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Description of The Bullet Journal Companion

The Bullet Journal® Companion 2.0 is designed from the ground up to help you get the most out of your BuJo® practice and your notebook. Version two is packed with the most requested features by the community.


• The Log - Quickly capture Tasks, Events, and Notes when away from your notebook.

• Library - Backup and Tag and search all your notebooks.

• Guide - Learn the how to Bullet Journal®.

• Reflection - Help form the powerful habit of reflection.

• Articles - Get inspired by the global community.

• Monthly prompts - Make sure you're prepared each month.

• Designed by Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal® system.

NEW in version 2.0:

• Take pictures of all your pages.

• Back up your Bullet Journals to your Files app.

• Restore old notebooks on new devices.

• View reflections from months past.

• Redesigned reminders notifications.

• Log items expire after 72 hours.

• New views to organize your entire library of Bullet Journals.

• Now faster and more responsive.

• Numerous optimizations and bug fixes.


This app is NOT designed to replace your notebook. It is a companion FOR your notebook.

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More Information Of The Bullet Journal Companion

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.1.3 Publish Date:2022-01-29 Developer:Bullet Journal

User Reviews


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Jugsy McGee 2019-01-09

Does the job, but not well. The entire app is essentially just content freely available on the website, plus a temporary rapid log that expires entries after 72 hours. NOT worth the money unless you have free google play credit lying around like I did. The Reflection function is a great idea but again not worth paying for, its just two alarms per day, you can set the times but the interface could be a lot better, and the scheduling should be freer - one a day would suit me better
R Gentles 2019-02-05

A brilliant simple concept for a companion app. It really supports the use of a paper journal. Rapid logging events expire after 72hours initially put me off but I now realise is the apps genius. It is a bucket to collect incoming thoughts and feed them through to your bujo. This stops it being another long term store for stuff I havent thought about. Huge thank you to Ryder
Kahlil Behan 2020-06-19

I was expecting more flexibility especially given the $5 price tag. When selecting a collection, only a portion are available. I can\'t scroll down to select more (even though they exist). I have to rewrite collections constantly. Also the fact that two journals can\'t have the same month is extremely frustrating. I ended one of my journals in the middle in June, but cannot start the next journal until July because of this limitation. Honestly might delete because of this.
Abigail Dawson 2018-11-16

It\'s nice if you don\'t know what you are doing and need structure. It is not good if you want a digital buju, this app only saves things for 72 hours and there is no way to archive anything. It is kinda like one of those how to articles that is a giant ad for the product. BUT.... it is very pretty, calming, the text is kind to my eyes. It is well designed, but maybe not well utilized. I will keep it in hopes of an archive!
Bethany 2018-10-28

Having timed notes and reflection reminders built into one app is brilliant, but it doesn\'t work! I have only gotten the notification once, and I haven\'t been able to figure out what circumstances were necessary for that one lucky moment. I have no problems getting notifications from any other app, and I made sure my settings for it are all the same. No response from support at all, and of course I forgot about it since the reminders don\'t work so it\'s too late for a refund. Money down the drain!
Jaimie Foster 2019-07-13

Must have companion app for ADD user of Journal. I realized I left my journal at work and almost freaked at the thought of recording into another journal for the weekend. I just got a system that works!!! so I downloaded the app and was immediately wowed. Not only do I now have a way to record my thoughts, but I\'m forced to transfer them or they will disappear. That\'s motivation I need. Then I found articles on things I would never have thought to look for. Super useful. Clean app interface.
Clifton Foster 2019-05-25

Like everyone else, I bought it for the Library function discussed in Ryder\'s videos. Until they put that in, it should be free or at least be clear that function is not included. I was fas enough to get a refund.
Ewa Wojtaczka 2020-10-26

This app would be great if I could take clear photos of my Bullet Journal. I opted for the better quality setting but they are so blurred that I can\'t read any letters. It\'s a fantastic idea but it needs refining, maybe an in build phone camera scanner app would help? Update: this problem was fixed, images are not blurry anymore. I appreciate that someone took the time to comment under my review, thanks.
Charise Caldwell 2019-01-06

This is a start, but the current version feels anemic. I get that the creator probably wants to keep a minimalist approach, but if I\'m to pay for an app, I\'d expect more features from it than a few links I can find in my phone\'s browser, and a reminder function. My main problem with the app is that there is no way to sync your notes to different devices. I have a personal phone, a work phone, a tablet, and a chromebook that runs android apps -- and I am NOT going to check every device at the end of the day to make sure I didn\'t miss any notes. Please, please, please support multi-device sync! I would also love if this had a habit tracker feature. I love habit trackers, but I do not like the tedium of making them every month. I think it would compliment the bullet journal beautifully. Overall I think it\'s a good idea because I love bullet journaling and sometimes the method can use some digital help, but I think it still needs further development.
Ashley A 2020-05-16

May 2020. I was a bit disappointed by the limited feature set, given the $5 price tag. You can\'t zoom images, the page number orientation (even = right, odd = left) can\'t be changed, and I\'d like to use a single image to cover 2 pages at once. You also can\'t have 2 journals with overlapping dates or custom names. It works well enough, but it lacks the flexibility that I expect relating to bullet journals.