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Description of The Guardian - Live World News, Sport & Opinion

Read top stories, breaking news & opinion on the go. The Guardian App gives you access to the latest politics, business and sports news through award-winning journalism.

News that matters - 5 reasons to download The Guardian App:

1. Breaking news alerts, straight to your phone.

2. Top stories & award-winning journalism

3. News feed & customizable content

4. World news & US updates in business, politics and more

5. Sports news & updates, from NFL to F1

World news, live updates & opinion - take your news feed with you, wherever you are. Explore stories, US headlines, content and media on a whole range of topics; from business to music, politics, sport, culture & much more.


• Be the first to know about today’s headlines with live news

• Follow stories as they unfold with breaking news alerts


• Read the latest US headlines in politics, business and sport

• Stay up-to-date with world news stories & media coverage


• Read top stories & the full range of The Guardian journalism

• Access audio, video and interactive content straight from your phone


• Read news that matters to you and customize your news feed

• See readers’ comments and share your own opinion


• Access the latest news in sport from our experts

• Watch media coverage & key moments


Upgrade to the Premium App to support independent journalism. Plus, access our enhanced features for a better way to experience the news that matters.


• Live - a new and faster way to catch up on every breaking news story

• Discover - a new way to explore the best stories, recipes, long reads and more

• Enhanced offline reading - download the day’s news & opinion before you travel, or whenever it suits you

• Experience the app advert-free

• Play our daily crosswords

• Access specially curated content

Download The Guardian App now for access to our full range of award-winning journalism.


This app is totally free to use. If you choose to upgrade to the premium tier, your payment will be processed by Google Play.

Terms of use:

All content in the Guardian app is copyright Guardian News & Media 2018. All rights reserved. Terms of use and privacy policy apply when accessing content via the Guardian app.

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User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Mark Brough 2020-12-17

Almost a perfect app, but with serious issues which are never addressed. Membership/subscriber/supporter status is ambiguous, with no explanation anywhere of what these terms mean in their various contexts. Sometimes signed out with no warning. Sometimes comments, sometimes not. And only the most recent dozen or so headlines? Why this restriction?? After which, search is like something from the \'90s. Guardian - you could do so much better. Edit: Three years later - inadequacies still not fixed.
Gerry Johnson 2020-10-25

It\'s late-October and the latest version seems to have ironed out the crashing problem. I\'m now able to confirm that the ability to read uninterrupted means confirmation that the Guardian is easily the best news app. Thank you
K S 2020-10-13

Very easy to navigate and clear reading. No pop ups or annoying ads preventing you from reading articles or progressing to the next page. Occasionally a sign up to their service pop-up appears; however, this is to be expected in this day and age and doesn\'t prevent you from progressing further or continuing to read your article of choosing
Julie Hessler 2020-12-05

The Guardian is a rich world full of thought-provoking articles. The standard of writing is superior, which leads to further appreciation for the views being expressed. The long reads provide the opportunity to get well informed about a wide range of different topics. I read a number of newspapers but the app I look forward to opening most, is The Guardian.
Jack Mason 2021-02-17

My TV died a few months ago. I have installed 5 or 6 News Apps, to get through the election as well as it\'s jaw-dropping after-math. A lot happened in the U.S. in a relatively short time. Of all my news outlets, I was most impressed with the coverage by The Guardian. Good up-to-the minute, often breaking news. Good reporting, good writing, a very trustworthy source, in all ways superior to the American Apps I followed. Bravo, and thank you.
Lynn Brink 2020-11-09

I hadn\'t heard of The Guardian app until the recent (2020) presidential election. I was very involved in the prior six months or so leading up to election day so I was frequently online researching the candidates. I am impressed with how much information as well as breaking news, live updates, etc. the app has to offer and I definitely appreciate the un-biased political stance they take. Too many media outlets are the exact opposite nowadays and I wish I had come across The Guardian app sooner.
Curt B. 2020-11-28

NOVEMBER 2020 UPDATE – they still don\'t see my subscription through Google play. I\'m not quite sure why they can\'t seem to straighten this out but I keep getting the impression that I\'m the redheaded stepchild. Originally there was a problem with subscriptions through Google play. They weren\'t jiving up with the app, in other words they didn\'t know that you were contributing through Google. I think we finally got it sorted out end now it\'s much better, less ads asking for support, and so forth. Good editorial content I feel like they are doing a good job with regard to reporting the real news and keeping it fair and truthful.
Robert Harris 2020-11-03

Content is, and always has been, superb. For several months the app regularly crashed back to its home page. As of late October \'20, this seems to have been fixed, so have updated my rating from 1 star back up to 4.
S. Elizabeth Bobo 2020-11-05

I enjoy the Guardian\'s articles. They are interesting and diverse. The next question, which I can see, asks about disruptive ads. There aren\'t many ads as I recall but their frequent requests for donations are disruptive. This is because last year I started giving the Guardian a small amount of money. After a while I increased it. Then I found from looking at my bank statement that the Guardian was taking a large \'donation\' from my account without my knowledge. After complaining I got my money.
Jim Andrews 2021-01-23

The app is great, the content is what gives it 5 stars. The answer to fake news is a proper newspaper. That\'s the Guardian. OK, it\'s slightly left of centre editorially, but when the political mainstream is to the right, that\'s a good thing. Here we have journalists who think before they write. If you want a news app that will tell you that Brexit was a national triumph & that the UK is leading the world in its Vivid response, this is not the news app for you!