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Time Stope - Time collector, Time Miner. mine 24H



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Description of Time Stope - Time collector, Time Miner. mine 24H

Record your time on TimeStope.

Collect your Time!

Only way to save your time! Just Stope your time!

With blockchain technology, your time will become money.

Time is fair and valuable to everyone.

You can't catch the passing time, but TimeStope makes it possible to hold your own time.

Time is money.

Time is a gift and a part of life that lets us continues from the past to present and forward future.

You can experience the future of the 4th industry by applying Blockchain technology in time.

With your time and smartphone, time will be your money.

Experience the 4th industry's Blockchain technology through easy installation and easy membership registration.

TimeStope - Time is so precious.

Don't Stop Your Time | Just Stope Your Time!


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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.6.3 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:TimeStope Dev

User Reviews


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Time Stope 2021-03-18

Timestope is really similar to Pi Network. Timestope is building a community with ad revenue to support the whole system. The difference is that it is a stable coin and did not limit the coin supply. You can refer to white paper for futher details. However, it is a new apps and worth to give a try. Feel free to use my witness code. 👉 yxooi
zoltan veres 2021-03-03

It is really simple to use .All you have to do is ,every 24 hours, to open your app and check your attendance and stamp the calendar . The attendance check is very important. You can mine while your phone is turned off. It doesn\'t eat up your battery .Timestope in the future ,who knows, might be the next bitcoin . The best part is, that is free of course .Nothing to lose to give it a try ,beside a couple of seconds/day. You will need an invite code to join. If you want ,you can use my code : zover to join the app . Please use your real name and phone nr., because it will be verified. Similar very simple to use free mining apps ,if you are interested in,are : Bee app ( invite code : zove ) and Pi Network app ( invite code : zove ). Thank you for reading. Let\'s have some great free mining....
Lu Lu 2021-02-27

Can\'t wait. I just love the concept. All you have to do is to click in the stamp every single day , you will gain + 2 points each day. If you forgot to click in the stamp you\'ll have - 3 points for that day. If you let your score less than zero your account will be deactivate. If you need a witness use my code: ludmilla. Thank you for reading my review.
Choki Lemo 2021-03-08

I don\'t know what to do. The timestope crashes frequently. First, it ask to update. When we update and launch the app, it doesn\'t work and gives the message \"Unfortunately it stopped working\". This is happening for the third time to me. I lost attendance in the past. I don\'t know if i should continue with this because i feel I am waiting my time unlike pi and bee networks which proved so stable so far.
Vinay Revankar 2020-12-26

Those who are logging for first time have to put Witness code can use mine(vinayr), available 24×7. The one thing I like the most about the timestope is it tells all your details first only and UI is really amazing, just one thing keep in mind it mines continuously and you need to check on attendance sheet if not you will lose the the points and more importantly just save your public and private key which is very very important if you want to login again.
Koya Films 2020-12-22

I am changing my review because I think there is many more things in the app which need to fix. Notification is not working. I have never seen any notification from the app. As you introduce notifications option in your last update, but it is not working. Please fix this issue. Overall performance is good but you need to be best because we are spending our precious time in the app and inviting others to make the network better. Use skneplai as witness Id.

This app was working very fine at first not until now, for the past three days now whenever I tap my daily attendance, the app will always insist that I update.. I\'m really getting tired of this I don\'t know how long this will continue... please you guys should see that you do something about it, before you loose your customers
Toughnumber 1 2021-02-06

(Witness id- toughnumber) I find the interface not as nice to look at as bee but that is not really my priority when looking at this sort of app anyway. It will be interesting to see if this takes off in the future and it makes it to some of the big exchanges. Hopeful for them and for us. You need a witness id(referral) to join, anyone reading this can use mine. It is toughnumber
Tom V 2020-11-25

Alongside Pi, this app seems like a great and easy way to get onboard with new cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is to open up the app once a day, which makes it very convenient. It still has a couple of minor bugs but then again, it\'s still in its early stages. Time will tell whether the currency becomes worth something or not. The platform needs to grow so don\'t expect any value any time soon. If you\'re looking for a witness/invite, feel free to use: tomverb
Jo Cris 2020-11-05

This is similar to the Pi app/network that mines Pi coin/token. And here in the Philippines, we already have a community and physical stores that uses pi for transactions. I\'m excited to see and use this Time also one day. I hope this token/coin can be widely used also in the near future. So let\'s start mining as early as now. Feel free to use my witness code \"julietlima\" You can also try Pi Network, use my code \"jclalexx\"