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Description of The Shadow Society

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"There exists a world parallel to ours; alike in many aspects, yet different where it matters most. The only thing we know for sure is that certain people of that world have found a way to get to ours. Don’t trust them. And, whatever you do, look out for your own shadow."


One night, you are faced with a dream that alters something within you, forcing you to return to your now abandoned childhood home to search for answers.

Little do you know that the abnormalities of the house are tied to another realm, and it appears your ancestors have a mysterious connection to it. But although their stories ended, yours remains to be written. Will you trust what you see, or search for a different truth? Will you put faith in those who claim to be your friends and shun the enemy, or turn the tables around? You may find your best friend, your nemesis or even fall in love during your journey. The outcome is up to you.

“The Shadow Society” is a 675,000-word interactive modern fantasy novel by Cara Palmer, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fuelled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

* Shape your main character according to a variety of choices.

* Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, bi, straight, aromantic or asexual.

* Discover a hidden world and take the first step in changing its future.

* Experience romance with one of five love interests along with two secret ones, become entangled in a triangle between two siblings or remain single.

* Determine who to trust and who to shun, who to befriend and who to antagonize, among a cast of characters with differing secrets and motivations.

* Choose a side – if any – in the conflict brewing between two worlds.

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.4.6 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Hosted Games

User Reviews


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Hui Chen 2020-02-06

Really reminds me of wayhaven but ... more lacking in every aspect... Theres no clear plotline in this story, if feels more like a series of descriptions about the 2 places the MC spends in this book with a few choices to flirt with one of the RO which come to seem really odd because there isnt a lot of quality time between the MC and them before the flirty scenes. In conclusion, it looks more like this book was written with a sequel in mind and as result, feels like a unfinished story.
Emily Lipkin 2020-02-18

So overall I liked it, BUT I think hosted games could have/should have been clearer that this is the first installment of a series particularly because, despite the impressive word count, there really is no resolution, the story just kind of ends. Additionally despite the impressive number of stats, they don\'t seem to really DO anything (other than let you keep track of your character) and it\'s unclear if the relationship stats are for the book or the series so it\'s hard to tell what\'s \"good.\"
Alfie Morgan 2020-02-07

The prologue and first chapter were good, but the writing and plot kinda goes downhill from there. Very bland, unrealistic, and cringey dialogue and romance. And I still can\'t get over the fact that a main character is literally named R(h)eylo 😬🤦‍♀️
IRONHILLdwarf 2020-02-10

I really want to give it a higher score. Really, I do. But it lacks... Something. Mostly I just can\'t help feeling that your stats pretty much don\'t matter and that you never actually get to do... anything. Basically you are along for the ride. Not that it is bad or not fun. It is a very interesting idea with interesting characters, but you never get many answers. The entire time you are told you are important but if you are, it never really plays out that way.
salty spoon 2020-07-14

Bro. Bro, bro, bro. This is super good. Like, legit making me anxious that the second isn\'t out already because I really REALLY need to know what comes next. It\'s a shame that there wasn\'t an option to create a save slot for your game at the end, though. I really wanted to keep my initial results so I could transfer them when the sequel comes out. Hopefully that\'ll be updated when there\'s a more solid release date for the second book.
Lee Patel 2020-02-08

Loved it! I played through many of the character RO routes and choices so far. I Iove that there\'s at least 5 ROs. The ROs are sort of a \'slow burn\' build up, with cont for a sequel (I actually hope they cont the ROs in the 2nd one, with even deeper paths to choose from either emotionally, physically or both. Rather than just adding new ROs like many of these games do, since the coding becomes harder with more routes and paths to sequence out. Great job, can\'t wait for more! Worth the money👍.
Ashe 2020-07-22

The story is very riveting, the world itself has motifs from Soulsborne, which is pretty cool. I made choices the first playthrough with what made sense, given the situation of the pc. Definitely looking forward to the next installation of the trilogy. I wish there was a go-back optiom though, I\'ve had a couple misclicks which mess up the playthrough. Correction: Second encounter with Michael, Boy Scouts sell popcorn, not cookies.
Vanila Choclat 2020-02-07

I honestly dislike that some of the reviews compare it to Wayhaven, which is extremely unfair; it deserves to be judged by itself. This has never been just a romance game--it is a character-driven story. Personally, I like that it has a plot, but a substantial and significant romance! I cannot just get one or the other, and this hits an amazing balance. Love the characters and story. Just wish there was more branches than just extra scenes to explore with characters. A wonderful game. 100/10.
Heather Burks 2020-10-31

The game reminded me of Wayhaven, only without putting forth all the effort and hard work. Not to say the author didn\'t work hard! Just seemed as if they might have rushed things a bit. The game has a really good base idea, but I don\'t think it was ready to be released. There was room for so much improvement because it is a good story! I just wish the author would have taken her time to get it where it needed to be. I will buy book 2 though! I really want to see where this story is going!
Plethoria 2020-05-04

I would give a 4.5 if i could. The plotline is amazing, the characters are amazing, etc. But i did find that it not being completed in the app is disappointing. Will they update the game and add part 2, or create another app and make us pay MORE money? I already spent $6 on this... will i have to pay more??? Edit: I talked to one of the developers and they said that you will have to pay for part 2, like books in a series. I don\'t like how they didnt tell us this before hand, but I\'m fine with it