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Description of The Oracle 2021 - Tarot Card Deck

We are living in challenging times and there are more questions than answers sometimes. Our "Oracle App" can help you to find your answers and get cartomantic advices. Get a new way of thinking of your current situation and learn more about the ancient wisdom of Oracle Tarot Lenormand Cards. Are you ready?

How to read Oracle Tarot Cards?

Don´t worry if you just starting. Our Oracle App will guide even beginners in tarot-readings. Simply choose one of the different decks, depending on your own question. You may wanna close your eyes, when you "shuffle" and select your cards. Now you can see your very own spread. All of our Lenormand Cards having their own description.

How to interpret my Tarot Spread?

Each position of your spread has it´s very own meaning. You can find the meaning at the top-section of our App. With the description you can easily understand the meaning of each card.

What is Lenormand Tarot?

Madame Lenormand was a French fortune teller in the era of Napoleon Bonaparte. She adviced the high-society of Paris including, Napoleon itself. One of her treasures is the Lenormand Deck, which we use in our Oracle App.

Which spread for which questions?

Our App includes the following spreads:

*One Card - One answer

Short and sweet. You can even use that spread as a daily tarot card, to learn more about the meaning of that specific day.


3 Cards with a deeper insight.


Sometimes we need help to make good decisions. Pro and Contra gonna help you with that.


Sometimes it can be tough to get a broader view on our own situation. Blind-Spot will help you to get the bigger meaning.


Made up your decision, but not sure about the outcome? This 4 Card Reading Spread will help you, to see all the aspects and the potential outcome.


7 Cards to analyze your own and your (potential) partner.

*The Way - Premium

Get a new perspective and suggestions how to see your own path.

*Problem-Guidance - Premium

Learn more about what you can do, outside influences and the chance which lies in that challenge.

*Monthly Forecast - Premium

Perfect to get prepared emotionally. Past influences, Positive influences, Challenges, Month Result and Outlook.

Can I save my spreads?

Yes, you can save your spreads in our ad-free Premium Version.

☑️ Enjoy our Oracle App in some finger tips and get the answers you need.

In case of any problem, please contact us simply by mail. Your opinion is highly important to us.

And a special 🙏🏼 for all our Premium-Buyers to make Esoteric Apps like that one even possible.

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:1.4 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Psy Ventures

User Reviews


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Tuhin Mridha 2020-11-02

Another good Tarot App from them. Having as well MyTarot-App.
dixie sudario 2021-01-16

This is trully amazing.. I\'ll give it a 5 star for it\'s great interpretation.
Dwi Cahyo Nugroho 2020-11-02

If you want to have all spreads, need to purchase. But really fair price.
Anis Mahat 2020-11-02

So easy to use. I love that oracle app.
Anil 2020-11-05

Ah nice one. It´s a tarot oracle App, with quite a lot of spreads. but to save your spreads, need to pay the premium. Anyway, good one.
Chandra kanth Reddy 2020-11-05

Oracle Tarot App, quite simple, but good.
Terrific Truss 2020-11-05

They use Lenormand tarot cards. My favorite one.
Diane Childers 2020-12-18

Pretty accurate.
Sherrie Cheney 2021-02-01

Fun and accurate
Lillee 2021-03-14

Best tarot app. Accurate predictions.