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Description of TimeTrack - Personal Tracker

Track your time with single touch in timetrack.io!

Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you'll be able to control and manage your time.

timetrack.io is the right solution for everyone:

- business people with an intensive daily routine;

- sportsmen who value every minute of their day;

- freelancers;

- everyone who is interested in what activities they spend their day on and those who want to control and optimize their time.

Application features:

- easy and intuitive interface

- goals

- pause/resume activities

- groups

- pomodoro

- simultaneous activities (enable them in Settings)

- many statistics available in form of graphs and pie charts

- reports in different formats (CSV and HTML)

- a huge number of icons for activity types

- the best support :-)

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.3.16 Publish Date:2022-02-17 Developer:BGCI

User Reviews


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1Ted Fahy 2020-06-01

The application itself really is quite excellent. The instructions are simply terrible. It took me a while to learn how to use the category feature and that you can have several tasks running simultaneously... for example, meal and study. It would not surprise me if folks decided it didn\'t work when it actually delivers. Sharpen up your instructions and you will get 5 stars and better income.
Alexander Ilin 2020-04-05

Would be nice if it didn\'t require an account and was able to keep all data locally. Edit: actually, I am using aTimeTracker, it\'s the best time tracker I found for my purposes (it got 5 stars from me a while ago). If this one get an offline mode, that\'d be awesome, and I would definitely have another look and update my review/rating. Great to know it\'s in the works, thanks for the information! I\'ll keep this one installed to get update notifications and read the changelog.
Timo Jockers 2020-08-25

Love the app and it\'d be perfect if charts were improved. As a visualization expert I could give some hints if desired by developer. Most important issues: - \"Daily entry\": tooltip showing name of activity when clicking an entry should be added; y-axis should be inverted to display entries from top to bottom - \"Calendar\": last few hours of the day are occluded by menu bar - \"Total\": bars like in aTimeLogger are missing - \"Pie chart\": option to order by group instead of duration would be nice!
Steve O.Y. 2020-10-14

Can you categorize the icons and add the ability to count down? This request has been since 2017, thank you.
Najme Homayouni 2020-06-20

This app is by far the best time tracker app. The developer is also very kind :) One of the advantages of this app is that if we forget to start an activity, we can add it later to our recordings. I hope this advantage can be added to Pomodoro in the future.
Space Cadet 2020-06-05

Wanted to get more features than aTimeLogger but the lack of simultaneous event logging is a killer. Even if I start a 2nd time and then end it, the first event does not auto start. Either way, I cannot buy or use this app until I can get more than one event running at a time. Example, Logging dinner time while listening to a motivational book, Who needs to log two or more ongoing events...EVERYONE. Sergei, you\'re awesome like your other app, but lack of simultaneous logging is a huge mistake.
G 2020-12-08

The customizeability is insane on this one. Especially with the reports and statistics function, where you can create your own profiles. With this i can run two timers out of two groups at the same time, and then look at the statistics for each group with custom filters. Right now, i\'m surprised as to how much i can do with this. Statistics Visualization isnt always perfect (its still good though, as you can zoom and click on pieces of charts), but besides that, i cant complain about anything.
Abigail Whitehead 2019-05-28

I have saved time by clocking how long I eat, watch tv etc. If you don\'t see what is eating your time, you can\'t change it. I especially like the option to add/edit past activities if I forget or am too busy.
Morteza Saheb Zamani 2020-04-13

A very simple and nice application. As I first used the application, it seemed to me that there was some bugs in the reports, especially in the pie chart. But by more accurate investigation, I found out that I had entered the intervals wrongly. In fact the user should be careful when s/he is entering the intervals by choosing AM and PM correctly and also should check if the dates are on the same day.
Jadin Jackson 2019-06-27

Easy to use daily activity tracker. Has nice features to edit tracked activities in the event of a missentry. Allows taking off nested activities.