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The Archers 2: Stickman Game

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Description of The Archers 2: Stickman Game

The Archers 2 – the best among casual games. The time to show off your casual game skills has come! Play as the legendary stickman bow master. Defend your casual game hero and destroy stickman enemies with your bow until they destroy you. If you are a fan of archery games, then this casual game is definitely for you. Choose your hero from the list of stickman warriors and defend your honor in our casual game!

Stickman battle can make a challenging casual game but have no fear! Your archer stickman has a large arsenal of different weapons: bows and arrows, spears, shurikens. Try out all the weapons and find your favorite one to triumph in every stickman war. Shoot arrows, earn coins, equip the stickman with new armor, powerful spells and go to a battle to shoot down the opponents. Attack, but don't forget about the defense in our casual game!

In this stickman fighting game you also get to explore new lands and face different enemies. Meeting a new enemy can be quite a challenge! Explore your idle stickman and casual game skills and find your opponents’ weaknesses with this fun and exciting casual game. Fight in Green Fields, challenge your enemies in Orcs Woods, practice your casual game defense skills in Lava Lands and much more!

Challenge the bowman in you! Is the leaderboard your aim in our casual game? Come on archer, shooting is your strength! Become the casual game archery champion! If you think you are a pro at stickman games and war, wait until you have to face the bosses of this casual game! Use all the secret tricks you have learned from stickman games and fight until they drop! Don’t forget to share your casual game achievements with the entire world!

Hey, hero, defend yourself from stickman archers, vikings, orcs and dangerous bosses. Enemies will throw spears and arrows at you! Use your bow to destroy the army of stickmen in The Archers 2. Aim the targets well and shoot! Be precise in each archery battle. Now is your time to master your casual games and archery skills!

These casual games are great for playing alone or with your friends. If stickman games for 2 players is what you are looking for, then prepare for the battle of your life! Invite your friends or family members to join you in the most epic casual game of all time.


👍 Simple and intuitive controls. Tap on the screen and pull to charge the bow with an arrow. Choose strength and angle of attack!

🏹 You have not seen such a realistic rag-doll physics and animation before!

🎯 The Archers 2 is a 2D casual game with many levels, a great number of challenging bosses and its own unique features in bow mastery!

The update is in progress. Write us your suggestions for improving the gameplay, we read all your comments.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-01-03 Developer:BYV

User Reviews


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Christa S 2019-06-19

It\'s a fun game and a good way to pass the time. I\'m a bit salty about the latest update adding the campaign. I had recently unlocked several items (as reaching a certain high score unlocked them) but before I could get enough coins to buy them the new update locked them again (as unlocking them is now by how many stars from the campaign you have instead of the high score).
Dan Koczur 2020-10-28

Fun game. I mean, it is a stick figure shooting game, fend off the coming waves and move to next level. Unlimited lives so if you have food (you need food to play), you can play. As far as I know, Unlimited ability to watch videos to get food/coins so you don\'t have to wait to advance your equipment. Hardly any forced-to-watch videos and I think those are only 5 seconds. Optional videos for upgrading items are 5 to 30 seconds. Most are nearer 30 but a surprising number 15 seconds or less.
Сергей Арещенко 2020-10-22

Great update (1.5.8). Loved new craft mechanic, but I wish you provided a bit more information regarding it, like: max item level, max improvement level and max ratirity that you can achive with crafting.
SignificantBilly 2020-11-26

I\'ve owned this game for about a year or two now across three different phones, and I\'m honestly a fan of this game and it\'s the only mobile game i\'ve installed more than once. I also love how active the devs have become more recently with the new campaigns, the crafting system, and the new enemy types. I only wish you could get rare, epic, or legendary items easier or at least more consistently as currently it\'s almost impossible to get any without buying chests however the game is still great
DeMoN X 2021-01-10

Yes it is a nice game and having lot of fun with it..and thanks for giving an machine gun which fires venom(venom orb)..but may I know why I can\'t complete the level 270 boss fight,I waited for minutes but the boss isn\'t coming to fight..it would be nice if you give me a solution otherwise I\'m stuck at lvl 270..btw there are ads actually,a lot.
Anand Shaha 2020-12-17

Superb game. I love playing it all the time and that too without internet. The recent changes are very good. Only few things to improve those are 1)the game freezes in endless mode sometimes after 220 or above 1000 kills, 2)The crafting should give more information about which items needed to upgrade current weapon or the ingredients are used to upgrade which weapons... Overall game is very good to play especially when you don\'t have Internet connection and you don\'t have anyone to talk with..
Md Kaifi Alam 2021-01-08

Best stickman game I\'ve played so far!!! You guys are really really awesome. I haven\'t played a game this good for a long time, it\'s clearly way above my expectations. In this greedy era of p2w, this game is pure entertainment and fun for f2p players like me. Keep up the good work guys. Thank you so much!
Anthony Harrison 2019-07-16

This game needs more ads... there\'s only ads after every round, every death, every time you switch to the menu.. absolutely ridiculous. Totally makes the game unenjoyable. The developers replied to my comment and said I could simply turn the ads off. I\'ve opted out of every available ad I could but this hasn\'t changed a thing. Still just as bad even after opting out. Still forced to watch ads after every round, death, etc.
Ramanathan Annamalai 2021-01-11

Good aiming, decent graphics, good concept, it was progress in bringing in more levels; overall I\'d recommend the game.... But I\'m stuck at 180 cause the boss isn\'t loading, what\'s that about?
Erica Eby 2020-10-09

Love the controls, upgrades. I have played a ton of archery/shooter games and this is the only one I have stuck with. I love that you can switch between archer types(thrower, archer&wizard) the new \"craft\" feature is great! Makes it even more interesting cuz u can upgrade/improve all gear. I just wish it was easier to get craft material and I would like more items available for archers. Thanks and great work