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Description of TimeTune - Schedule Planner

Doing more things with your time. Increasing your productivity. Improving your daily routine.

This is what you can achieve with TimeTune, your time blocking and schedule planner.


TimeTune is a time blocking and daily planner application. We designed it to help you make better use of your time, increase your productivity and achieve your goals.

Have you ever wondered why some people can get plenty of things done in a single day while your time slips through your fingers?

The answer is that they have a very organized distribution of time. They know time is a precious resource and they have strong time management habits. That’s what allows them to focus, seize the day and do everything in their agenda.

With TimeTune you can do the same.


TimeTune uses time blocks to build your schedule. Just add time blocks to your day or use time blocks to build templates that can be reused at any time, like a morning routine, a full day template or a timetable.

The template calendar feature allows you to plan your upcoming schedule, routines, timetables or shift work calendar automatically.

TimeTune will show you automatic statistics that will uncover where the time goes and where you can improve.

Also, you can add custom reminders to your time blocks, so you don’t forget about your agenda: reminders with custom vibrations, reminders with custom sounds, voice reminders, etc.

With TimeTune you can create a time management system as simple or as complex as you need, including statistics. This time blocking and daily schedule planner will allow you to reach your goals and is the perfect complement to your calendar.


Time blocking is a scheduling method that divides your day into smaller segments of time for specific tasks. When you add statistics to the formula, you get the perfect system to optimize your productivity and become a master of your time.

Time blocking allows you to focus on the task at hand, avoiding distractions and procrastination. It has been proven to increase focus, motivation and productivity.

As Cal Newport, author of “Deep Work” and assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University states:

“Time blocking generates a massive amount of productivity. A 40-hour time-blocked work week produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week without structure.”

It’s no wonder high achievers like Benjamin Franklin, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and many others embraced this planning method.

Also, for people with ADHD, time blocking might be the best single approach to tackle their tasks and avoid anxiety. If you have ADHD, TimeTune allows you to plan your day, focus on your tasks, improve your daily routine and see where the time went.


With TimeTune you can:

★ Increase your focus, motivation and productivity.

★ Do everything in your agenda and accomplish your goals.

★ Improve your time management habits.

★ Schedule your morning routine or daily routine with templates.

★ Set timetables or student calendars with templates.

★ Set your shift work calendar with templates.

★ Use the app as your daily planner, weekly planner or routine planner.

★ Declutter your calendar by removing routine tasks from it.

★ Analyze your time with statistics.

★ Use custom reminders for additional motivation.

★ Free up time for yourself and your family.

★ Organize your life and achieve a better work/life balance.

★ Avoid anxiety and burnout.

★ Get things done if you have ADHD.


If you would like to do more things with your time and achieve your goals, TimeTune is for you.

Additionally, many users with ADHD tell us that TimeTune helps them a lot with their schedule and they use the app as their ADHD and routine planner. So if you have ADHD, give TimeTune a try and let us know what you think.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.3 Publish Date:2022-05-16 Developer:TimeTune Studio

User Reviews


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PK LC 2020-06-14

I really like this app for my phone. My favorite part is the voice notification. It really helps with my kids homeschooling. I set the voice to tell them that its time for school and to sit at the table, then it plays a little song. I love this because now when they hear this they turnoff their morning cartoons, put their dishes in the sink, grab their notebooks then sit at the table. I love that I don\'t have to keep tell them to get to the table anymore. The only thing I would suggest is having the option to make my schedule on the computer too and be able to link the two devises. Like how google does with their calendar app. Other than that I really like this app.
K B 2020-07-17

I have been looking for the perfect schedule planning app, and I think I just found it! This app is perfect! It has different tags, events, and you can even add your daily/weekly routines! I can\'t describe how much I love this app. The best part is, everything is free! You can purchase the Pro Version, which I highly reccomend you do! Download NOW!
Andrea Chaplin 2020-12-04

Really enjoyed this app, but was disappointed to find it doesn\'t automatically sync your schedule to your account. I had to reset my phone and was bummed to see the schedule, routines, and tags I worked on for days, tweaking it to fit my kid\'s days perfectly was gone. Not sure I will take the time to redo it although I really did like it. If you do use it, just make sure you back up your schedule!! Edit: Had to just suck it up and redo my schedule. This app is just too useful.
sarvo k 2020-07-22

This is one of the best apps, one of the best features is that it announces the activity name...... Edit: Hi, the app was doing well! And was planning to buy the paid version. But i am getting errors with background tasks not refreshing, and today due to that error, i lost all the events scheduled which were scheduled for today. Can you advise please?
Samantha C 2019-01-27

This app combined so many features, that normally require multiple apps into a very intuitive interface. What sold me was the widget. I can see my routine, reminders and events in a scrolling timeline, that highlights the current scheduled event. I\'m definitely going to upgrade to the pro version. Thanks for a well thought out app. The effort really shows!
Sarah Hineman 2020-03-17

Really good and super helpful. Because of Covid-19, there\'s a chance I won\'t be going to school for a couple months and I wanted an easy to follow routine to factor in my online courses for a minimum of 2 hours. Didn\'t do just that, but I was actually able to fit in all my chores with more than enough free time to spare. I really recommend the app, and will definitely be telling my friends!
Alber 2020-07-20

It\'s a good app for scheduling your day although it\'s not great and have room for improvement. I do not know exactly what, as I am not an expert, but it feels that way. One thing that it should incorporate right away is the possibility of archiving Routines and Tags (not only keep or delete). I will rate 4 stars if they add this feature and 5 stars if they manage to make it a GREAT app for time scheduling.
Laura Bell 2019-06-30

This app is the best I\'ve found at organising my time, especially useful to set different routines for different work pattern schedules. I bought premium so I can program this all in seamlessly. Some additions I would like is to add notes or check lists to my tasks. For example under \"eating\" I\'d like a comment such as \"spaghetti\" which deletes every day and checklist so when I set time for \"cleaning\" I know what tasks I have to get done. But overall an excellent app.
Khing 2020-07-24

Okay so far as I have used, the app was pretty good. I read that this is s new one, and I like all the features present in it. However there is still lot of room for improvement. I have a small suggestion to make, you could add a new feature that marks things to be done or followed and if not done it sets an overdue and in the end of the day it tells what are done and what are not. That way people will have something that looks out for them as they follow the Timetable :)
Sarah Carling 2019-08-18

Cant even get past the first screen. I get a notice that my phone is blocking the app, but there are no instructions in the troubleshooting for my pixel, I\'ve looked all over my settings, there\'s nothing I can find to change to \"allow\" this app to do something. Frankly I\'m dubious that this app somehow needs some extreme level of permissions that no other ever has, especially as it hasnt told me why.