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Description of Three Pay As You Go

The Three Pay As You Go app will only work if you're on our New Pay As You Go plan, which launched in March 2020. If you're a Pay Monthly customer, or joined on our 321 Pay As You Go plan, you'll need to download the 'Three' app.

The Three Pay As You Go app is the quickest and easiest way to stay on top of your account. It’s super-simple to set up and with just a few taps you can:

- Top up in seconds

- Get even more for your money with Data Packs

- Set Auto-renewals so you never run out of data

- Track your usage in real time

- Keep an eye on your spending

- Manage your personal information, communication preferences and roaming settings

- Order a replacement SIM card

- Change your number

…and much more. Don’t hesitate, simplify your life with the Three Pay As You Go app today.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.3.3 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Hutchison 3G UK Ltd

User Reviews


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D\'Yorkist 2020-07-07

Totally useless app .I cannot even finish registering. Three keep saying they\'re going to send an email with a link to complete registration but they never send it I have been trying for about 5 days now 7/07 Update, in the past 24 hours i got so cheesed off with my android phone I\'ve gone back to my one of my Blackberrys which I have been using on three uk without any problems for the last 9 years. Call that \"lesson learnt\". I am staying \" old school\" from now on
TJdBluewolf 2020-07-10

On the rare occasions it lets me login without an \"oops theres been a problem\" or \"oops we\'re having technical problems\" errors it not that helpful unless you want to see your balance, but even when trying to top up you still get the above errors 95% of the time. Might be good if you want to buy a phone but otherwises useless buggy app. Very disappointing from a big telecommunications company.
David Greenway 2020-07-09

3rd sim card and still not right! First two simcards failed to display the number on the device resulting in me not being able to sigh in to my account as the app kept saying \"unknown number\" I put this down to a bad batch of simcards, so I\'m now on to sim number 3 and this one doesn\'t display any data in the app! So I\'ve no idea how much data I have left. But at least I can sigh in so thats something.
L S 2020-12-14

Run a million miles!! Please do not join 3. If you\'ve just bought a 3 SIM it\'s not too late to turn back. There is ALWAYS a \'Technical Issue\'. Data packs don\'t work properly, app doesn\'t work properly, nothing does. I have to speak with customer service at least every other day and get told \'there\'s a technical issue and we\'re working on it\' please do yourself a favour and don\'t join 3
rockovo 2020-05-22

Disaster. Can\'t log in! I can\'t believe company such as Three can\'t afford few decent software developers! Couldn\'t easily register cause it was getting stuck on loading and now can\'t login cause it get stuck on loading again (while on WiFi) . I got sim card to test connection in my house cause I was interested in Three AI Cube, but now... this is not going to happen!!
c p 2021-02-18

TERRIBLE! If you run out of credit and you are in the middle of nowhere, with no internet, and you wanna top up with your bank card, you can\'t! What\'s stupid about this is the fact that they send you a link when you call them, to go ONLINE and top up with your bank card.(remember, you don\'t have CREDIT and obivously you can\'t use the link ) The customer service guy I talked to on live chat, was absolutely on a different planet! It felt like I\'m talking to my 5 years old nice. again TERRIBLE
Kusher Laflamme 2021-03-15

Es stupido
Hannah H 2020-06-02

unlimited everything but no access to anything. If i call 333 it tells me i have everything unlimited until 1st July. But calling and texting any other number insufficient funds. Internet access also not working. I am told to log in to network. Click log into network and it is requesting that i top up.
Sunjunkey R 2020-11-02

I will have to agree with this rating, I got a sim card installed the app, but don\'t seem to be able to put any money on it, topping up just gives me an error, and data pack does times out, so does their customer support, I am really looking forward to getting an apologetic reply from some poor customer support guy in India, But I would recommend going with another company, By everyones amazing reviews it seems like they are not really on top of things, Just get another company!!
Kalyan C 2021-01-29

This app one of the worst apps i have ever seen. Every time it is asking me to enter mobile and going to App Store to open or update. I have plenty of apps in mine mobile, none of them asked me like this. 1. re login each and every time. 2. Not saving my user id and passwords at all. There is no provision. 3. Going to main page If I entered a wrong password. 4. Too many time page refreshes after entered mobile number. is a shame on Three tech team that they are providing such a oweful app.