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Description of That Dragon, Cancer

An immersive, narrative experience that retells Joel Green’s 4-year fight against cancer through about two hours of poetic, imaginative interaction that explores themes of faith, hope and love.

"This is where we go to remember our son Joel, up through here along this path. We want to show you who he was, and how his life changed us. Can we walk here together for a while?"

A videogame developer's love letter to his son; a memorial to Joel Green; an interactive tribute to the loved ones of over 200 of our Kickstarter backers. Can you find hope in the face of death?


Using a mix of first-person and third-person perspective, and simple point-and-click interaction, we invite the player to slow down, look around, and immerse themselves in this deeply personal memoir.

Featured in:

NY Times, NPR, Wired Magazine, Radiolab, Reply All Podcast, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and many others


"I think it might have changed me in some way that I'm yet to fully understand." -Polygon

"That Dragon, Cancer is probably the most sophisticated example of compelling storytelling I’ve ever witnessed in a video game." -Forbes

"A remarkable piece of work that challenges everything I thought I knew about grief, hope and faith." -The Telegraph

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.0.5 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Numinous Games

User Reviews


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Maria Essig 2016-11-13

Pure masterpiece! Glad I can finally play it on my phone
Perma Chub 2018-12-11

Wonderfully put together. Cancer has touched my life in more than one way, so I can feel a bit connected to the story. I cant stress enough how amazing and uplifting an experience this game provides.
Rachael Crowell 2019-06-26

I can\'t put into words how profoundly this game impacted me. As a mother of two small children, this hit me so deeply on an emotional level. My heart goes out to this family and every other family impacted by cancer, especially when children are involved. It was unspeakably painful, but so uplifting at the end.
Amanda Colwell 2016-11-12

Excited to play Seems like google play wasn\'t loading the other reviews, so I didn\'t see the solution before I posted 😊 I restarted my phone and it seems to work fine now
Andrej Balaz 2017-01-01

A redefining experience about unimaginable grief Retelling a story such as this must have been incredibly hard, yet the result is not to be missed. The interactive experience lets us to retrace the story of Joel, a terminally ill boy and his family. It is as horrifying as it is real and touching. I wished more interactive experiences would allow their narratives to escape the common boundaries of fantasy and let people feel empathy for those parts of life that are otherwise invisible or ignored. Thanks everybody involved for this enriching experience.
Alex Whiteaker 2016-11-11

Great game
Taylor Morris 2016-11-15

Great experience Fantastic experience, really made me think about the difficulties dealing with something like this brings. \"Dealing with it\" really doesn\'t even seem like the right thing to say. I feel like it\'s not something you deal with, it becomes part of you. I\'m really glad I was exposed to this. It\'s too easy to take everything in life for granted. Thank you for all those involved. Btw, devs: it seems my previous issue of the screen squishing was actually because my settings were being reset once the game started.
Zachary Stauber 2020-01-13

Amazing. This is what all great video games aspire to. Something that makes you think and feel and takes you on a journey. If there was an Academy Award for video games, this would win Best Picture.
Taylor Kenney 2016-11-21

Worked after rebooting my phone This was an extremely moving story and experience. The controls are a little clunky at times but overall it doesn\'t take too much away from the profound feeling of the story being communicated.
Dustin Payne 2016-12-02

Best game of 2016 Buy this on Steam. It is simply an unforgettable, moving, incredible, tribute to a son made by a loving, creative, and brave family that was willing to let us in on what they have experienced. This \"game\" will be viewed years from now as a piece that redefined and expanded the medium.