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Description of Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks

Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks: the classic Solitaire TriPeaks card game! With over 3000 levels to wander and win free coins! Train your brain playing alongside Tiki in this free solitaire game!

♠️ Cards games. Play the classic solitaire puzzle game from GSN games alone or play with friends when you collaborate through our Friend Center Challenges and win free coins!

♣️ Solitaire. Relax and let time fly by playing classic tri peaks free Solitaire games. If boredom was as life-threatening as children proclaim, Tiki tri peaks solitaire by GSN Games, would have saved thousands – possibly millions! – of lives. 😎 No joke. 😎

♦️ TriPeaks. Train your brain and play with friends to win free coins in one of the best TriPeaks card games there is!

♥️ Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks. No doubt about it — *the* most fun free solitaire tri peaks classic card game out there. It’s a little bit Golf, it’s a little bit Pyramid, and it’s a whole lot of depth. It’s not just casual card games- there is so much to explore - TriPeaks levels, lands and worlds to wander.

⭐ Top features: ⭐

✅ Challenging hazards to train your brain and help you get smarter

✅ Relax with thousands of levels across multiple worlds

✅ Wild Cards and boosters to help you harvest your wins 💰

✅ Join a Tiki solitaire tri peaks club to play with friends — or compete against them 😈

✅ Friend Center, where you can send and receive free coins from friends 🎉

Play with friends and compete together to get free coins or play alone and have our crazy characters join you along the way. Not just a standard free Tiki Solitaire triPeaks card game, when you can play with Tiki, your encouraging companion, and Poi, Tiki’s cute puppy! There are other characters too like Pele, the Volcano 🌋 Goddess. Don’t mess with her. And Marina the mermaid, she’s as sweet as sweet can be. There are penguins, bunnies, monkeys, a parrot and a curmudgeonly old Pirate named Captain Karma. ☠️ Ahoy! ☠️

Travel through the levels to see the most stunning visuals as you play Tiki TriPeaks solitaire. This GSN game offers over 3000 levels to play through as you complete quests and take part in events. This isn’t just any classic card game!

There you have it. If you like classic card games like mahjong, pyramid, klondike solitaire, and puzzle games, you’ll have a grand time playing Tiki Solitaire Tri Peaks! Download this one free Solitaire TriPeaks game and play today, and you won’t be searching for solitaire card games free any longer.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:GSN Games, Inc.

User Reviews


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Kelly V 2020-12-20

Have had this game for several months. Recently, it has more and more issues. Hard to actually win most games, most club levels are difficult to attain, prizes are lower, the game is next to impossible to truely play without actually spending money as you don\'t earn enough coins to play more than 1 or 2 games a day once you get past the first 20 or so games, and the club quests are also difficult to actually win. Additionally, the game keeps freezing, not loading, etc, for sometimes days.
flitflit 2021-02-11

This game used to be okay. Then they got greedy- er. You used to be able to collect coins(rewards now) much easier. But now that they sell them, much harder. The payout if you win is pathetic, if you don\'t buy more cards. 20 pct. If you buy extra cards you\'re losing. Even if you win the hand. Carney games have better odds. The developers have clearly lost sight of the goal of eyeball time for ads, and decided selling coins to a few whales is more profitable. It totally Sucks Now. Pound sand
Yao-Jin Choong 2020-12-20

I have been playing this for a week and really enjoy the gameplay and graphics. I LOVE the Mini Tiki Rescue missions, but never invested much time in them because they didn\'t contribute to club points. Imagine my delight when I found out they do now! Very nearly pushed my rating to 5*, BUT... now I find that although playing the Mini Tiki missions gives club points, those points are not counted in Club Quests! :( Like, what\'s the point then? Really hoping this is just a bug that\'s soon fixed.
Deona Madrigal 2020-10-13

I love playing games like this, however every time I come back after not playing for months I\'m reminded why I quit. I get it, not every level should be easy to beat. But when there aren\'t enough cards in the pile to match up to cards on the table or when I go through the entire pile with not one single match to be had, that\'s ridiculous. And it seems like every time after I spend money, I have an even harder time winning and end up blowing through every single booster in minutes. Do better.
Taneika Williams 2021-03-12

I\'m writing another review because I haven\'t played this game in a while and I see a few improvements. I don\'t know if it\'s because I\'ve switched from android to iphone but the game is now running smoothly. However it\'s still kinda impossible to win without buying a booster. Which I refuse to buy. The games are expensive as it is. You said that the coins are on you guys in the piggy bank but you have to BUY them! So how are they on you? That\'s ridiculous! Other than that the game is still fun.
Anne Morgan 2021-03-03

Its generally fun, although in app purchases are expensive for what you get. As others shared, the game can be glitchy and the support team is no help. For example, if you complete a quest within the game, and the reward is not disbursed, there\'s no help for you. That\'s frustrating. Also, you expect up to 4 of a particular card (1for each suit) but the game often uses up to 6 of a kind, which feels rather unfair.
Mark Garcia 2020-11-17

I love this game but I just updated the game and now it will not load, stops and tells me to check my internet connection. my internet is high speed and working great. I don\'t want to lose my bonus progress. if fixed soon I will up my rating to 5 stars. this problem now has happened again. wont load after an update. this is a continuing problem. now I have lost all my progress. I\'m done! I was told to use the contact in the game, but if it wont load well you figure those instructions. I am done
Marika Conway 2020-11-05

Fun game, works as it should. Addictive and hard to resist spending $, but there are so many ways to earn free coins and plays. Fun for just passing time, or you can join clubs and compete individually and add a team for achievements and prizes, and against other clubs. Lots of creative challenges and pitfalls you won\'t get from a deck of cards. Can be annoying when you get stuck on a level, but that\'s not unique to this game. It almost always functions great, as it should.
B Webber 2021-02-15

I\'ve played this game for well over a year and until now I would\'ve given it a 4.5 star rating. However, after this latest update the game crashes or freezes CONSTANTLY and I can\'t play more then 1 game without it crashing and restarting! Sometimes it does it in the MIDDLE of a game...and I lose the coins I payed to play that game as well as any boosters I used! It\'s INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING! I\'ve tried restarting the game, my phone, clearing cache, and so much more to no avail! Please fix!
Cathryn Wood 2021-02-12

When I began playing this game it was a lot of fun, but for the last two or three weeks, it has been impossible to win a game without purchasing boosters of some sort. I would have given this game five stars months ago - but now, it\'s just too frustrating and who needs that? I don\'t mind paying for stuff occasionally, but these guys have gotten far too greedy! There are too many other games available that I can earn play points on to continue with this one.