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Description of The Legacy 1

A journey to a mysterious ancient civilization.

A museum exhibit unexpectedly sends a young woman to a parallel world. Now she needs to find a way back home - and also save her planet.

It was late evening and the museum was almost empty. At the Maya artifact exhibition, one of the exhibits suddenly started to move. The sound drew the attention of a young woman named Diana, a museum employee and an expert in Mayan culture. When she came closer to the artifact she realized it looked like a portal... and suddenly some unknown power lifted her up and teleported her to an ancient temple! Now Diana has to figure out where she is, how she got there and how she's going to return home. The young woman encounters a civilization similar to the Mayan culture, but this is neither the past nor a parallel reality. It's another planet, connected to Earth centuries ago by some special gates. And now the gates have been activated again...

Only Shaash, the local shaman and gate keeper, can help Diana return home. But that will not be easy. Diana will have to face numerous tests, travel far through the Endless River Valley, encountering the strange people and wondrous animals of the other world, while trying to hide from all dangers and solving dozens of different challenges on her way.

- Multiple wonderful locations and stunning graphics

- Unexpected plot turns

- Unforgettable characters

- Fascinating mini-games and puzzles

A game optimized for tablets and phones!

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:FIVE-BN GAMES

User Reviews


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Delores Grahek 2019-10-18

This is an beautifully constructed game. The graphics are great, the puzzles are logical and gameplay flows smoothly from one scene to the next. There is a map you can use to travel quickly. I really can\'t believe the game is free, as it must have required a great deal of work on the part of the creators. Nice variety of puzzles, both in puzzle types and levels of difficulty. You can\'t possibly go wrong in choosing to install this game.
penny jeffs 2020-05-03

Great game! Throughly enjoyed this. Puzzels were interesting and relevant to the storyline. The artwork was beautiful. The storyline is good too. Its a complete game, not one of those annoying pay to finish. It has a few free hints but even if you get stuck you can buy more if you need too fairly cheap, I got by on the 5 free ones and managed to complete but some puzzels were a head scratcher. And no ads!! Totally recommend it and now I\'m off the play some more from these lot. Well done!
Mike Baker 2019-05-23

You make incomparable games. Love when you have the free to play option. Wish you had more games and with the free to play option. Keep up the amazing work. A pure joy to play.
Adam Corns 2020-04-11

I\'ve been playing 5bn games now for a while and absolutely love every one! They are all quite similar so once you get into playing them there are certain puzzles and mini games that you can work out without help. For all the people who complain about paying for hints these games can all be completed without paying a single penny or dollar. Just go to the game walkthrough on YouTube and watch it then return to the game with the solution. Simple!
Jason Murray 2020-07-18

Generally enjoyable. However, the developers need to figure out that when the plot takes you to a point of no going back (like after shaman gets taken), you should not have to GO BACK to find solutions to the next puzzle (like the hose)... If you have to \'cheat\' and use the map to bypass the point of no going back, it\'s ridiculous, non intuitive..feels like a cash grab for hints... Hints need work. Sometimes it takes multiple hints to actually get the hint...
Elyssa B 2020-04-04

Not bad.. not that challenging, but relaxing to play. Nice story, puzzles are easy but fun, music is good. Only criticism: they want you to pay for hints and also to pay for the bonus chapter! I\'d rather pay 2 bucks for the game than pay for a bonus chapter of a game I successfully completed! How is it \"bonus\" if you have to pay for it ??? However, game kept my attention for a day or so.
Nicole Parson 2020-03-27

I\'ve searched for a long time to find a game like Nancy Drew that I can play on my Chromebook (ND can\'t be...yet). Although this isn\'t anywhere near as long or difficult, it is definitely attention-catching and keeping. It only takes a few hours, but the puzzles and storyline is good. I do not enjoy HOPs, and while this does incorporate them, it blends them into the game without making them overdone. Thank you for a great game!
Mikhail Nikitin 2020-09-12

Hints is what is killing the experience. The graphics and story are at their top, but hints... You need at least three to help you out. And there are only about 10 free, with no way to replenish. And if you are ready to pay, that are about 10 eurocents a piece, which I find too expensive, considering the amount one needs during the game. The completed spots are removed from the game, so you can\'t step into them again. Nice. It would also be nice to mark the completed scenes (screens) on the map.
Arleen Trietley 2019-07-29

I got as far as getting the sack of flour, then I couldn\'t do anything with it, and every time I hit the hint button all it did was draw a circle on the back button. I liked the game up until then. I thought it froze up on me so I uninstalled it and then installed it again but it did the same thing. Very unhappy.
Rhianon Gingerich 2019-07-10

I\'m very disappointed in this game. I like playing it however it isn\'t free to play that\'s a joke. you get 10 hints for 1 coin then you have to buy hints. the game does not give any advice on where to go or what to do so you have to use hints. uninstalling very unhappy.