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Description of Thermometer For Fever Diary

Body Temperature Diary, gives you the maximum & minimum range of the given values in the app to store the previous records and gives you the information about your body thermometer which are given according to the thermometer.

Body Temperature Fever Thermometer App Info is an application to save the body temperature measured by the using thermometer. You can even check the temperature ranges of your body on graph based on data saved. Fever check thermometer diary app for tracking body temperature readings.

Thermometer For Fever App gives information related to your body temperature and allows the users to store the temperature values. All the stored values can be retrieved at any time and this gives full history of persons records. Body Temperature Thermometer Measure App info allows uses to view the saved records in the form of graphs, this gives proper visual representation of temperature readings of a person.

The graphs supported by Body Thermometer App info are Line Graph, Bar Graph, and Dual Axis Line Graph.

Enter Body Temperature details manually like Celsius, Pulse & save it with Date & time to track your Body Temperature.


- Fill all details of Body Temperature & Save it.

- Create multiple users to maintain daily body temperature.

- get data in the form of chart for better understanding and analyses.

- Shows average body temperature history of all saved temperatures.

- Get full data summary of all temperature records date wise.

- Export data in excel format.

- Also add your heart pulse with body temperature.

- No need of internet to use app.

- Room temperature thermometer

- Data is saved locally on your phone memory, we do not store any data with us.

Blood pressure Diary & BP Tracker diary is blood pressure History manager app which is very help full application for BP patient to manage history. Using this BP history monitor app you can save record Monthly and daily basis. BP Tracker diary app and blood pressure Diary gives you good data base facility to save weight and pulse history date wise and compare the entries. You can manage and analyzed your report of blood pressure in a single blood pressure Diary app.

Normal Blood Pressure Range is as fellow:

Systolic less than 120 mmHg

Diastolic less than 80 mmHg Pulse Rate 70 mmHg Normal weight 70 kg

Using Blood pressure recorder & BP diary info you can see the monthly and daily record info and measure Blood pressure graph.

Using BP info graph you can see the graph of BP record

Using BP tips you can view the BP control tips and guide to handle pressure

Control your blood pressure with multiple build-in features like measurements analysis, statistics, graphs, comprehensive reports your doctor will love and many other tools to analyse high or low blood pressure!

you can easily take care of your heart health. All data in the diary can be quickly and easily analyzed on different charts, showing the trends, the changes, the average values for the day, week, 2 week and month periods and et

Please keep in mind that this app does NOT measure blood pressure!

Disclaimer: This app DOES NOT measure blood pressure .To measure blood pressure reliably, use a clinically-validated blood pressure monitor. It is not possible to measure blood pressure with fingerprint scanner on the smart phone.


Thermometer For Fever App information stores your temperature values and does not measure your body temperature values. The values and graphs are only for identical purpose of body temperature readings.

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User Reviews


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Diane Lightsey 2020-12-11

I agree with others, so many ads before I even got to check temperature page. I can\'t imagine trying to use this if stressed with an actual fever instead of just testing it. I will be Uninstaller after this review.
Dan Martin 2020-12-03

It\'s so filled with ads and so complicated that I completely gave up trying to figure out how to use it. It\'s utterly worthless.
BZU Chemist 2020-10-24

Thermometer fo fever body temperature is best and an apmaing application to check the fever and the temperature of body at any time without any difficulties.
Angie Griffiss-Williams 2020-10-14

Not a thermometer - just a diary for recording temperature.
Sami Khan 2020-11-28

Thermometer for body temperature application is very useful and a good working app.its app use to body temperature scanning and checking fever This is very best application.
Vesselin Kolev 2020-11-12

Totally fake. This is not a thermometer app. It doesn\'t measure any body temperature.
Sadia Shehzadi 2021-02-16

Thermometer for fever is highly appreciated application it is easy to use and manageable app its fantastic application
S Macey 2020-12-24

Useless. Choked with ads, wants access to every part of your phone and doesn\'t do described.
57usm Hi 2020-11-07

Temperature for fever is good and excellent app. This is a wonderful and amazing app. It is a helpful of outstanding app. I like very much this app.
Decent Chokra 2021-02-24

Thermometer for fever is amazing application. We can easily check our body temperature by this app.