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Description of The Fishercat

★ Become a cat and harpoon fish! ★

You can use a variety of harpoons and items to maximize your fishing experience. As a cat.

Start your adventure as a cat now and fish'em all!

=Very Simple Control=

Drag to aim, and then shoot a harpoon to catch fish in this shooting game.

=Thrilling Action=

Follow and hit fish that constantly move, just like fishing in real life. Go fisher, go cats!

=Hundreds of Rare Fish=

Go out for fishing and collect over 150 different kinds of fish.

=Cool Fish Vessels and Seas=

Set out to sea on an amazing-looking vessel. Dive into the sea and explore the incredible underwater world.

=Relax on the Peaceful Island=

Relax and enjoy playing with your kitten friends on your island. Meow!

=Grow your Aquarium=

Grow your aquarium with the fish that you've caught and various decorations.

=Cute Graphics=

You'll fall in love with Fishercat's simple yet charming art style!!

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More Information Of The Fishercat

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:4.3.1 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:LoadComplete

User Reviews


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Mari Gordon 2019-05-02

this is a great game not at all pay2win i haven\'t spent a dime and i got all weapons and the last air tank everybody leaving bad reviews are just sore losers cause they suck at the game if you play the game right you can make more 700,000+ each in game day and i like how you only watch ads if you choose too and they give bonuses like more oxygen (use your money first so its cheaper), +50% result prize and idle, and half price peddler
Kody Duncan 2019-03-03

Cute game for a bit but it feels like you have to pay to advance very far, and to unlock some of the equipment. The ad cap is super annoying which makes me feel more like they\'re just trying to get me to spend money (docking 1.5 stars for this). I stopped playing for a couple days then watched one ad and was locked from watching anymore. If they remove the ad cap and adjust the scrap system this could be a 5 star game.
Jaelski 2019-05-29

I\'d give it up 5 if players could be rewarded more. Can\'t even try out other harpoons. Everything is expensive. EDIT: WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THE ADS. I\'m sure I FINISHED watching some ads, then it says I failed to watch the ad. Is that an exploit to force users to watch ads twice, thrice or even four more times?! Fix it.
Sanction Extremis 2021-02-12

Fun game, not pay to win. However, I\'m really annoyed, I paid for no ads and then found out there are TWO tiers of ads. Which is REALLY deceptive. I paid as a thank you and I still have to spend time watching ads. It needs to be far more clear that the ads removals are tired. 4.99 and then 6.99 but they both aren\'t available at the same time. Really dumb.
Brenneko Kapazioni 2019-07-15

Update was quite good and very fun to play. The new fish have been fun to catch, both new areas are cool, and even the Ad Fish and consistent source of Parts are back. Getting Parts en masse is still a royal pain the ass, but it\'s a step in the right direction at least, and more fish means more parts overall.
Doug Valentine 2019-05-12

was crashing alot but i reinstalled and didnt activate the cloud save this time and it works like a dream. so happy i can play again.
Nancy Suddoth 2018-12-27

This is an awesome game! It has you fishing in shallow and deep areas for all kinds of fish with crazy names! I have found that at certain time they require you to catch a certain kind of fish but don\'t tell you where to find it! Sometimes, they make it difficult to keep moving up without making a purchace. However, I have resisted doing so. They make it easy to get help from the developer!
That Gay Mint Boy 2020-05-28

I love this game to bits! The mail you get at the start of each new day is fun to read, the quests are usually pretty easy and enjoyable. And the capability to upgrade things is works well to help you progress. I love the designs of the fish and the \"deep dive\" mode is challenging, but still over-all enjoyable! Please, keep doing what you\'re doing, I\'d love to see more games with such enjoyable gameplay and wonderful art style come out. Hope to find fun games like this one to play in quarantine.
Jen Woytowich 2019-02-15

I love this game! The core mechanics are fun and relaxing making the primary goal discovering and collecting fish rather than trying to quickly advance through the islands. Each round of fishing is 1-2 minutes and doesn\'t cost anything, I love that I can easily play for an hour without opening a single ad. Graphics, sound, gameplay are all wonderful. If a paid version came out I\'d buy it in a heartbeat.
Alex Taciuc 2021-02-03

Nice, rewarding, i love the events and how you get them via letters. It\'s easy, yet engaging. I love that you can customize your own aquarium and that you can play it even offline! Graphics are very cute. Do not frustrate at first lvls. I know it is harder to catch the fish, but is the way it ment to be. Great job with the game guys! Also no bugs found yet.