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Description of ThermoWorks

Redesigned, feature-rich mobile app for temperature tracking of BBQ and cooking temps for ThermoWorks compatible Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected devices. New features include simplified setup, improved user interface, enhanced graphing functionality, and connection to ThermoWorks Cloud.

Setup temperature alarms with push notifications for the entire cook so you’ll know when to make critical adjustments and pull your masterpiece at the perfect temperature. Session data is stored in ThermoWorks Cloud with user notes for easy recall and review. Save unlimited graphs on ThermoWorks Cloud to access anytime.

ThermoWorks products are used by more competitive BBQ teams, celebrity chefs, restaurants, and home users than any other thermometer brand. Temperature is our thing. Backed by decades of temperature expertise and commercial instrumentation know-how, while supported by a fully operational accredited calibration laboratory, trust ThermoWorks when it has to be precise!

Compatible Instruments: Signals, ThermaQ Blue, BlueDOT, and Smoke Gateway.

Signals 4-Channel BBQ Alarm

Signals uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy setup and flexibility to track your cook in any situation. Bluetooth allows you to connect directly to your smart device, up to 95-feet line-of-sight, so you can use Signals if there is no internet connection. Wi-Fi allows you to track your cook through the internet and ThermoWorks Cloud from anywhere. Compatible with Billows control fan for precise pit control.

ThermaQ Blue Thermocouple Alarm

ThermaQ Blue allows you to measure two thermocouple probes simultaneously. Designed for serious competition BBQ pitmasters and those who want to cook like them. This is where commercial-grade quality and high accuracy meets smart device convenience.

BlueDOT BBQ Alarm, 1-Channel

BlueDOT utilizes your smart devices' Bluetooth to receive information with a communication range up to 95-feet line-of-sight. You can connect up to 6 BlueDOT devices to set high/low alarms, track min/max, and collect graph data.

Smoke Gateway

Smoke Gateway connects Smoke 2-Channel BBQ Alarm to the internet via Wi-Fi to transmit and store information in ThermoWorks Cloud. This allows the ThermoWorks App to review your temperatures, receive alerts, and view graph data from anywhere.

App Requirements:

*Signals, ThermaQ Blue, BlueDOT, or Smoke by ThermoWorks & Smoke Gateway.

*Internet connection required during initial registration of Signals.

*2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network with internet connection to initially add devices to your account.

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More Information Of ThermoWorks

lable: Food & Drink - Apps Current Version:1.33.2 Publish Date:2021-11-21 Developer:ThermoWorks, Inc

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

TJ Daw 2020-07-07

Easy to setup devices Intuitive UI. Love the session saving
Richard Culver 2020-07-19

Much better over the previous app. Two things to add though that will make it perfect: 1. Quick set of various temperatures and probe name based off a meat selection (aka click chicken on drop down and 165, sets high temp alarm and probe name). Also add in custom user made Temps and Names. 2. Widget for homescreen to monitor in the notifications bar or right off the home screen of my phone. Both of these were available on the iGrill back in 2015. Keep up the good work, let\'s make this perfect.
Joe Mirarchi 2020-08-05

ThermoWorks listened to users and delivered numerous improvements on the old app--thank you! Good job! Smoke Gateway is almost like a brand new, very polished product, and it has overcome previous issues.The graphing functionality is expanded; the interface is nicer; and previous cooks are more easily accessible. It looks, feels, and operates the way you would expect for use with a premium alarm thermometer. Negative reviews here appear to be hardware setup issues, not the app\'s fault. Kudos.
Zoo Bee 2020-07-19

So far so good. I still leave the phone on \"stay awake while charging\" to keep the app connected so it will wake me when meat is done, but it worked well last night after 2 FW updates on my signals. My brisket never tasted this good!
Dane Ashworth 2020-11-14

Significant upgrade over the old app! The cloud integration works well and beats emailing csv files to myself. Just wish they\'d do more with the extensive data they are getting from the cook logs. It should be smart enough to know that a 65 degree, 4 pound pork tenderloin smoking at 225 in 48 degree temps will be ready around 645pm and then tweak from there. I\'m more than happy to contribute my cook logs for community analysis. Or open the cloud data to 3rd party analysis tools. Data rules!!!
Brew Sherpa 2020-07-27

Finally! This is the app I\'ve been waiting for Thermoworks to develop. It\'s not perfect but it is an EXCELLENT start and an order of magnitude better than the old Thermoworks BBQ app.
Mike Smith 2020-07-19

MUCH better than the last app (which I thought was good in its own right). As long as it is as reliable as the previous one as well, I am very happy!
Matthias Granberry 2020-07-24

The app works well with my Signals. I don\'t have any serious complaints.
Ciara Wyer 2020-09-24

Worse than previous versions. It simply doesn\'t work. Fails to pick up Bluetooth signal
Penultimate Name 2020-07-16

Looks good but have a ThermoWorks product that is not wifi. Please put the safe cooking temperature chart on the app. Where is the thermapen MK4 wifi version? From the dev response. Nice to know one can get to the temp chart. It would be nice if it was more front and center in the app.