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Description of TNAOT- Khmer Hot topic, News, Videos

TNAOT--Information aggregation, Content creation Platform

TNAOT is one of the popular khmer app. Use TNAOT to get the latest information everyday.

【Follow what are popular today, discuss with TNAOT users about hot topics 】

You can find out what everyone cares about today and the opinions about the hot events from users. You can also post, join the discussion and make more friends.

【Daily fresh news, All kinds of information】

Cover fresh news, hot spots, financial business, life, khmer news and international headlines. Give you the latest, fastest and most complete Cambodian information;

【Content publishing, Everyone is a creator】

Post News Feed, pictures, videos, articles. Share your fun life and surrounding things anytime and anywhere, win personal fans and Likes. Express opinions on popular topics, and professional authors join the wemedia to get rewards; You are the next khmer KOL.

【Multiply videos, What you want all in here】

Cover video news, as well as many types of videos, fun, music, games, sports, local,and so on, pass all the boring time everyday;

【Explore what you like, Favorite things are in hand】

TNAOT has collected many different categories of contents, like news, health, travel, Phnom Penh, football, music, funny, education, games and so on.

--------Contact Us--------

-APP: Me- Service

-Website: www.tnaot.com

-Business Cooperation: support@tnaot.com

Koh Thmey Technology Co., Ltd

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:5.1.0 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Koh Thmey Technology Co. Ltd

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

JTT Heang 2020-04-29

This app became cheating and useless recently. You cannot exchange coin to money anymore. I really lose trust to you all developers. Even i waited for the right time to exchange, it said that \"wait for tomorrow\" and when i come back tomorrow, it said that\" Exchange is already done. Cannot exchange anymore\". In fact, this app is a waste of time. Don\'t believe in this app if you expect to withdraw money from it.
Raa Vatha 2020-08-23

I highly request the creators of this app to listen to our advice. I, talking behalf of all Tnoat users, really disdain the new system. We need you to lower the withdraw balance and the exchange to 1$, since we need at least a dollar a week to top up to have access to the internet. Please take this into consideration, as I have seen many many demands on it. Please adjust it ASAP. Thanks
Sophalleng Seb 2020-10-11

It is fabulous application that I\'ve been using for entertainment, hot news and more. Please download and enjoy new experience.
Khien DaRith 2020-03-28

I love this app cuz I can earn moneys from this and I also some information and hot news in Cambodia and All around the world.
Ean Naven 2020-10-13

The app money withdraw is real. But they are been slowly decrease the amount for coin user can get if this keep on going a lot of user is going to stop using the app
Pagna Khid 2020-04-11

The app is perfect, but it\'s a bit time-consuming, also about the lucky wheel and other spinning event is tricky, no way to win it, unless u have to spend more than 500-1000 coin just to get 300 coin, even u came back every single time the spinning system is still the same. I rather say don\'t wast too much time on the spinning wheel. Criticism to develop.
Monireach Tang 2020-11-10

There are a few points I believe could improve: once receiving a notification from a piece of news I have followed, and after selecting the notification, I am not directed to the chosen news, yet the last screen I viewed the App instead. This is very irritating. Also, the App seems to work quite slowly, optimization may be required. Hope it could improve, and that users can have better experiences using the app.
Vann Chrien 2020-03-29

Good app for giving a lot of information and have awards ❤
San Nimol 2020-08-19

It\'s very useful for recieving a lot of news and other things.
Global Videos 2020-05-11

This app is just better at first. It\'s going bad after they have many users. It\'s bad month by month and year by year.🤗😏