Doesnt Matter 2019-08-08

RED FLAG: You can\'t use a photo from your own photo library unless you give them access to your camera and video on your phone. I understand having to give access to storage because thats where the photo would be drawn from, but its always a RED FLAG when an app won\'t work when you deny it permissions to your camera, video, and / or audio when there\'s absolutely no reason for them to have that permission. Uninstalling.
Kaahsifa Ahmed 2021-02-17

Hi thank you for the app and all your hard work. There is some defects. Creates a not very nice user experience. Fonts and sizes change while styling a text. This happens very often. It\'s not nice hey. Can we add the user\'s favourite text and colours to the front of the queue? Can we add favourite texts used often somewhere as well?