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Description of Thinkladder - Self-awareness

Thinkladder is a collaboration of mental health professionals, creatives, contributors, and developers that have teamed together to provide you with a beautiful self-discovery journey.

Thinkladder is a guide that helps link symptoms to underlying limiting beliefs and then offers the opportunity to challenge those beliefs with insights collated by our mental health professionals.

With Thinkladder, you can set reminders to help you build new thought patterns centred around the relevant insights that you have discovered.

Just like you, Thinkladder is growing. At the moment, you can explore themes including:

Social / Physical Distancing

Loss of Job


Correction & Criticism

People Pleasing

I Must Be Dumb

Comparing Myself to Others


Compassion Fatigue



Body Image

Startups and Founders

Some recent reviews:

"Can work wonders, give it 10 minutes!

I use Thinkladder every few months and have found its reminders very helpful in realizing and understanding my mental blocks. Truly wonderful!!"

Bhooka Bheriya - India - Oct 12, 2020

"I love love love this app! I just discovered it, but I've been looking a long time for an app to help me cope with social anxiety/perfectionism/low self esteem... It really helps me understand my feelings and try to confront them head on!"

anovbell - Belgium - Jan 12, 2020

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.16.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Think Ladder Limited

User Reviews


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Sam Daniels 2018-12-24

Unlike most of the mental health/CBT apps out there, this one actually has content (more than just \"Describe the thought and bodily sensation, then come up with a positive response\"). If you want some constructive reframing without the cutesy cartoon animals, Thinkladder\'s got you. Only way to make it better would be more content (but you guys are still working on that update, right?) Thanks for a great app!
Amy B 2020-08-08

This app has been really helpful in the mornings for me. It gives me a positive affirmation/reminder for the day. Its interesting to go through a negative belief that you may have and that it makes you challenge that negative thought with a positive one. Dear developers: I think a search bar or something similar could be very helpful! A way to type in the specific feeling or thought you\'re having and being able to get relating affirmations from the keywords that you enter in. :)
PinK StaticX 2020-02-08

This app is invaluable to help you examine negative self thoughts, feelings & perspectives & replace them with helpful ones.Unlike other self-help apps - which require you to generate your own positive alternatives - it provides the positive alternatives for you. This is why I feel the app is invaluable: if you are entrenched in negative thoughts & feelings about your self, it can feel impossible to generate a helpful, alternative thought for your self. I\'m grateful to all that devised this app.
Fatemeh A 2020-08-09

If only it would continue the content where it was left it would be perfect.(when pressing back bottom)
M H 2020-05-16

Insights for one of the options are just...not there. It\'s a blank page. Not a very promising introduction to using the app.
Jessie Callaghan 2020-04-16

I downloaded this app and started to set it up. It has different themes of MH issues. As I was new i just picked one to see what happens but then could not get back to chose other themes. It seems like a great idea that hasn\'t yet taken shape
Ashley K 2020-01-27

A very pleasant experience and sort of a fast-track to having conversations with oneself that may emulate CBT. thank you for your service, app maker!
Liné Jansen 2018-07-10

I just downloaded the app and I\'m already very excited! When you struggle with something it\'s not always easy to see the symptoms in yourself which makes it hard to tackle. Having the positive insights in app not only reminds me to go easy on myself, but gives me the opportunity to make a plan to change my habits and thoughts.
Ninoin El 2019-12-01

It had great start, but I think now the app is abandoned. Unfortunate. I wish the audio feature would come true, but I guess it\'d never happen.
Faiza Septania 2020-11-26

I love this app so much. Those thoughts and insights are resonate with me. It helps me to shift negative mindset to positive mindset. Very helpful.