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Description of The Mindfulness App

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed in your everyday life? Want to feel more balanced and more joyful?

Enjoy a more restful sleep, stress less, and reduce your anxiety together with The Mindfulness App. With over 300 guided meditations and courses from experts around the world, we have options for every mood, time of the day, and for everyone from beginners to experienced.

• Guided meditations and courses in over 10 different languages.

• Personalised users statistics.

• Personalised reminders to help you remember to meditate.

• Reminders based on time and location.

If you find that you enjoy a silent meditation, or simply want to include a personalized timed session into your meditation practice, you can pick and choose between:

• 3-99 minute sessions.

• Option of silent or guided.

• Inclusion of bells and a guided introduction.

• Different background sounds such as forest, rain, waves and more.

As a new user, you have the option to take advantage of our Free Trial that allows you to test the app and access all premium content for a full seven days.

Included in our Premium Subscription:

• Unlimited access to all meditations and courses in over 20 different topics.

• Make meditations and course sessions available offline.

• Regularly updated content allows you to discover new favorite sessions and teachers.

You have the option to try all of the Premium content now with a one-week free trial.

We’re here to help you find what meets your needs and make meditation work for your daily life to improve your inner wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, we’re here for you every step of the way!

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More Information Of The Mindfulness App

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:5.20.4 Publish Date:2022-05-10 Developer:MindApps

User Reviews


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Jesse Baltutis 2019-01-04

Mostly good, but there is a really distracting and annoying feature that I am unable to turn off. During every silent meditation, bells ring at various points of the meditation. I\'ve tried to turn them off in the settings, but they continue regardless. Unfortunately, i\'ll have to try another app, as the bells are too distracting.
Lendezen 2018-10-03

A simple app, as a good meditation app should be. The free timed sessions are straightforward in use and are well made. With a recent update the timer problem (mentioned below) seems to be resolved. Definitely worth a try. ==== For some reason the timer of every timed meditation session will get stuck at around 2 minutes before the end. Pausing and resuming the session fixes it, but it\'s still not very usable this way. With the first few sessions I didn\'t not have this problem and the rest of the application works well and is definitely worth a try. ====
Monserrat Rydstrand 2017-07-14

Great way to find your inner peace. It has helped me from a great stress to my way back to myself again. Only tried the free version and as others say, it gets a bit old with the same guided time sessions. I\'m not ready yet to pay for the whole version without a sneak peak of what it has to offer more than what I\'ve experienced so far. Lastly, thanks for a great app.
Dilu Pillai 2018-09-26

The connection is lost several times with the sever. This is annoying and defeats the purpose of guided meditation. Initially I thought it was my Internet connection, after checking my Internet is fine! I could stream YouTube and netflix without any issue.
Marc Nilsson 2017-07-02

The introduction sessions are great! Guided timed sessions have no variance, they are the same day after day. This gets old real fast, and a week in I\'m having a hard time focusing on the guide. Maybe the premium version offers a wider variance! Still a good app.
Scree 2018-09-23

Only issue I have is the audio seems to get stuck after the meditation has finished. The circle stops completing and just hangs. I am only using the free content for now, but aside from this one issue, I am quite enjoying it.
James Evun 2018-12-30

i wish could give more, but the starting medtaiton it\'s not learnign you how to take deep breath. Breating it\'s very important for meditation. :) Its look promising. I hope you fix that.
Yutube s 2018-01-29

If purchased then it\'s great. But if they want to tempt you to purchase they really should put more stuff here rather than 4 meditations that are about 5 minutes each and are based on unusual emotions and very specific feelings that most people will never ever have
A Google user 2018-06-30

I\'m a paid subscriber and love the concept! I recently moved from a Samsung phone to the Google Pixel, and after a period of time the audio stops (on both phone models). This appears to be the only app in which it happens. Any clues as to what might be causing it! :-)
Karen S 2019-12-17

Disappointing! The guest passes are fake, you don\'t get any premium content for 60 days at all. you must use credit card to sign up first. Minimal free things. Also support button in the app doesn\'t work so you can\'t escalate issues anywhere.