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Description of Tile Master® - Classic Match

Tile Master - Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game is a challenging matching game.🧩 In the game, you need to blow your mind and match 3 numbers of blocks. When all tiles are matched, you can pass the current level!🏆 Our puzzle game includes large numbers of levels. Some levels might be hard. Challenge your mind and solve the puzzles, and then you will find them easy and exciting!

Learn more about Tile Master📣

- The new version of Tile Master with simple rules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs of identical fruits 🥑 or butterfly 🦋 tiles (choose three of same block), clear all the tiles, Win! Have a blast in Tile Master!

- Have no time limit. Choose tiles into the box. Three of the same tile will be eliminated! Enjoy your time and train your brain in this match-3 puzzle game! ⭐️

- Complete different levels, unlock maps one by one. Let's travel around the exciting world with Tile Master!! 🤩

Game features🌟

- 30+ styles of cute tiles: Fruit 🥑, Cakes 🍰, Animals 🐱, ... Each tile board is different and varies from one to the next! Change the styles day by day!

- 20+ skins and themes: Beaches 🏖 , Mountains 🗻, Sunset 🌄, ... Unlock by chapters!

- Thousands of layouts and useful tips 💡, undo , and powerful boosters !

- Challenge interesting levels, collect more stars ⭐️, unlock more world maps 🗺 and enjoy your brain time! Start Tile Crush journey with Tile Master!

Ready to play

- Available to play on mobile and tablet devices!

- Casual and easy gameplay, open your mind!

- Connect all fruits and eliminate them! Enjoy this free puzzle board game! 😆

- Much harder level, unique tile sets. Challenge yourself! ✊

Try our free solitaire puzzle games and Play OFFLINE/FREE in any time, anywhere either Phone or tablet!

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More Information Of Tile Master® - Classic Match

lable: Board - Games Current Version:2.7.16 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Higgs Studio

User Reviews


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Jerimy Ferguson 2020-12-09

It is a fun game. But the ads are way too much. An ad after every single level, on almost every reset, sometimes when just going to the homescreen? And after all of that, you now have an ad banner on the screen while playing? I get that you have to make money, but seeing how others are able to make money without so many damn ads, it seems like your driving force is pure greed. You don\'t care about the customers, just get as much as you can and screw everyone else.
Rose Michelle 2020-12-16

I have been playing this game for quite some time now and it used to be great! Since the last update, rewards are far fewer, ads have doubled and it seems as if they want real $money for me to get any \"helps\". I am also disappointed in seeing ads for this game that look NOTHING like what this game actually is. Stop with the false advertising already. It makes you look bad.
Sylvester Gerritsen 2020-11-23

Look, I don\'t mind an ad every so often, it\'s a \'free\' game, I get it. But when you keep having to reload levels, and watch 30-second ad after 30-second ad as a result, only because it\'s literally not possible to clear certain levels, that\'s just unfun, frustrating, and straight-up bad level design. If I\'m playing badly and it\'s my own fault that I lost, fine, that\'s fair. But when there is straight up no path to finish, come on... It\'s not fair to punish players for that.
Jane Wildeman 2020-08-16

I used to love this game and didn\'t mind the ads, since I knew when to expect them and could plan for them. Now there are ads forced on me between every single level and screen, and I can\'t even quit the game when stuck in an ad. Thanks for breaking my addiction. I would have kept purchasing coins in the older version, probably forever. Now I\'m over it. Its no longer fun but irritating. Just deleted it.
Sheila W 2020-09-24

Love this game but it no longer works properly. Each time you try to earn help icons, instead of watching an ad, the screen goes black and freezes. Above problem was fixed and it was fun again! Until... the party icons and games were changed. Difficult to earn help icons now. Should have left it as it was. Guess I will have to find another game to play for hours.
lamar 2020-11-12

Great time killer. The themes are adorable, I love that you can compete with others, and more. The only thing I find annoying is the amount of ads. After every single round, an ad pops up. And it\'s not even different. It\'s always for the same coloring or candy crush knock off game. Fix this and it will be better. Overall, good game.
Moné Thomas 2020-11-30

This game was advertised through another game and I thought to give it a go. Once I downloaded it, it was nothing like the way that it was advertised. Very disappointing. As I continued to play it, I noticed that after every game, there were ads. That is quite annoying. Uninstalling not only due to false advertising but consistent advertising.
CRINGE WORTHY 2020-12-31

This game is NOT how it is shown in the ad!! It showed the titles moving up and having to match 3 titles before it moves to the top but the actual game has them stacked on top of each other like Mahjong and once u matched the top section it allows u to match the titles stacked underneath which is NOT what I wanted!! I wanted something more challenging, LIKE THE GAME SHOWED IN THE AD!! UNINSTALLING!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD, THIS GAME IS BORING!!
Isabel Hanssen da Silva 2020-08-03

I downloaded the game because the ad showed scrolling tiles, which you have to clear before they reach the top. The actual game is a Mahjong type of game where the tiles are stacked and you have to clear them to show what\'s underneath. I kept playing to see if I would reach that level but no, that level doesn\'t exist. It\'s a fun game though but would be nice if the ad showed the real game.
Connie Langford 2020-10-23

Just when I think your ads couldn\'t get any longer, you PROVE me wrong. Some screens are impossible to clear without watching commercials every 2-3 moves, that is if you can even get an ad to load!! Love the game, but it is getting too frustrating to play. Your game is the ONLY game I play that the ads either stall for 5-10 seconds before they load and/or stall in the middle for 5-10 seconds. Whenever this happens I just shut down the game and go onto a different game!