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Description of Tinygain - Daily routines, Be more productive

Tinygain helps you develop and track routines and habits. You can design one yourself or discover the ones in the catalog to get most out of your life.

You can create or discover routines that help you:

- lose weight

- have more energized and productive mornings

- have a better sleep

- appreciate your life more

- be happy

- have more effective workouts

- become more successful

Complete your daily tasks without a hassle.

All you need to do is follow step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the tasks you have created. It will remind you to do your tasks when the next time comes, so you don't forget

Tinygain can help you to:

- complete your daily tasks

- stay focused during complex tasks

- have more energized and productive mornings

- appreciate your life more

- have more effective workouts

- become more successful

Tinygain will help you to reach your goals easier and faster, without having to think about the whole process yourself. All you need to do is to focus on the current step. This way you will make fewer mistakes during the process because you don't have to think about what to do next, Tinygain will tell you.


✔ You have complex tasks you do daily and you want to make fewer mistakes.

✔ You want to develop a habit but always quit after a couple of days.

✔ You want to have a productive morning routine that gets you started for the day.

✔ You want to make yourself more effective and focused

✔ You want to find a good workout routine


⚫ Step-by-step guide what shows you exactly what to do.

⚫ Tasks created by professionals.

⚫ Many step types to choose from, that help you with time tracking, seeing how it needs to be done, and guiding through the process.

⚫ Helpful reminders that help you never miss a routine.

⚫ Great community to lift you up on the way.


We are delighted to hear from our users about their experience and process. Want some advice about developing habits that stick? Have some suggestions about the app? Simply want to say "Hi"? Send us a message!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.0.21 Publish Date:2022-05-22 Developer:Tip Tap Apps

User Reviews


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Kat W 2017-03-11

Why is the \"women\'s\" workout basically stretching while the \"men\'s\" is more like an aerobic warmup? It\'s gender stereotyping that makes absolutely no sense. Why not just call them something like \"light\" and \"intense\"? Would also like to preview steps before selecting a routine.
Blake Thomson 2017-03-13

It would be great if long tapping on a routine would let you duplicate it. As of now, I\'ve found no way to duplicate a routine. This would helpful when I have 2 very similar routines that differ in only a few areas (say the difference between getting ready on a work day vs getting ready on a weekend day)
Cody Cooper 2016-11-18

Nice app Nice app, in-app notes would be nice for routines. Like having to do lists or a journal page for thoughts if that\'s in the routine. A timer and other tools would be useful too. (take ten minutes to clean and have a timer start)
Daniel Hennig 2016-11-28

Nice UI and concept but...privacy I like the idea but can\'t get past private routines being a premium feature. I\'m not into social/community apps...back to the Google keep list for me but good luck and good work.
Jenny Child 2019-04-23

Really liked this app when using the basic version but since upgrading the routine crashes every time I minimise the app, meaning if i want to do something else with my phone while a routine is running, or even if the screen times out and locks, the routine stops and I have to restart it and skip forward to where I was - complete waste of time and defeats the purpose. Also the notification for the end of a step is v. quiet regardless of device volume. Please fix so I can use properly again!
William Barber 2017-04-13

Tried fabulous. Have been looking for a replacement for the morning routine element of that app for a a few days now. This is my answer. The app is EXACTLY what I\'m after. Thank you so much for making this. I wanted an app like this one so badly I was considering investing enough to time and energy to learn to Android development just to make an app that would have been far more pathetic than this one. Thank you thank you thank you for making this.
Bernard van der Merwe 2017-02-14

Love the app! I would however like to make a suggestion: being able to preview steps in a routine by tapping the item in the bottom preview bar would be awesome. I don\'t necessarily want to run a routine just to see what the steps are. Great work, nonetheless!
Anna F. 2016-11-20

Account The app looks ok but it seems silly to me to make another account for something like this. I can\'t even use my Google Account to log in.
Axi Kristine 2018-03-21

I love the app as it gets you focused on each task. When you start your routine, they show 1 task at a time! A feature I\'ve been looking for. 1 star lost because I was hoping I could \"pause\" the routine and so the timer pauses instead of exiting the whole routine. Having a toddler makes it hard to complete a whole routine as I get interrupted a lot, but would like to finish the routine when I can get back to it. I hope this is something to upgrade in the future. Then I will change to 5 stars 😊
Mike Hirst 2017-01-14

Great App, Amazing Support! I really love this app. It\'s exactly what I was looking for to craft a timed Morning Ritual. There was one issue with the app on my phone and the developer Ziggy reached out to me through email and fixed it within minutes! Excited to see what the future holds for this app.