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Travel back in time to find the mythical Kingdom of Aeronhart. Prevent the chaotic artifacts from killing your father… and destroying the universe itself!

The Secret Order 3: Ancient Times continues the thrilling, story-driven series with a new, suspenseful narrative that successfully blends the fantasy and detective noir genres.

Players take control of Sarah Pennington, daughter of the Master of the Order of the Griffins, must once more face the dangerous power of the artifacts that she reclaimed during the events of the last game.

The scepter and mask have become unstable, threatening the life of Sarah's father and the safety of the entire world. The only way to prevent the very fabric of reality from unraveling is for Sarah to travel back in time to the mythical realm of Aeronhart, to find one King Amadon, who ordered the creation of the artifacts. Amadon may be the only one who knows how to destroy these chaotic objects. Sarah must once again embark on an epic quest aboard the Royal Griffin, exploring breathtaking locations from ancient times, solving difficult riddles, facing adversaries, and discovering the deepest secrets of the of the Order along the way. Will the young disciple prove herself up to the task? Will she manage to solve the puzzles, distinguish enemies from allies, and reach the heart of the ancient kingdom?

Can Sarah stop the artifacts before they kill her father?

• Embark on a grand journey against all odds to save your father!

• 60 minigames and hidden object puzzles waiting to be solved!

• Explore 57 stunning locations!

• Unlock all 26 challenging achievements!

• High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones!

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.1 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:Artifex Mundi

User Reviews


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Ma B 2016-09-24

Beautiful, Beautiful game! Definitely a favorite! I love a game where the items you are searching for actually mean something or add to the story. I was sorry to have to rush through it, using a lot of hints and skipping many of the puzzles. I\'m planning to keep it to play again at a more leisurely pace. Artwork is stunning. Scene transitions a bit laggy, but I\'m ok with that. Griffins are wonderful creatures! Can\'t wait for the sequel!
Justin Jones 2016-10-13

Well worth it This game is well done and has a lot of content. I was surprised at how much scenes were in the game. Very good artwork with a decent story. Lots of puzzles to keep you engaged. I hope the next installment will be just as good.
Gianna Brogan 2016-05-06

As HOG games go this is one of the better ones so far as graphics, and the mini games are challenging enough to keep you interested. I like the baby dragon as well; I just wish someone would come up with something original in a storyline
Jim Coleman 2016-05-01

Secret Order 3 Good clear graphics puzzles seem to get off the beaten path not enough clues to distinguish how they work but really good bring on more.
Lisa Shaffer 2017-09-03

Graphics were a little too small at times so they were difficult to see. But otherwise it\'s an enjoyable game. I wish you could go back and find any collectibles you missed. The HOPs and mini-games were challenging without being too difficult. Good continuation of the storyline. Decent length.
Sandy R 2019-02-18

Game deleted my saved games. I hope it doesn\'t happen again.
Gwyneth Davies 2017-07-18

So much in this game, good that there is a map to help you along. I just love this series and will play them all again. You cannot fault these developers.
Rygar Bensen 2017-07-05

Wonderful game. Well worth the upgrade to the full version. Beautiful graphics, puzzles and storyline. A nice long game, and a great bonus chapter.
Jo in Bookland 2016-12-04

Excellent game! Great story, originality with puzzles, not too many HOGs. Looking forward to next one!
Mark N. Leake 2016-09-19

Awesome!! Great game!!