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Description of Time Princess

You've been looking forward to the summer break, but now you have to go visit your grandpa in Paradise Town. This mysterious place, your doddering grandpa, and your mother's old bedroom... You can't help but feel that there's a secret hidden here.

A dusty old lectern shall become the gateway between reality and the world of books, and open up the way to a beautiful, magical adventure.

Step into Versailles, and fight the chaos threatening the kingdom over an opulent necklace; obtain stunning palace attire, and immerse yourself in 18th century Rococo beauty. Of course, you will also meet a special person in your life, and face difficult decisions in critical situations...

Unique and beautiful attire and accessories

Every story will have its own style that suits the world it's set in: ancient, modern, eastern, western, and more.

Dramatic story-changing choices

The story's ending and the fate of its characters lie in your hands.

Highly customizable clothing DIY

Use your imagination and apply special styles, patterns, and colors to customize everything to your liking.

Relaxing and fun pet system

Collect cute kitty cats of various colors and markings, and send them out to help you collect materials. There's no need to replay stages over and over again. Get all you need in a fun and carefree manner.

Make friends and share your wardrobe

Make friends with fellow players all over the world, and share your clothes and your creativity!

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More Information Of Time Princess

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.6.1 Publish Date:2021-10-27 Developer:IGG.COM

User Reviews


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Catalina V 2021-02-22

Truth is, I downloaded it because of the ads. Reality: it was so much more than I expected. It\'s beautiful, the graphics are incredible, the stories are interesting and playing never gets boring- there is so much you can do! it gives you the option to buy things with real money, but most of the time it is unnecessary, since you can earn and get every material, game money and diamonds on your own without trouble. It\'s veeery great, even challenging sometimes. You won\'t regret.
Yvonne Strothers 2021-03-02

The game is fun however, I think it is unfair to younger players who are unable to make purchases. They can not move forward in this game beyond the first 6 levels without being at VIP level 2. Yes you receive VIP exp everyday you log in but it is only 10. If they make it to level 1 they have to get 700 more points to reach level 2 and at only 10 per day it will take 2.5 months to be able to continue the game. Who is going to log into a game that they are unable to play for 2.5 months?
Siv Ridley 2021-01-25

Its a good game, very addictive which is why I\'m sad to give it a bad review. At some point the game stalls out and you no longer have any way to collect the enormous amount of materials it takes to make clothing items without paying. The game ends up turning into a pay to win after a while which is extremely disappointing. Probably should have seen it coming tbh. Anyways, thats just my warning to you before anyone gets sucked into it like I did.
Leilani Simpson 2021-01-31

Was enjoying playing it, until I got to a part where a specific outfit was required. I wasted money on a load of stuff, that was unhelpful. Now every time I try to \"craft\" the outfit it says \"don\'t have enough materials\", when I try to move on to the next part of the story, it says none of the outfits I have available are good enough. No matter what I put on my character. It would be a million times better, if you could just purchase the outfits etc, without having to craft them! Uninstalling!
Anita Hutchison 2021-02-06

I LOVE that this is NOT a \"pay to win\" game in any way, shape, or form. YES - You can spend money, but it probably wont drastically increase your ability to progress so much as shorten your time a few days. In the end, it takes patience, collecting, and planning to see it through. (YES Companion lvls can be tough to reach) NOTE: It plays easier if you go in order the books were released, as theyve become more craft heavy for the more long-term players.
Molly O\'Day 2021-03-07

LOVE THIS GAME But wish it had ads so I can earn in game currency. Update: I still love this game but I\'m kind of ticked off the more you guys update the game the more you have to pay to play. You\'re making it harder and harder to compete in certain challenges. I have spent real money this game several times because I didn\'t need to constantly buy to compete but this is starting to get a little ridiculous. So I\'m removing 2 stars until things go back to being better.
Lisa L 2021-02-04

This game is incredibly developed. Stories are well done and the game design is very intricate. However, there NEEDS to be a better way to get materials to craft things. It\'s way too hard to get the right materials to make the right outfits!! The market refreshes every 3 hours so you can buy materials, but you can only buy 5 of one type of material in that time. A recipe can ask for 30+ pieces of material, so this makes it hard to progress.
j v 2021-01-11

For the record, the storylines and graphics are top notch. However, I\'m giving a 1-star rating because crafting specific items needed to pass certain levels is unreasonably expensive and limited in the in-app shop. At this rate, it\'ll take years to finish Queen Marie\'s story. I\'d rather pay a set price for an entire game like this than buy into their free-to-play (but with in-app purchases) setup.
Susan Espinosa 2021-02-22

I can honestly say I was very surprised at how much I liked this game! it\'s very fun, I love the mini games but most of all I enjoy that the currencies of the game (stamina, gold, and diamonds) are not difficult to obtain; sometimes it can be annoying when you want to keep playing but can\'t because of limiting factors. So far I\'ve only played the Marie Antoinette route but I love it! I definitely recommend :)!
Melyssa M 2020-12-28

Beautiful! I\'ve been stuck at the same stage in every story (Marie, Helen, Gotham, Figaro, Swan Lake) for the last month and a half. It takes so many materials to craft one dress or accessory and so much time to accumulate those materials that it\'s almost impossible without spending money. Then again, I spent $50 when I first started, and I\'m still stuck. By the time I craft the stuff I need to pass a stage, I\'ve forgotten the story! Also, having a whole set doesn\'t mean you\'ll pass with perfect