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To Do List. Goal planner. Organizer. Task list.



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Description of To Do List. Goal planner. Organizer. Task list.


- To Do List

- Goal planner

- Organizer

- Reminders

- Calendar

- Task list


- creating goals

- creating to-do list

- creating subtasks

- grouping tasks

- creating day tasks

- creating repeat tasks

- creating reminders

- creating widgets

- auto calculating progress

- working without internet


To-do list "AgnessaMini" allows to divide tasks and goal on needed subtasks.

Divide global goals and tasks on small subtasks.

Big unclear goals and tasks (the so-called elephants) cause a stupor and unwillingness to fulfill them.

When we divide a large task or goal into small subtasks, we automatically find the motivation

to perform these subtasks.


To-do list "AgnessaMini" allows to group goals ans tasks.

A lot of tasks for work?

Create a group "Work" and put all your tasks there.

The group automatically calculates the total progress of its tasks.


TO DO LIST "AgnessaMini" helps o unload the head from the upcoming tasks

Just create a to-do list and add reminders so you do not miss any tasks.


Goal planner "AgnessaMini" allows to define your goals and to create all steps for achieve them.

Just create goal and to divide her on task list for greater efficiency.

For max fast achieve goal, to add widget with task list on home screen your phone.

Thus, you will see your goals more often and your subconscious will work on ways to achieve them.


Write down all your tasks


s pomoshch'yu lopaty with the help of a organizer "AgnessaMini".

For max organize your time complete next actions:

1. Create task list

2. Add reminders

3. Create widget for to view created task list


ORGANIZER "AgnessaMini" allows you to create required number of reminders.

For any to-do you allow to add up to 10 reminders.

You need to create reminder 1 day before the start of the task? Create him!


ORGANIZER AgnessaMini allows to create required number of widgets for home screen.

- You want to view task list for day? Create widget for tasks on day.

- You want to view goal list on home screen? Create widget for goal list.

- You want to view subtask list for task? Create widget for this task.


To view your to-do list and task list on day with the help of a calendar.

With the help of a calendar you will can to open any day and to view completed task list and uncompleted task list.


To Do list "AgnessaMini" allow you to create repeat tasks.

You want go to the gym 3 times a week or to visit cosmetologist or you want to create any other repeat task?

Create repeat task, add reminder and see task progress in progress calendar.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.5.12 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Agnessa Studio

User Reviews


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Milan S 2020-07-01

Seems like a nice app, but user experience could be much better - most used functions are at the top of the screen (remember that phones are getting bigger and bigger), which is annoying. It takes too many steps to set up single task with reminder. But, 3 star review is mostly because it doesn\'t mention that widget is paid feature until you try to set it up. Really? Not to mention that to unlock every feature costs a lot and prices are shown only when you tap \"buy forever\" on specific feature.
Monique Garnette 2020-10-01

A RIP-OFF! So far I really enjoyed the app itself. However unlike other apps it doesn\'t have a normal and a premium version. It just has a normal version and makes you pay for every little thing if you want to change the color you have to pay for each individual color. If you want to use the widget mode, you have to pay for that. It would be much easier and better if they had a one time payment for premium version. This way is such a ripoff and it\'s not worth it! Such a scam.
Saber Tompson 2020-12-18

I tried it based on a review from someone with ADHD, and it is the BEST \"to do\" app I\'ve ever tried. It actually seems to be working for me, which has never happened before. I\'ve had the most productive week I\'ve had in MONTHS, and the house is finally starting to come together. It\'s really been helping me see on the days when I feel like I\'ve \"done nothing\" just how much I\'ve accomplished!
karamatullah khan Md 2019-07-04

No tutorial video found how to start and use the application For removing adds different price for using widget another pricing for cut and comments additional pricing Doesn\'t have cloud backup evern after charging for each and every item seperately Dear developer please also add one single discounted payment to have all the above features and the price is very high if reduced will get reachable to many..
Lekehs 2019-07-12

One of the only free planners with recurring tasks, and I really appreciate that. It helps me plan my day to keep me on a regular schedule that keeps my mental health in a good place. The only real qualm I have with it is the lack of option for a 12 hour clock. Otherwise, it was really easy for me to figure out how it works without the tutorial. Thank you devs for making it, it actually does mean a lot for my mental well-being.
the knee 2020-08-05

I do love the app. I have several problems though. Whenever I make a recurring task it won\'t complete. I will slide it to the side but it won\'t record the progress, though it says it does. And it will just stay in uncompleted. Don\'t know if this is a glitch but it\'s annoying. Also you can\'t download your own notification sounds and the notification options are a little confusing.
Pastor Emmanuelin Ayim 2020-04-08

I don\'t know how much to thank you for this, fully loaded, and if one use this app well, no goal will be impossible. I can say they developer is very wise, perfect procedure to reach any goal, I can\'t thank you enough. My suggestion. I suggest you add an option to attach image to your goal, and if possible have the image show on screen from time to time per users choice. Also, the areas where we write about things that will motivate us, I wish we can be able to make that pop up too. Thanks
Amber DiTullio 2020-06-17

I\'ve used a lot of productivity apps in the past but I always kept. looking for something different. Agnessa mini is what I was missing. It is easy to break down tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. I use it for keeping track of household chores and big projects I want to get done. It\'s easily customizable with groups, tasks and recurring tasks. There are add ons you can purchase (individually) that make things a little easier but aren\'t required for a workable app. It\'s fantastic!
Christian Job 2021-01-03

I love it. Ive tried like 10 apps and this one is the best as it let me do all what I wanted : sub-goals, files, tasks, daily task, recuring tasks. Its a great tool and helps me a lot to see clearer in my life and fight procrastination. Would just be over the top if we could see our goals/subgoals/groups/tasks in a tree structure. To have a global view.
Marion Ash 2020-01-09

Might have been good, but lacked some desired customization, and I needed to pay for the widget or watch an ad everyday to unlock it for that day, which is annoying and defeats the point of a widget.