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Description of THE COUPLE (Days in Love)

Falling in love?..

Keep your memories with the couple app, THE COUPLE.

[Couple app used with lover]

Connect with your lover and make it your own space.

Write stories and communicate with each other on anniversaries.

[Automatic day count]

Check your couple’s special days (100th day in love, 1-year anniversary, etc.).

Receive reminders for each anniversary.

[Three different widget styles]

Provides three different types of widget style with adjustable size.

Choose from a wide variety of options to customize your widget!

[Various designs available for status bar]

Provides three different designs for status bar.

Choose from different heart shapes, background options, and text colors.

Add to your status bar and show your love!

[Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events, etc.]

Congratulate you with multiple hearts on birthday, anniversary, or event.

Receive joyful reminders for your special occasions!

[Your Special Day]

Never miss your couple’s special day or event.

[Various fonts]

Choose a font that suits your taste.

[THE COUPLE Premium]

Upgrade to premium subscription and try all premium services.

(Themes and other decorative features, Upload of story pictures, Download Story Pictures, Passcode function, Remove Ads, etc)

[Access Permission]


To load and save photos when using background photos and sharing.


Phone permission is used to call your lover directly from the first screen.


Contact Permission is used to import your lover’s phone number when you enable direct call feature on the first screen.


Camera Permission is used to access the camera directly from the first screen.

[Exclude from Battery optimization]

- To receive alarms and use the status bar normally, We are requesting 'exclude from battery optimization'.(optional)

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:v3.2.16 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:TheDayBefore, Inc.

User Reviews


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Syafiqa Hanim 2019-02-05

Why the latest update do not show the counting for how many day been together in the event section? It only show the date of valentine days, black Friday etc. before this they show for how many days like 2000 days, 5 years so on.
Amanda Lynne Hamilton 2019-04-07

Lame. was very disdapointed with the whole experience bcuz of how unprofessional the waitstaff was acting towards the all male line cooks behind the pick up station. And even then every customer sitting in the front part of the dining room listened to them and flirt with each other and eventually had to ask for service cuz they were so involved with each other I guess they forgot that they were still on the clock and at work in the middle of a shift. lol woooooow!!!
David Kelly Golden 2019-02-20

PERFECT!! I invented this app in my head..and you made it lol I couldn\'t find any other that comes close to how much i like this one so thank you!
HuiXian Hx 2019-05-22

The date of counting down is not updated daily. I need to click in the app only it will be renewed. Can this problem be fix?
Rylie Keysor 2020-05-19

I\'ve had this app for a year and a half now, but since they\'ve added \"premium\" I don\'t want to use it anymore. I saw a cute theme only available to premium that is easier on the eyes that the two they have available to free users. I think a good compromise that could be possible is allowing free users to watch an ad for a theme they might want, then have ads again if they switch themes. I\'ve always liked this app, but not having the options like before is frustrating.
Menna SpamAcc 2020-05-22

I downloaded it thinking that it might have an option to add my boyfriend there and actually have all those things shared between our phones. Like it would have been so nice to have all those options and widgets shared. But now that it\'s just calculating and recording for just my phone i think i won\'t need it .
G Foster 2020-02-11

I am still using it... I dont like the fact that you have to download other stuff to use features it seems the app should already have, like save and sinc your own dates. I like the custome options though I think it should be lots and lots more. Custom date calc unlock animations. Custom screen see saver and wall paper options. With a few tweaks I would have no problems paying for a version of this because it\'ll make me look thoughtful And keep me out of trouble. Make it better ! I\'m a fan
TeAr Trapz 2019-08-05

I think it is a really cute app for couples. I\'ve been using it with my gf for almost 16 months and u can edit the words, the background, and make special dates. overall it\'s a great app but sometimes it messes up. The only issue I can see that occurs for me is that when it alerts me of every one of my 100 days, it\'s like 1 day behind from the actual date and my starting date is accurate. It\'s not a major issue but i know it\'s off because of the calendar and Google
Nikki Kroll 2021-01-14

I absolutely love this app! I pay for the premium edition every year! I love that you can make a little storybook throughout the year and keep track of everything we do throughout the year and write it all down as you go along, with the pictures also to back it up... favorite app thus far!!!!
Tazmin Ratkowski 2019-03-23

it actually helps me keep track of how long I\'ve been in a relationship for, which I could never remember before. this is very very helpful.