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Description of TIDAL Music

You can now enjoy TIDAL FOR FREE or through our new paid subscriptions. With more options to elevate your music streaming experience with TIDAL, now’s the time to sign up and experience over 80 million audio tracks the way they were meant to sound.

In addition to premium, immersive audio experiences on our new HiFi Plus subscription, you can learn how your listening behavior adds up to support your favorite artists, and support artists directly as a result of your streaming.

With TIDAL HiFi, never miss a note with lossless quality audio.

With TIDAL Free, you can enjoy music across all genres with limited interruptions.

Get TIDAL HiFi to:

- Listen to over 80 million songs in HiFi, ad-free sound anywhere you are, even when you’re offline

- Use TIDAL Connect to listen to HiFi on your favorite devices, including TVs, Amazon Alexa, your preferred speakers and more than 150 other integrations.

- Access 350K+ music videos*

With HiFi Plus, get everything in HiFi and:

- Listen to music in premium, immersive audio formats (MQA, Dolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio)

- 10% of your subscription gets directed to your most streamed artists every month**

You can start streaming now with TIDAL Free, or visit tidal.com to start your free HiFi or HiFi Plus trial, and then come back to the app to start listening. The subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly (30 day) basis. You can cancel it at any time up until the day before renewal and you can at any time turn off the auto renewal.

By signing up, you agree to TIDAL’s Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms, see http://tidal.com/terms

*Video not available in UAE

**Select plans may have lower percent allocation

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:TIDAL

User Reviews


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Luke Ray 2021-03-09

The app looks nice but it\'s really buggy, especially the now playing queue, which can be a nightmare. Just try adding two playlists to the queue and getting it to shuffle them. Want to move a song up? Nope, it jumps back. Want to add a song to play next? Huh-uh. It will disappear. Want to swipe a song to clear it from the queue? Ha! How dare you want such convenience. Don\'t get me started on the random deleting of the now playing queue WHILE LISTENING. No ability to block explicit as needed.
Mike Jenke 2020-12-15

This is a great app. Has a lot of variety, some songs or artists are unavailable, but that\'s just like other music apps. Recently, I\'ve been experiencing playback issues. If I pause a song and resume the song minutes later, the playback sounds like it\'s in slow motion. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the issue continues. Also, if I pause the song with my Galaxy Buds, I cannot resume the song with my Galaxy Buds. I have to open my phone in order to resume the song.
Jacob Dalley 2020-10-02

The app is okay and that sums it up. The music is great and the engines ability to recommend music is perfect. But, that is were the positive ends. If you lose network connection that\'s the end it won\'t try again. Hopefully you are somewhere you can restart it because it won\'t. Good luck getting customer service to help you. Removed a star to bring the rating from 3 to 2. I have submitted two tickets both were closed because it has been 2 days. How do they respond? Open a ticket, I did.
Renee Radionov 2021-02-22

I\'ve use tidal for a really long time and I ❤ it. Lately it\'s constantly pausing and stopping in the middle of songs. It will also play a \"suggested\" song in the middle of my current track that is nowhere near any of the music I listen to. FIX THESE BUGS or I will find a different music app that works much better. *After the last update I had hoped these issues were fixed, not only was I disappointed but it also got worse.*
David Puls 2021-02-19

Has always stopped in the middle of songs or playlists for no reason, or skipped to the next track in the middle of a song. Recently played doesn\'t update on all devices. The track \"radio\" algorithm is WAY off in its choices of related material. I use it for the high quality sound as I don\'t know of an alternative but as an app overall it\'s functionality is just okay most of the time and terrible some days. Today, for example, it\'s not usable and is shutting off half way through every track.
Tim Tompkins 2020-10-16

Music quality is better than other services but not worth it. No customer service, you can\'t play mp3s, the catalog needs work with older artists (many \"artists\" are actually multiple bands with their content combined into one), the price isn\'t worth it....you can pay half to get the same (larger) catalog AND an mp3 player. I can\'t stress enough how ridiculous this is for not playing mp3s.....and again NO CUSTOMER SERVICE-literally none. Their response to this review is for appearances only.
seckin demirbas 2020-12-29

I have a HIFI subscription and I wanted to use it on my Android base music player. Since I don\'t have access to WIFI all the time when I am using the music player, and also that I want to save battery life, I turn the WIFI off and rely on the TIDAL offline. Unfortunately, that is where the problem starts. It cannot find the albums I downloaded, ever, if I am in offline mode, or not connected to WIFI. It always gives me the error \"Offline page could not be found\". I have to connecto to WIFI, go online and then things show up. Things work fine on my phone, since I am always connected and online, but on my music player, it doesn\'t do what it claims it does. It is really annoying when you pay a decent amount of money monthly. This is a big problem to me. Also, on the more annoying-but-not-very-important side, downloaded albums show up in a horizontally scrollable way (side to side), not vertically scrollable (up and down). To see all your downloaded albums and to vertically scroll, you have to go to your downloaded albums and then click \'view all\', everytime(!). I am sorry, but to me it doesn\'t make any sense to me, except that maybe they want to annoy me to NOT download more than 1-2 albums. I am sorry for the harshness of the review, but I am frustrated. Also, I have been in touch with the Tidal support people, and their solution is always the same, \"upgrade to the latest version and redownload things\". Then, things work for another week and back to square one. One more thing, I tried to go offline on my phone(!) and tried to access my offline albums, and it didn\'t find those albums either. So... I don\'t know what else to say except for: be cautious if you were planning on using Tidal offline.
shantel Jordan 2021-02-02

I\'ve had this app and have been loyal since the first OTR tour and for 80% of the time, it has been a good app. Now this new update has caused ANOTHER disruption in my service. I cannot play music for more than 5 seconds before it displays \"Playback paused... This problem happens quite often besides this new update, and I see I\'m not alone with this issue. One thing is, me and my wife both use this app faithfully, can it not stream on multiple devices at the same time anymore? If so, we\'ll leave
Erica J. Pierce 2021-02-02

I\'m about to cancel my subscription unless there is a change quickly! It stops in the middle of playing a lot now. If I\'m listening to a Playlist that I created, it will randomly change to another song/artist that I didn\'t have on my list. I teach dance. I need the music to play what I select and continue without random pauses!
Toby Horowitz 2021-02-04

I\'ve had a POOR experience and I\'m unable to stream music consistently. I get the following msg: \"Playback Paused. Playback has been paused because you are playing on Android.\" Tap to resume playback on this device.\" PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR ANDROID USERS! Many users have reported this issue for a months and it has NOT BEEN RESOLVED. This is a SAFETY issue especially when driving! Please fix ASAP! DON\'T IGNORE US!