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The When I Work Time Clock Terminal app makes it easy for your employees to clock in and out of their shifts. Set up the app on a tablet at your workplace using a valid When I Work account with Attendance.

When I Work Attendance works even better when used with Scheduling. Easily track scheduled time and actual time, process payroll accurately, and manage your labor budgets with ease.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.5.0-release Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:When I Work, Inc.

User Reviews


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Love Jones 2016-01-30

Bittersweet👊😒 Awesome Concept And Has Potential To Be GREAT But Still Needs Lots Of Work!! Won\'t Allow Me To See My Timesheets.. Screen Says Loading But That\'s It...Never Actually Loads. Also Not Able To Clock In.. Unistalled And Reinstalled After Update Still No Good!!
julia Borja 2016-04-26

Frustrating! This app force closes constantly. Making it extremely frustrating when it comes to clocking in and out. Sometimes it won\'t let me when I need it to and by the time it starts to work again, I\'m already working! Needs a serious update, and fast!
admhxan Ali 2016-01-12

It\'s working perfect now Finally everything Is working perfect . Thanks
PurLife NM 2017-12-04

This app constantly crashes, and I\'m forced to uninstall it and reinstall it. Half of the time that does not even work. This app is terrible. I\'m running it on a high-end Samsung tablet, and it is literally the only app used on the tablet.
jessica boggs 2016-03-08

Nice idea but... This app does not work 80% of the time. Can\'t clock in because it can\'t find my location won\'t show time sheets. Before you ask, yes my location is turned on and yes this stupid app has access to it
Lan La 2016-01-07

Great for work Thanks for the update and prompt response! I had to manually type in to login instead of the google+ login. You guys should try that.
Edgewood Management 2019-02-22

App doesn\'t work on Android. Period. Dont tell me to contact your support, because they have no idea how to fix it either. After 3 days of back and forth they confirmed that it doesn\'t actually work but \'they are looking into it\' and dont have any timeline for a fix. In other words \'go away, we dont really have an app\'. Any wonder the ratings for this app keep dropping?
Me 2 2017-12-13

Very frustrating..crashes too often. Two days ago, I could not clock out, got a Black blank screen. I\'ve un-installed & re-installed...still unable to clock in or out or even open app.
Ann M 2016-01-26

Fix this s*** already Crashes right out of the gate. Doesn\'t even sort of load. I\'ve sent in countless application reports, getting very sick of it and unfortunately my job insists we use this crap. Please make our lives easier and fix this s*** already. It\'s been crashing over a week now. I got it to open once, didn\'t last long, crash. Surprise.....
Sarah Harvey 2015-12-11

Be prepared to have all kinds of issues with this app. All bc we don\'t have the iPhone which is what this app and the wheniwork app are geared towards. My co workers that have the iPhone never complain they never have issues, they even have an all in one app instead of 2! Makes me so mad!!!! I had the iPhone for years and finally decided to try something new, which I LOVE Android now but can you please spend more time fixing this for non-iPhone people??? That would be really nice. Thanks.