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Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner

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Description of Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner

Tiimo is a visual daily planning app that helps you organize your life, stick to your routines, and work towards your personal goals.

With a subscription, you can use it at home, in school and at work to support you in doing the things you need to do, in a visual and motivating way! Tiimo leverages the fact that visual information is considerably more effective than written information for many.

Tiimo is designed to be inclusive and helpful across neurodiversity, including for people with ADHD and/or autism, and support executive function challenges. People with executive function challenges may struggle with planning, organization, time management, and goal-setting. Our features specifically support these areas.


+ Pre-made routines, designed with commonly-made activities, that make scheduling fast and visual, saving time and encouraging consistent routines.

+ A visual timeline and ongoing nudges (notifications, vibrations and sound) supports time management and focus.

+ Visual checklists help you keep track of each point on your list not only by text but also by using colours, emojis or icons.

+ Ongoing reminders halfway through and at the end of activities increase motivation and help with transitions.

+ Choose between over 500 icons, unique background colours, emojis, as well as the option to upload your own images, to represent activities visually.

+ Joint-use function means the app can easily be used between family members, a parent and child, or a teacher and child.

+ With one Tiimo subscription, you can create up to five different schedules.

Tiimo was designed to be the most visual and inclusive planning app ever created!

** OUR USERS SAY <3 **

“This app is a godsend. I used to use a planner to get through each day but a planner doesn’t notify you if you forget to check it. I highly recommend this for anyone on the spectrum or even if you just struggle with executive functioning skills.” - Aron

“I just wanted to take a minute to say how incredible I think this app is! As a visual learner, this has such an engaging structure that makes it reliable and causes me so much less stress when I’m trying to stay organized. I have already recommended this app to multiple people/platforms!’’ - Ayida

“Tiimo makes me feel “in control” because I’m able to see my day visually, and I can build up a library of routines to make scheduling a breeze. I always know what is coming next which reduces anxiety and helps me focus on what I am currently doing. The power of Tiimo is that they know their audience and build specifically for them. This makes such a difference. I’m excited to see this app evolve even more in the future." - Brett

** Get started with Tiimo today! **

- We financially support neurodivergent partners & creators

- We are a small company on a mission to make a big difference

- We are 100% ad free and proud of it

- We don't make money selling data


14 day free trial - after the 14 days:


€7.99/month (support us) or


When you subscribe by choosing one of our plans and confirming your purchase, the payment will be charged to the credit card linked to your Play Store account after the free trial period is over. Once purchased, subscriptions will automatically renew.

You can manage your subscriptions and either change or cancel your subscription at any time.

** SAY HI TO US **

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter: @tiimoapp

If you need any support getting started, our support team is here to help! Contact us through the app, so we can help you more effectively or email us at hello@tiimo.dk

Detailed Terms of Service: https://www.tiimoapp.com/en-gb/terms-of-use

Privacy Policy: https://www.tiimoapp.com/privacy-policy/

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User Reviews


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Chelsea Cheevers 2020-12-28

I got this app bc it was supposed to help with transitions in activities, and perhaps it could, but for an app thats supposed to help folks with adhd and/or autism, there is so much initial set up of minute details, and there\'s little in the way of a tutorial or guidance and I was lost and overwhelmed. I tried twice to work through it but honestly it\'s not helpful. I will be going back to Fabulous which I found to be much more effective at this time. I wish you the best with developments.
Heather 2020-05-02

I really like the idea of the app. I would love to be able the satisfaction of checking off the task once its done. Another thing is I slept in one day so once i looked at the app the reminder to take my pills and a few other important tasks were already blacked. Again this could be fixed by having the option to check off the task independently. This can also help highilite tasks that are being avoided by children (and adults too ☺)
Rob Butler 2020-02-14

As an adult with (potentially) undiagnosed ADHD I thought I\'d give this a try to help me, and it works. I love the way it doesn\'t give you a sense of failure if you don\'t complete a task like a to do list would, it has more of an \"ok, move on to the next task\" feel like a traditional calendar. The persistent notifications are brilliant, especially paired with my smartwatch. I have a few suggestions I\'ll ping over in a message to improve the app, but overall this is great for anyone forgetful!
Jesse Scott 2020-06-15

This is a great concept for an app but I\'m disappointed I only get a 1 month free trial. As someone with autism this is something I\'ve been looking for, but I can\'t afford to pay for this every single month.
Rosie Hall 2021-02-03

This app has a lot of potential Tiimo is much better than other organisationial apps I\'ve used before and is great for us neurodivergents. However, I can\'t give it 5 stars due to the following: I can\'t have tasks that overlap. Could do with a tick box saying\"this activity can overlap\". I can\'t have an activity that starts before midnight and ends after midnight. I sleep late and need this for my bed routine. It was difficult to start using! I had to use a YouTube tutorial.
Morgan Trias 2020-08-04

Adding an activity fails, it doesn\'t keep track of anything... and if it did, I genuinely don\'t understand the point of the app. If just looking at my phone screen helped keep me on task I wouldn\'t have adhd. There are way better options if you want a pomodoro app, (Forest) way better options if you want a task list and I have no idea what this this is supposed to do... Adding a task, then later getting congratulated for \"doing\" a task I didn\'t do...?
peter carlyle 2020-09-28

seems mostly good, still in development.// I bought a watch to go with the app, and it\'s already starting to pay off. it absolutely works best with the watch and isn\'t much use on android alone.//currently the only difficulty I have at the moment is:// I can\'t setup a task across midnight. (I had to create two tasks instead, one just before midnight, and one just after.)
Skye Clarkson 2020-08-23

There needs to be a sequence feature rather than all of it being timed. Sometimes certain tasks vary in how long they take so I can be ahead or behind on the times depending on the day. This then stresses me a little as I feel like I\'ve not ben able to do things properly. If there was a feature that meant tasks could be inputted without a time being tied to it the app would be much better. I think an app with a paid subscription needs to incorporate this flexibility.
Chris Crawford 2020-08-06

Good on paper bad in practice. Needs Better notifications: This app has silent notifications and as someone with ADHD I can\'t have that. I wish It would make a noise or vibrate my phone or have something that pops up on my screen. Instead the notification silently shows up and I have no clue I\'m suppose to be doing something. Manually start a task: I wish I could manually start a task instead of it always being an automatic start. Sometimes you can\'t do something right then and there.
Sam Ufret 2020-11-23

I like this app, but I have two main gripes with it: 1) the intitial instructions when you first launch the app are confusing and overwhelming. I was frustrated for about 30 mins until I got the hang of it. 2) I have task notifications enabled, but they don\'t give you an alert when they\'re done. It just runs into the next task without a sound, which defeats the purpose. If I\'m hyper focusing or stuck in a slump, I\'d want some kind of alarm to jog me into reality so I move to the next task.