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Description of Tiny Castle

Discover an enchanted kingdom filled with legendary creatures!

In Tiny Castle, save your family's ancient castle from the Evil Queen! Feed and raise magical creatures to defeat the Evil Queen who stole your family's castle many years ago. Push back her enchanting spell, build your kingdom and explore mysterious islands!

Do you have what it takes? Join millions of players in Tiny Castle and reclaim your kingdom! Download for FREE today!


• Collect ALL the Magical Creatures and see them GROW from Babies to Teens to Adults

• Unlock new types of magic to SUMMON rare Hybrid creatures

• UNCOVER an ever-expanding world with constant new exciting quests, creatures, and minions

• Upgrade your majestic CASTLE, construct new buildings and gather resources to expand your town

• Use your creatures to DEFEAT the Evil Queen’s minions

• Explore the mysterious realm surrounding your Kingdom

• DECORATE your island with TONS of cute items

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.1.5 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Swipe Forward LLC

User Reviews


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Melinda Waid 2013-08-10

So addictive Love this game. It is so much fun and so cute.
A Google user 2013-07-23

Addictive! Cute game and always something to do, thus successfully distracting me from getting much work done ;)
Beth Charlton 2016-09-13

No support Tinyco dropped all support in 2015 for this game and every other game that isn\'t Family Guy or Marvel. Not putting out updated content is one thing, but for an active company to completely ignore all support requests for select games while continuing to develop others is shady. Don\'t spend any money if you download this game, because you won\'t get anything and nobody from Tinyco or SGN will ever answer. I really loved this game, too!
Danielle Criddle 2014-01-08

Like the game a lot Been saving up coins for an upgrade and with an accidental mistap 30,000 coins were taken to remove a forked tree I didn\'t want removed! There needs to be an extra step to verify the removal of an item for a big chunk of coins. Help me fix this error an I\'ll re-rate.
Philip Tumer 2015-03-28

Doubt this will be read, but here goes nothin! Game is good, has a great concept and system behind it with unique and creative game play that is unparalleled with other developers. This being said, the game need\'s some serious updates, bug fixes, and sincere cutomer support and desire to help it\'s community. Here\'s a few lists. Bugs: newer devices can not easily move objects or structures. Updates: needs renaming options, balanced exchange rates of buying and selling (rate is to steep.) Lastly, Tiny co desperately needs developers who care.
Kathryn Mason 2015-02-05

Great game. ^-^ Easy to play, fun, but DO NOT DELETE THE GAME FOR ANY REASON, UNLESS YOU JUST DON\'T WANT IT ANYMORE...... It\'s extremely annoying to deal with getting it back.
Charlotte Glasson 2014-04-14

Great game A really great game one of the best I\'ve found for android. Saying that a few little bits that could be better, mainly you can\'t restart I did things at the beginning which hinder me now and I can\'t change them. Also if you accidently hit delete there is no check or stop button so you waist a lot of gold when you didn\'t even want it gone, needs sorting!
Sherrie Penn 2015-08-26

Cost too many coins to remove little (and big) debris The ground is absolutely cluttered w debris. It cost 27000 coins just to remove small things and the large ones arent even an option theyre way to much im talking 40000 wen it takes Forever to get ur bank up. Ithrr than thisbi really like that game but im starting to run out of room...idk how much longer i can play w out clearing debris
Noelle 2014-10-18

Ballz WAS fun to play. Took a week to get a generic form letter response to help ticket, and 2 weeks later, no actual response. The reported glitch renders game unplayable. Missed special offers and limited creatures. It\'s the equivalent of being given an awesome pet pony, bonding with it for a year, and then having it taken away and sent to the glue factory. Dude. That\'s way too many emotions for this game. Get it together, Tinyco.
Irene Carhart 2015-11-02

Updates It would be nice to have more updates and choices of decor. Nicer items cost way too much. Such as Cherry Tree and the Obelisk. Would like it if it were easier to get gems but as it stands, I will not pay money for gems that are way overpriced. Other than that, wonderful game and lots of fun. People might buy more things if the price of gems and other resources were not ridiculously overpriced. Heard a rumor that they were going to shut this game down. Please say it ain\'t so! Even with the obvious flaws it is still my favorite game. Actually, it is the only game that I play now. But it would not hurt my feelings if I never saw another Roane. I have hatched hundreds! Please don\'t remove this game. I love, love it! All of my friends love,love it!