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Description of The Burgle Cats

The Battle Cats take on a new challenge as... Cat Burglars?!

Infiltrate the enemy mansion and snatch as much treasure as you can in a wild feline heists!

★ Join the Epic Burgle Battle!

Gather a crew of five Burglars and sneak through your opponent's Manor, evading deadly traps and stealing glorious loot!

★ Build a Mighty Crew of Thieves!

Use the loot you steal to upgrade your Cats! Earn more abilities and unlock new equipment!

★ Go Head-to-Head Against Other Cat Burglars!

Defend your own Manor from other players by making it a deadly maze of ingenious traps! Repel invaders and protect your loot!

Easy to learn, just pick up and play! Recommended for all ages!

Master the art of the thief and earn your place among the ranks of the Burgle Cat Legends!

Presented by PONOS

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.7.0 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:PONOS Corporation

User Reviews


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BokuNoPika 2021-02-25

I thought this was gonna be another simple spinoff game like the pogo game, one of those games I\'d play for like 20 minutes once and never touch again. But wow was I wrong, this game is sick! Sneaking into bases and learning through trial and error has been fun, and seeing other bases has given me inspiration for my own base. I love this game as much as Battle Cats!
Deric Pujo 2021-02-28

I have a love-hate relationship with this game. I\'ve been playing this for quite a while from the Japanese version which had English text....not sure how I did that but this game is definitely addicting. This game gets frustrating over time though as it feels more luck based the higher rank you get. Keep in mind, im in league 6 and I\'ve had about 400 victories with 65 hours in it, but it feels like the game intentionally makes you lose and thus you get demoted as you get to the higher tiers.
Unknown 2021-03-16

I love this game! Up to my standards! Only played it for 3 days and I\'m addicted (League 3). CRITIQUE: Only thing I hate is that dragging things is hard to control. Dragging traps in security is sometimes a pain to deal with. Also, my friend always uses up the keys, so I wish there was a button to ask for help on keys and an ability to give keys to a friend in need. AMAZING GAME! EDIT CRITIQUE: Forgot to add I wish we can do friendly attacks against our friends. Or more ways to earn coins.
Izzy Wang 2021-02-25

I thought this would be a toilet game, but it\'s so much more that that! The style is completely different from battle cats, but it is just as fun! And there\'s basically multi-player since the manors are from real people! Absolutely incredible! The only problem is that the clothing and accessories are hard to drag. Please fix. Thank you and good work, PONOS!
Thousands Master 2019-10-22

I thought this was a good game until I received this message \"不正対象アカウント....\" Basically, they are telling me my account is fake and they not allow me to play , fine , thank you very much.... not/
Lu Chih Ling 2019-10-08

I\'m using pixel 3, and it\'s really hard for me to drag everything from bottom when I want to change traps, equipments and fusion the spirits. Though idea of game is cool, manipulation should be improved.
Sylargylar 2021-02-24

I love this game but it seriously needs some update that fixes the issue with hitboxes on the screen that you have to click. For example, the close button doesn\'t work on my screen, and my screen has a 16:9 ratio, which is fairly common, so that shouldn\'t happen, but it always does. Once that issue is fixed I will give this five stars though.
1 2 2021-02-24

This definitely deserves 5 star but for some reason there\'s a weird bug where i can\'t press to the far right of my screen. I tried reseting my phone and exiting the app but, it still doesn\'t work. So because of that it makes my life a whole lot harder. Also incase anyone is wondering my phone is a samsung galaxy grand prime. I hope ponos fixes this but in the mean time it\'s 3 stars. And also I\'m not sure if this is a bug or I\'m just dumb but the friend code can\'t fit where it\'s supposed to go.
Pato Lucas 2021-03-02

This game is very good, just started and im enjoying. Just one small problem. Half my buttons dont work, i cant do most things in the game. For example. I cant do anything when tapping a cat, cant draw/trap cats using tickets/cat food, cant go to an enemy base, and cant check or place traps. Please fix this. Thanks, and you\'re doing great PONOS!
pixel demon 2021-02-24

Hey ponos I\'m a fan of battle cats and very certain that I will be a fan of this game too but I have found some issues right off the bat and I will tell you about it The buttons are not responding to being pressed such as entering the tutorial mansion and finishing the player mansion tutorial the buttons/cars would properly respond to the input I might be pressing if not as hard I should be but the problem is noticeable Please look into this matter and do what you can to fix it