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Description of Time Clock by Homebase

The Homebase time clock helps you:

💵Reduce payroll headaches. Accurately track your employees’ hours, and edit time cards when necessary. Then easily export to run payroll.

⚖️Stay compliant with labor laws. See who took a break and when, and who’s scheduled to work. And employee time cards, including edit history, are stored securely in the cloud to ensure FLSA compliance.

💰Save on labor costs. Set up early clock-in prevention and get notified when employees are about to hit overtime.

📸Eliminate buddy punching and time theft. Automatically snap a photo so you can be sure the right person is clocking in and out.

The Homebase time clock app for tablets works seamlessly with all of our time clock apps using a secure PIN. So your employees can clock in on your tablet and clock out from their smartphone, computer, or your point of sale terminal.

And there’s a built-in offline mode, so you’ll never miss a clock out—even with unreliable wi-fi.

The Homebase time clock integrates with popular payroll providers to make running payroll a breeze. Employee time cards are automatically formatted for easy import.

- Gusto

- Intuit Quickbooks Online Payroll

- Square Payroll

- Heartland


- SurePayroll

- And more

The Homebase time clock also integrates with leading point-of-sale systems, so your employees can clock in and out for shifts right from your POS.

- Clover

- Square

- Toast

- Revel

- Lightspeed

- Upserve

- And more

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.6.0-s Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Homebase Team Management

User Reviews


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becky hicks 2018-10-03

I need to know what tablet is compatible with this service, NONE of my phones, my employee phones or my tablets will work for this
broadway market 2019-10-10

Doesn\'t work properly on my Samsung tablet, I bought an iPad the app format doesn\'t match either.
Raymond Sandza 2019-11-27

Such a great app to track employee tine accurately. Best part is when i go to the website it shows me all issues with timecards so i can do payroll reslly fast
Andrew Vong 2020-04-14

Not sure what happened but as of last week something changed and no longer can log in. Says not authorized to log in. Really. the owner of the business is not authorized to log in Company is trash. Horrible customer service too. Luckily we can still have our employees clock in on clover. Clover also has a clock in app so we\'ll soon make the switch.
Steven Zou 2019-04-04

I use this app for my store with 12 staff, it works fine. it great app.
NLC Shelter 2018-04-07

A decent app when it works. We have issues with the the time clock not remembering or knowing that a user has previously clocked in, especially from a different device. Very frustrating. Tech support seems to think we are the only organization having this issue and has no solution. As I type this, I would change my rating from a 3 to a 2.
Dunna Givet 2020-07-24

Love this app. The team has been great helping me get started using it, even though we are using only the free version for our small nonprofit. It\'s super easy to use.
A Google user 2018-03-05

Awesome app with great functionality and support! We searched for an affordable and efficient time clock system for months. We needed something user friendly for employees and with advanced functionality for admins. After putting money into more expensive options that ultimately did not meet expectations, we gave this app a try and plan to use it for the long haul!
Rick Jacks 2020-09-26

When I add my number it sends the code and I can\'t progress from that screen the app freezes up on the continue screen
Caitlyn C 2016-05-08

Doesn\'t let me sign in Says login incorrect. I know my email and pass I use it everyday