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Description of The League

Are you told your standards are too high? And maybe, just maybe, you'd like to meet someone smart enough to know how to look good in a black and white photo, thoughtful enough to use proper punctuation, and understanding of your way-too-restrictive work schedule? While your mother may call you picky, we call you self-aware. Join The League community and meet other overly ambitious folks who refuse to settle.


We know you're busy and are looking for the path of least resistance to finding your soulmate. We do the vetting with a focus on quality over quantity - a few quality matches are better than 100 bad ones.


Date without worrying about running into your coworkers or Facebook/Linkedin friends.


In these unusual times, you might want to try a new (and even more intelligent!) approach to dating. We’ve enhanced both our League Live video dating parties on Sunday and Wednesday nights and our other video dating features like video chatting with your Matches.


Not just a dating app but also a professional network, The League lets you meet other smart and motivated people while doing whatever you enjoy most... a great way to get the sparks a-flying.


League users now have the option of becoming members by purchasing several subscription options. Membership offers extra perks, special customizations, more prospects, as well as invites to exclusive events. They last 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, and automatically renew at those intervals from the point of purchase onward.

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More Information Of The League

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.17.1345 Publish Date:2021-11-26 Developer:The League App, Inc

User Reviews


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Ana 2019-12-04

This app is a joke. It takes ages for you to be accepted unless you wanna pay for a vip pass. Then you get 3 mstches a day. I rarely feel interested in the matches: guys who live miles away or with nothing at all in common. The groups are also a massive failure: nobody posts anything. Concierge kerps sending you promotions and other messages trying to get you to buy something. I see the same people in other apps so don\'t bother.
YB 2020-02-16

App doesn\'t allow you to easily delete your personal information. Deactivate is simple but deletion is not a standard option? Unless this changes, if you value your privacy I would recommend NOT to download - I wish I had not based on this issue. Note: I will happily remove this review if the team adds an easy, obvious option to delete.
Spud McKeegan 2018-12-28

3 matches a day would be great if any of them were quality. i set my distance to under 25, because the app kept showing me toronto matches. didnt seem to matter, last few matches have been almost 100 miles away. they boast being exclusive, but that doesnt necessarily mean good.
Conor Hughes 2019-12-16

Finally an app for people who are looking for actual longterm connection with ambitious and talented people.
Armando Altriaga 2018-12-29

Brings back that old school aim vibe with the chat rooms. People I\'ve come across have been helpful and friendly. The thought of 3 choices per day seems a little odd but these people are within your choice range. Fun and easy going. Great app
Jackie Olson 2020-01-02

Good idea, poor executuion. The \"exclusive\" app has such a limited database that I\'m consistently shown matches outside my city, state, country, age range, height range, etc. The concierge is little more than a bot sending scheduled messages, occasionally checked by dev. There are \"groups\" and \"events\" that are just chat rooms full of users. The one listed event I attended had 4 women, no men. Turns out the League just pulls events in from Eventbrite and reposts the details.
Jesse Jacobson 2020-03-05

This was an awful experience. \"The league\" sells itself as an app that enables users to interact with a more elite group of people than other online social networks and dating apps. It does no such thing. There is no vetting except for a wait period and a very harsh \"red flag\" system where unpopular users are vote out. You will be assigned a \"concierge\" which is a grainy bot like image managed by different staff members who are not particularly helpful. I met one person via it. Grim experience.
ddd col 2019-11-29

The update has caused all of my matches to be with people from other states hundreds of miles away (that\'s not my preference on the app). I have messaged the company four times about this and they did not respond. The app is useless if you can\'t meet people NEAR you. And it\'s even worse that the company does not help fix the problems they caused or respond when contacted.
Shariff Carlos 2019-11-10

App is pretty janky, support is even worse. There\'s a new batch of matches every day at 5, every now and again it simply doesn\'t update. Biggest problem is that recently I marched with someone and the app wasn\'t showing any of her replies and still doesn\'t. I emailed support, which when you do it copies your app version and OS info, and yet, 4 days later when support finally gets back to me they ask me if my app and OS are up to date. They LITERALLY have this info in the first message.
Esra Kucukciftci 2019-12-27

Completely nonsensical algorithm - been queuing with people 3-states over?!? Potentially means that nobody is here. And their explanation as to why their algorithm doesn\'t work is oh-they-are-so-selective, BS! Useless, don\'t pay for this!