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Description of TextArt - Add Text To Photo

Start using Text Art - Add Text to Photos App a unique photo text editor. The best tool to add text to photos in 2022.


Do you want to put words on pictures and need a free write on pictures app?

Want to also use powerful photo editing filters and tools besides putting text on photos?

You found the solution - Text Art - Add Text to Photos App, which is a powerful, simple, and unique photo text editor. Enhance your photos by adding sleek text on photos with one of the best apps to add text to photos in 2022.


Write on photos like a PRO! Adding text in a photo has never been this easy. TextArt – add words to pictures is an amazing photo text editor that allows you to add text to photos fast and easily! Just upload your photo and add text over the photo by writing your text. It’s that easy.

Start using Text Art - Add Text to Photos App a unique photo text editor. The best tool to add text to photos in 2022. 👍

Write on photos like a PRO! TextArt is an amazing photo text editor that allows you to add text to photos! ✅

Photo text editor is a free app that lets you easily write on and edit your photo like a professional with multiple available photo effects & functions. The app protects you from losing your creatives with auto-saving features.

In addition to the main feature, add text to photos, you can insert a sticker, frame the image, create the effect, make the photo collage. All the professional editing tools have been simpler than ever before. Write on photos with the #1 photo text editor tool.

The amazing features of the Text Art - Photo text editor:

✔ Professional Design Interface with Ease of use to add text to photos

✔ Write on photos with various text effects, fonts & sample quotes

✔ Thousands of handpicked Packages of picturesque images

✔ Apply one of more than a hundred photo filters

✔ The huge updated text and image library helps you create more solid pictures than ever before.

✔ Photo frame: There are many beautiful frame patterns that you can choose, all divided into different subjects so that you can find them easily.

✔ Add visual effects: This feature creates many beautiful effects on the image.,

✔ Basic image editing operations: Aggregating basic image editing features such as Resize images (Resize), Cutting images, turning images, creating round corners for the sides of an image, obscuring images, and the feature undo/ Redo saves time to edit images

✔ Make your own story with Photo Collage Maker, Story Maker

✔ Write text on photos - easily insert text on photos.

✔ Text Art is a great alternative as a photo text editor for Canva and PicsArt.

✔ Background has a modern design when the Write on photos feature is used.

✔ Photo to text interface is eye-catching but easy to use.

✔ Help you share to social media easily with just one click with photo editor with text.

The photo text editor is a mobile application that allows you to add text to photos. You can easily add your favorite quotes to any photo. Write on photos with #1 photo text editor! 📸

The Text Art - Photo Text editor has all the features you need to create beautiful pictures. Now, you absolutely can create thousands of beautiful sayings of beautiful quotes photos by using our photo editor text application or another way of add text to photos for free.

Text Art - Add text to photos is constantly being updated to meet users' maximum needs. Now you can use our Text On Photo app to create meaningful images and keep up with the new trends. Write text over photos and create a masterpiece.

About Text Art - Text Photo Editor application for adding text to photos :

Photo editor text is still in the development period, so we always look forward to receiving your feedback.

Add text to photos and create Text Art! Discover the ultimate photo text editor!

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:2.3.3 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:ZipoApps

User Reviews


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Bonnie Mason 2020-06-21

Good starter app, but needs work. When you use a font, it shouls pin to the top so you can use it again in a separate text box without having to scroll and find which one you used/where it is on the long list. Could you all fix that and also add the ability to create a template? For example, I need my text at the bottom of each image I make to be in the same spot. If not, it makes my pictures look sloppy because they don\'t match. If you fix these things I will definitely bump to 5 stars!
Karlie Loveleas 2020-07-19

How I\'ve longed to find such a app. It took me about five minutes to get the hang of it. This app will remain on my phone. It\'s that handy, that easy to use, that perfect. Of course being a artist I\'d like to see a few different options but that\'s how my mind works. I see something and it sparks ideas in my head. Until I find that 100% prefect, do what I want it to do app. I can live with this perfect app. Wow that was wordy
Amber Hale 2020-07-28

This is exactly what i\'ve been out searching for! I highly recommend this to designers out there as not only can you use the app to design for fun, but also can you use it for your business. Also, you don\'t necessarily need your own pictures to design as there are lots of free, categorized photos available on the app to design with. This is very good and i give it\'s creators a huge thumbs up! 👍👍👍
Stephanie Boeck 2020-09-27

Absolutely love, love, loveee the app! It\'s by far the best \'Text on Photo\'s\' app in the app store, trust me, I\'ve tried them all! Oh, & the unlimited version.. don\'t even get me started! It\'s only $7.99 a month & it gives you tons of stuff! It\'s super user friendly! Everything you need is right there & self explanatory. Basically, it\'s the best! Hands down!
Jeanne Vizconde 2020-06-07

This is great. I was able to create nice outputs with this although it would be great if a message would prompt to ask you if you are sure when you tap on the X button instead of immediately removing the item. I can\'t count how many times have I been surprised I clicked the X instead of simply selecting the item. Also, an Undo and a Duplicate option would be nice too.
Lexi Phoenix 2020-04-28

BRILLIANT. My most used app up to date. I even use it to create Logo\'s. Simple, easy to use. They have a gallery to choose a background, even transparent, but you can really get going when you love photography and you use your own photo\'s as a template to write on. The fonts are AMAZING and the option to add fonts - A FONT LOVERS DREAM!!! If I had the choice of having one app for the rest of my life, this would be it. I think I probably have just about every single font known to humankind. Really brilliant. Hat\'s off to you, developer/s.
Cindy Magee 2020-05-18

I really love the app, there are a lot of really useful tools, and a ton of good fonts. The only thing I really hate is the fact that the ads have SOUND, and they\'re LOUD. It actually makes me anxious using this app! 😟 I don\'t use it enough to buy it, so telling me to \"use remove ads option\" is pretty much telling me to go kick rocks. Thanks for caring.
GachaTrianna Channel 2020-04-29

I love this app like so much! It\'s easy to use and the fonts are all all amazing! Believe me, it will be hard to find a good fonts that match your desire because all of them are so good! I just hope that there will more gradient colour than the ones they have now so that you could design your photo even more. I really recommend using this app. I fell in love ever since I started using it (which is today!). As always, just the ads. But everything else are totally awesome! 👍👍👍👍
Rie 2020-02-12

I absolutely love this app, there\'s an incredible range of fonts, colours and editing extras. I would recommend it to anyone in search of an app to add to text to photos. I did use pervious apps in the past and I paid for their \"pro\" versions which was a mistake but with this app I\'m willing to sit through adds to have access to the pro editing tools. Overall, I love this app
Loren Barrett 2020-03-26

Very good app! Although background images are limited, the craftmanship is undeniable. It executes beautifully. Only one fix, when adjusting the text box, it tends to turn the text upside down, and it is a bit of a hastle to turn it right side up with two fingers.