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Description of Toast Source

Have you ever encountered toast messages generated by an unknown app?

If so, this app can help you track down their source. It will show a notification with originating program's name, icon or save info about a toast, so you can check it later. Then, you can quickly launch it or go to a system screen with more info about the app.


For app to work, you must launch it and click "ENABLE SERVICE" button which will open system settings panel with a list of available accessibility services. There, go to "Toast Source Detection Service" and enable it. After finding out problematic app, you can disable service without any worries.

App does not have internet permission, so it won't be able to send toast contents to me or anybody else.

This app uses Accessibility services. They are used for detecting toasts and reading their contents as well as metadata (like name and identifier of the app that generated a toast).

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.6.1 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Michał Jakubowski

User Reviews


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Dennis Dormady 2020-06-24

Nice and clean and doesn\'t seem to miss anything. Though the one \"thing\" I would like is the ability to export to a .csv file or such so that I can do a better analysis of what my phone is doing and when. That\'s why only 4 stars.
Palko Tibor 2018-12-15

It\'s a must! It works smooth and perfect. Only one request. Can you make it selective? I want to raise some toast to notification level and i like to control from wich app i want the notifications. In this way we can use the app for other purpouse too, not only to observe every toast source. Good job. Ty
Ankit Raj 2018-06-11

Thanks a Lot... It a pretty decent app with almost zero setup required and works as expected. I used to get network error toasts due to some issue of Google Drive (I had no idea that Drive was the culprit) and I was going crazy uninstalling apps left and right. 1 min I Installed this app and it immediately identified the culprit. Thanks a bunch.
Frank Ng 2017-11-20

Thank you so much for creating this! It helped me find the source of an annoying \"Network connection failed\" prompt.
Nixe in love 2020-10-08

The accessibility permission is disabled by the app itself again and again. ▶ Edit: Okay, maybe. But none of the other apps with accessibility permissions (7) have that problem. I own a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact / Android 6.0.1 (unrooted). It works great. I\'m sorry, but if the app isn\'t compatible with this device, then that is no testimony to particularly high programming skills.
Pop-Pop Moose 2019-01-01

Toast source detection services is turned on, and all the functions are enabled. Toast messages are still coming up and the app is telling me there have been no toast messages. Simply not working.
Ryan O\'Connell 2020-10-18

App was a lifesaver. Found an app that was connecting and disconnecting via Bluetooth to my fitness watch and it wasn\'t even the fitness app! It was a radio app! Removed the offending app and no more annoying toast notifications. Again, this app was a lifesaver in identifying rogue toast notifications.
Matt Burns 2019-04-12

Precise and accurate. Good layout and ease of use. The intercepted toasts are clearly listed with the originating app\'s name + date and time, with options to copy the toast, open the info window of the originating app or launch the app. Solves the mystery of which app sends the toast with the mystery info. In my case - AutoInput sending cryptic toasts. Now I know which app is the problem. Excellent app.
Josh Haug 2018-06-08

It works great. I was being plagued by a white circle every 15 minutes or so. This app was able to track it down to an old defunct app that I forgot was even installed.
S J 2018-04-14

Works exactly as expected with zero nonsense. For a few days now I\'ve been getting annoying anonymous toasts about \"unavailable network\" despite not having any apps open. Found the source of the annoying toasts and discovered a data-sucking app to disable, too!