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Description of Tile Connect - Classic Match

Connect tiles with a great number of pictures in pairs within the limited time. As you crush all the tiles on the board, you can win the level! Become a tile master 🏆 level by level! Play faster and faster to train your brain and exercise the link technology! Ready to fully enjoy the collection of various pictures on the tiles: Cute Animals 🐼, Fresh Fruits 🥑, Delicious Cakes 🎂, Beautiful Clothes 👗, Cool Vehicles 🚗, Lovely Toys 🧸, etc. You can definitely find your favorite blocks! 😊

Latest version of Tile Connect 📣

- Three minigames in the Playground Mode:

Woodblock - Place the pieces into board, fill in a vertical or horizontal line to clear them!

Zuma - Click two typical tiles to crush before the tile line goes to the terminal!

Find the Same - Find all the same tiles on the board to clear them within a limited time!

They are all ready for you now! New gameplay, new joy! 😀

- 10+ scenes of themes to be unlocked by levels and coins!

Space, Field, Sand, Wood floor, etc.

New background, new feelings! ❤

- More rewards to get by completing daily tasks! 📑

Challenge Mode: Emerging tiles when playing! Pass 5 levels to get a huge bonus!

Luck Draw: Spin the turnplate to get one random bonus every day!

Gold Pig: Store your coins every level till full!

Gold Coins: random bonus every day!

- Hundreds of new exciting levels are added every week! 🎉

Come to match and crush tiles in the slide puzzle game!

Key Features 💡

- Various pictures on the tiles: Thousands of pictures randomly appear level by level!

Crush them as many as you can!

Match fruit 🥑 pairs, link animal 🐼 pairs, connect number 🔢 pairs...

- Magnificent sign map: 20+ Constellations represent each chapter.

Imagine you are travelling in space in a spacecraft! 🌌

- Easy rule to play: Tap the tiles and connect them as fast as you can!

Just keep an eye on the timer! Get stars level by level! ⭐

- Powerful tools to choose: Use tools to pass more quickly! 🔨

Search: Help you find one pair!

Exchange: Help you change the matrix of the tiles!

Changing pictures: Help you change the whole category of tiles!

- Autosave and offline: Play at anytime and anywhere!

No matter if you are at study, at work or at home, Tile Connect helps you relax and exercise!

- Task focus and concentration enhance: Wonderful gameplay to train your brain!

A suitable game for the whole family to enjoy together!

How to play ❓

- Find two identical tiles without the block of other tiles!

Look carefully at what pictures it is. 😉

- Tap the tiles to connect with maximum three straight lines!

More than three will not be accepted. 🧐

- Use powerful tools as you want!

If you encounter difficulties, don't give up, try the assistance. ❤

- Crush all the tiles within the limited time!

Keep an eye on the timer when connecting. ⏰

- Pass levels one by one to become a tile master!

Play with your friends together to see who is the best! 🥇

Now come to play this puzzle game, Tile connect!

Prove you are a tile master at connecting tiles!

Hope you have a wonderful time playing!

Connect and join us on: https://www.facebook.com/TileMasterApp

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More Information Of Tile Connect - Classic Match

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.15.3 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Higgs Studio

User Reviews


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Diane Murray 2021-01-05

Dear Developers, it\'s too animated, too much movement distracting the eye. I also don\'t like being in the tournament. I preferred it as it was before. With percentages. Today, 4 Jan, 2021, you did a new update, I think it\'s awful, too distracting. I preferred it the way it was. Why fix that which is not broken? -100 stars for the dreadful update.
Gina Duarte 2020-12-08

Paid for no ads. Still getting them and there are so, so many and so long. I keep playing because it\'s challenging and the graphics are cute but it really bugs me about the ads. Update: the developers did help me figure out why I was getting so many ads. That\'s helped and I have given the game an extra star. Still, if they\'re going to charge for no ads, it should be clear what that actually means. You still get ads when you time out, sometimes 5 seconds into a new game. It\'s pretty ridiculous.
Caroselli 2021-01-01

I am uninstalling this game -- I have reached level 635 -- For quite a few of the last levels the number of ads is absolutely riduculous -- Ads pop up every 60 seconds or less making playing this game now almost impossible -- Game difficulty at this level is NOT the problem -- It is the incessant number of ads -- Make no mistake, I\'ve enjoyed this game until recently but have been driven off by the constant interruption of annoying ads -- BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE !!!
Pamela Brandt 2021-01-19

Love this game and the updates are improving play. A couple of things which I would like to see are different game titles/pictures. I have been playing for a long time and the same picture pieces are getting boring. I loved the xmas tiles. The number tiles don\'t come up very often which would help with variety. Love the game!
Pam Y 2020-12-29

Great game but the ADS!!!! After every single level. While some I can skip after 15sec others I must wait. Considering I am nearing level 600 that is nearly 600 ads I have had to watch many repetitive. Quite a few have frozen the game so I have to restart. But for sanity sake ease off on the ads! One every 5 levels is enough.
Kate Thielen 2020-12-04

If you pause about 2-3 seconds during the game, the hint icon begins intrusively bouncing. I couldn\'t focus with it in the way. \"Hey, click me click me!\" No, I don\'t want to, I\'m trying to think!!!! In the end, I got angry and uninstalled the game!! Normally, I\'d rate a game based off the gameplay, but all I remember is that icon, pulling me away all the time.
Tad 980 2020-09-27

Great game but ALL the adverts make it impossible to play. Mid game you have to watch an ad. Close it down, the game is on countdown, another ad appears. Wait & close ad down and another appears! Too many times the game times out. I\'ve just counted 7 ads in a row with no chance of getting back to the game so I\'m out. Sad, because I like this otherwise. I do it to distress me but I end up being so frustrated with so many ads it\'s just not worth it. Uninstalled.
Betty Watson 2021-02-06

I like most of the object matching. Some I love and a few I hate. Such as the brightly colored letters. I hate it because there are so few matches that can be made and those games drag on. A few that I love are the umbrellas, the birds and animals interest me. Also the dogs and cats I find adorable. And I dearly love the butterfly\'s that come to life as you match the wings and flutter away. Now that is entertaining! I feel the infatuation of a child as I see this transformation.
C D 2021-02-15

Was loving this game, until it suddenly reset itself and lost all my progress! All the boosters I\'d paid for, all the levels I\'d passed, and worst of all the ads! All those awful ads that I paid to remove are now back. I even tried to pay again to remove them but it won\'t let me. I emailed support and have had no response. 😡
Anne Henry 2020-11-08

Graphics good, play good, but I\'m now bored out of my mind. You just don\'t advance through the game. How many thousands of levels am I going to have to play to get through it all? Where\'s the incentive? There are at least a dozen areas to open and the number of games you have to play keeps going up for each one. And it\'s cheap. 250 coins 1 hint, 200 for 1 reshuffle. Yea, you get coins during game and you can watch videos, but why? Ugh. I\'m done wasting my time getting nowhere.