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Description of The Blue Tractor: Kids Games

Play our educational games for kids. They are full of kindergarten abc games for kids. They can help to learn shapes and colors for toddlers. Learn and play 🧑‍🏫 !

Learn new things in Pre K kindergarten games for 2+ year olds!

🔴 Learn shapes and colors for toddlers in preschool games for little kids!

🚙 Travel in Blue Tractor and play preschool games for toddlers 2 years old!

🇦🅱️🇨 Learn and play kindergarten abc games for kids!

1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ Learn to count in a playful way!

🏡 Where everyone lives!

👩‍🚒 Learn about professions in educational games for kids!

🖼 PUT PICTURES TOGETHER in fun learning games for toddlers!

Let's make pictures with objects from the first part of the game! It will help kids to learn more about the world and everything around them! Fun toddler games will help your little ones to learn new things and have fun! Try Tractor games for kids and open the world of Pre K games for 2+ year olds!

🧠 LET'S LEARN and play in educational games for kids!

Even the youngest players will love the logic tasks and will be able to solve them! Who drinks milk: cat or cow? How many fingers are in the picture? Learn shapes games! And a lot of other fun tasks in learning games for toddlers!

Blue Tractor games for 2+ year olds!

🧩 7 educational topics!

🧩 Over 50 objects to learn shapes and colors for toddlers

🧩 Fine motor skills development!

🧩 Tasks for logic training in preschool learning games for toddlers!

🧩 Kids game-based tasks!

🧩 Perfect kidsgames to learn and play!

These Fun Learning Games for toddlers are a perfect way to learn shapes and colors, learn fruits and veggies and more! You can try Blue Tractor games for kids free or open the full word of kids games!

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💻 Our website: https://devgameou.com

Your children will be happy to play with Blue Tractor in these fun learning games for toddlers!

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lable: Educational - Games Current Version:1.2.0 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:DEVGAME KIDS games

User Reviews


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Viktor Rysak 2020-04-04

Донат с порога
harry Mwatoki 2020-12-21

Perfect game for my child. Best Educational game. Lots of features available. Really great 🥰been a blessing this game
Ju Pa 2020-11-18

It is paid app but it is worth It! It is very good for kids! My daughter enjoys it very much!
Mark Twain 2020-12-17

Very nice and amazing game. So fun, and very interesting very like it. The control of this game is great and the graphics are very great. This game is pretty addictive with nice interface, but I expect more too. I recommend everyone to play it.
bob bobbo 2020-07-18

Not free. $52 a year. Rip off
Vard Vard 2020-12-02

Wow. I like this app because it is two in one. It is both a game for my kids as well as an educating app. My kids really enjoy this app.
cielo reyes 2020-11-04

Great and perfect app for toddlers. My little cousins love it so much. Highly recommended 💗
SHALOM KUYE 2020-11-08

This is a beautiful and nicely done app. Learning becomes so much fun with this app especially for preschoolers
Heidy Peidro 2020-12-10

This Tractor educational games for kids are fantastic. I recommend it.
Pexy Doll 2020-11-06

Я считаю что это познавательная и добрая игра. Мои дети ее обожают. И мультик про синий трактор они тоже очень любят.